7 Ways to Encourage your Guests to Use your Wedding Hashtag

7 Ways to Encourage your Guests to Use your Wedding Hashtag

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From celebrity weddings to royal affairs, in this era of social media, everything seems to be happening right within the lengths and breadths of our phone’s screen.  After all, why not!

Digital trends have become an integral part of the planning and execution process of all major events of our lives (Minor too, well!). Thus, when the call is for your wedding day, how can the most celebratory occasion of your life be averted from the social media paparazzi?


It is important to get your own wedding hashtag in place to aggregate the glittery glimpses of your wedding on social media platforms like Twitter & Instagram.

Nevertheless, trends are created when people present or relating to the event share a plethora of glimpses of it. Hashtags, to mention, are playing an exceptional role in this effort all around the world.

Therefore, it is even more important to communicate your hashtag to your guests and mates and, to ensure that they use the hashtag while sharing the content about your wedding over their social media platforms.

Here, we suggest seven ways to encourage your guests to use your wedding hashtag.

1. Announce it on your and your fiancé’s social media handles.

Wedding Announcement on Social Media

Now, the first people to use the wedding hashtag must be you and your soon to be spouse. When we talk about communicating your wedding hashtag, it implies that all your friends, family members, relatives, and awaiting guests must be aware of it. Use the hashtag in your wedding announcement post or other random posts which relates to your ecstasy and preparations for the wedding day.

2. Put the hashtag on your wedding invites.

Hashtag on Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are the most important runners of a wedding. Every guest ought to read the invitation with utmost excitement and extreme carefulness. By utilizing an invitation maker to create the invitations, you can ensure their quality and appeal.

3. Your wedding hashtag should be easy-to-remember.

wedding hashtag

The key to having your wedding hashtag on everybody’s fingertips is by making it simple, quirky, and easy to remember. If your wedding hashtag is too complicated, long, or tricky; the chances are that people would not memorize it and thence, they won’t use it.

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4. Use the hashtag in pre-wedding parties.

Use Hashtag in pre wedding posts

The more your guests will come across your wedding hashtag, the more they will remember it. Thus, to register your wedding hashtag in their memory and to make it an integral part of your wedding celebrations, you must use your hashtag in your pre-wedding celebration posts too.

5. Make the display of the hashtag a part of the decorations.

Make the display of the hashtag a part of decorations

Displaying your wedding hashtag in creative ways as a part of the wedding decoration is sure to catch some attention. You can inscribe your wedding hashtag on quirky directional boards, wall arts, etc. to make them vividly observable.

6. Display Live Hashtag Feed

wedding wall

The most remarkable way to persuade your guests to use your wedding hashtag is by putting up a social media wall.

A wedding hashtag wall allows you to display all glorious and beautiful captures published on social media channels with your wedding hashtag, on one screen.

Wedding Wall

You can put up digital signage at your wedding venue and prompt your guests to share more and more captivating moments from your auspicious occasions using your wedding hashtag. Thus, everyone can catch all the glimpses of the weddings on the live hashtag feed which is being displayed on any screen type with the help of a social aggregator tool like Taggbox.

Display Live Hashtag Feeds in Wedding

7. Get props and a photo corner to spread their charm.

wedding props

Clicking pictures at the wedding and posting them on social media platforms can be made even more fun with a nice setup of a selfie corner and some quirky props.

A dedicated picture corner tends to encourage guests to click more and more pictures at the wedding and to post them with the wedding hashtag.

Create Your Wedding Hashtag Wall