Taggbox For Hashtag Campaigns

Curate the most engaging & valuable content around any hashtag(s) & embed it on website or display it on screens & signages

Taggbox For Hashtag Campaigns - The Benefits

Enhance Your Campaign Experience & Performance With Taggbox Hashtag Feeds & Walls

Empower User-Generated Content

Gather the best user-generated content be it images, videos, or text posts around your hashtags effectively & efficiently. Showcase this powerful UGC in your hashtag campaigns to build trust, showcase brand advocacy, enhance brand images, & exposure to the audience.

Enhance Your Reach & Engagement

Magnify your campaign reach by allowing a platform for interaction & engagement to both social & offline users by providing the most engaging, interesting, & valuable content. Also, let audiences share their ideas, opinions, experiences, queries, photos, videos, etc. to feature in hashtags campaigns thereby increasing reach & engagement.

Organize Digital Gamification Strategies

Run gamification strategies like contests, quizzes, competitions, etc. to encourage audience participation & engagement using hashtags in real-time. Use in-built analytics to find out winners, most active users, sentiments, etc. to distribute rewards & recognition.

Delight Your Audience Experiences

Showcase the interesting content from hashtag campaigns to your audience to provide a delightful experience be it on your website or in events. Highlight valuable hashtag posts, exciting images & videos, entertaining content-sharing, and much more.

Hashtag Campaign Creation

The 3 simple & easy steps to create and publish amazing hashtag campaigns with Taggbox

Discover & Curate

Select your social media platform(s), enter your hashtag & authenticate it to curate the amazing user-generated content or influences or branded content around the hashtags in minutes.

Moderate & Personalize

Moderate the content quality with advanced filtering options & design your wall to make it creative & engaging with themes, styles, banners, colors, or even use custom API access.

Display Or Embed

Either choose the “Embed In Website” option or choose “Display” to showcase it on digital screens, signages, devices, etc. You can even share the embed or display code with your team.

Amazing Features

Taggbox Hashtag Wall comes with many amazing features helping you to make the most out of your Hashtag Campaign


Showcase your social wall on any device or on any screen. A big screen, jumbotron, projector or website, it's all up to you!

Quick Setup

Create your social wall quickly. Just sign up on our website, choose the plan that best suits you or start a free trial, & voila!



Get a fresh & deeper grasp plus the exact statistics of your campaign. Monitor how your content is performing on social media by using our analytics feature.

Profanity Filter

Enable Profanity filter, create or upload your pre-set list of words to filter embarrassing post and automatically block any sort of vulgar content.


Keep a tab on the content that floats on your wall with advanced moderation feature and eliminates negative or offensive content, tags and users in real-time

Audience Insights

Keep track on behaviour of your content. Get deep insight of your influential contributors, most active users and top locations.

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