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ISOLATED Talks Created An Impactful Hashtag Campaign With Taggbox

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Explore how ISOLATED Talks -a charity radio talk show to support mental health and well-being, used Taggbox Widget for their hashtag campaign #Sunday7Social, a fortnightly held online music listening event. 

They were able to drive audience engagement effectively by leveraging hashtag campaigns for their first-of-its-kind schedule. Know the challenges they were placed with and the solutions they worked out. 

The Product

ISOLATED Talks came into existence when the world hit a stumbling block of the pandemic, with a mantra to “Creatively Support Mental Health.” The radio talk show uniquely mixes great ideas with music.

They run #Sunday7Social, a social community’s playlist every fortnight on their radio. It began with the belief that there is power in listening to the same music at the same time as others. A sense of community is built, which is essential for people who are isolated. 

The Challenge 

Deriving Engaging Results From Hashtag Campaigns

ISOLATED Talks acknowledged, “We wanted to create awareness of our newly launching online listening event on our social media handles via hashtag campaign and utilize the content generated impactfully.” 

People around the world use the hashtag #Sunday7Social to share associated stories around the socially curated playlist. And given that they have a significant following on their social media channels, it becomes a tedious task to manage all the content generated by their followers appropriately. 

Moreover, generating user engagement and interaction is indeed a challenge for an initiative taken for the first time. Here, showcasing real-time content generated by the existing audience to attract and inspire potential ones plays an important role.

ISOLATED Talks added, “We wanted support for our first special feature #Sunday7Social in a natural and authentic way.” This is where Taggbox provided result-driven solutions.  

The Solution

Aggregating & Embedding Real-Time UGC On Their Website

Effective utilization of hashtag campaigns can seize the attention of the users massively. One way to achieve this is by leveraging user-generated content on the website

Taggbox helped ISOLATED Talks to aggregate, moderate, and embed user-generated content from #Sunday7Social relevant to the cause on our website to spark the audience’s interest and engagement.”

hashtag campaign - Isolated talks

They specifically wanted a real-time update on the content posted by their followers across social media platforms, and Taggbox as a robust UGC tool well-catered to their requirement. 

#Sunday7Social being their first online community listening show, was reliant on perpetual conversations across social media platforms while the music plays via their radio station. In regards to which, Giles acknowledged,

“Taggbox enabled this conversation to exist on our site, and made it easy to connect people in this time of isolation”

– Giles Edwards, Founder @ ISOLATED Talks®

The Result

Enhanced Reach, Support & Audience Engagement 

#Sunday7Social was able to generate massive social media interaction and a better reach for their feature.

“We wanted a tool that lends itself naturally to the event’s cause while also effectively supports ongoing interactions and audience engagement.”

They used the Taggbox widget to aggregate and embed content generated via their hashtag campaigns on their website. Being an online music listening event, it needed more people to show support and participate but in a natural yet creative and impactful approach, which was provided for.

Taggbox understood their requirement and helped them gather engagement. Speaking in figures, their engagement increased by 46%. It also built a positive sentiment in the audience’s mind, which kept them hooked and wanted to come back to #Sunday7Social’s community playlist. 

isolated talks case study

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