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No. of platforms
SnapUp * * * *
Web Themes * * * *
Collaborators x 1 2 4
Retained Posts 500/Widget 2000/Widget 10,000/Widget Unlimited
Manual Moderation x * * *
Automatic Moderation x * * *
CTA x * * *
Custom Posts x * * *
Custom CSS x x * *
Api Access x x x *
Email Campaigns x x x *
Ad Free x x x *
Sentiment Analysis x x x *

Enterprise Plan

Also Check out our enterprise plan to enjoy additional benefits and features:

Key Features:

  • Customised Features
  • Instant Updates
  • Unlimited Retained Post
  • Unlimited Posts/ Month
  • Dedicated Account Manager

Multiply growth with the industry leader.

  • G2 User Generated Content
  • G2 Easiest To Use
  • G2 Best Meets Requirements
  • G2 Curation Leader
  • G2 Users Love Us

I've already been recommending Taggbox to colleagues! It was the best platform for my needs.

The customer service was stellar (i.e. within 10 minutes of emailing), and their online meeting walkthrough of the product.

Amanda S.

Ten Directions

Taggbox for Good

We believe in those who do good for the society and we do the same for them. We offer discounts to Non Profit and Educational institutions to motivate them to do the greater good.

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Earn revenue from our conversions. Join our partnership program to earn commission recurring monthly. For agencies & resellers who wish to grow with us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get started?

Create a "Free Account" to get started now, or "Request A Demo" to talk to our team.

How can I use SnapUp?

You no longer have to depend on social media to collect user-generated content anymore! With SnapUp, you can now leverage QR codes, links, or CTA buttons on multiple touchpoints like websites, digital screens, emails, etc., to collect visual UGC from your audience. Allow your audience to share their experiences anywhere they are.

Why should I get UGC Rights Management - What is the use case?

Using Taggbox UGC Rights management, you can utilize User-Generated Content lawfully to keep the legal team out of sight. Use the product and feel free to showcase your customer’s valuable content on web pages, digital displays, social ads, e-mail campaigns, print media, etc.

Will Social Media Widget Affect My Website Speed?

No, Social media widget will not affect your website speed. But a bit of it depends on what kind of content you are displaying like text, images, or videos.

How Many Social Media Feeds Can I Add To My Plan?

The number of social media feeds depends on your plan. The better your plan is, the more social media feeds you can add to your account.

What Is Social Media Feed Update Time Or Content Update Time?

Social media feed update time or content update time means how much time does it take for the new content to show on your social media feed. The lesser the duration, the better it is.

How Long Will My Free Trial Last For? Do I Need To Enter My Card Details For Free Trial?

Your free-trial session would last for 14-days. No. You don't need to give your card details for a free trial.

How do I Cancel my Paid plan?

When you are logged in, go to your account page and cancel the subscription. One of our success managers will reach out to confirm your cancellation. You will have access to your account until the end of your current billing period. Please note that all your collected posts and Widget will be deleted once your current billing period runs out.

Should I Buy a Monthly Plan Or a Yearly Plan For My Website?

Well, the choice is entirely yours. You can choose a monthly plan or an annual plan. Although, buying a yearly plan is more cost-effective as only per month installment gets reduced if an annual payment is made.

Do you have referral/affiliate program?

We do have an affiliate program. If you have clients, feel free to get in touch with us. We already have design/marketing agencies working with us as our partners.

Can I Control My Embedded Social Media From My Mobile Device?

Yes, our interface is fully responsive so that you have full access using any device, including your smartphone and tablets.

Do You Offer Any Discounts?

Yes, we do offer discounts as part of our promotions sometimes. If there are any discounts, they are displayed on website & pricing page.

Do You Provide Invoice Based Billing?

Yes. Only for customers who have opted for our Enterprise plan.

Can You Help Me Customize My Social Media Feed?

Of course! Our skilled in-house team can offer their expertise in customizing your Social feed to ANYTHING you like. Our Enterprise plan includes design and customization consultation. We promise to deliver exactly the experience you are looking for, even with tight deadlines.

Can I Add a CTA Button Along With My Posts Under The Website Plan?

Yes, you can add CTA buttons under website plan. In order to add CTA button on your website, login to your Taggbox account, open your Widget Editor. Over there, in the left column, you will find More. Click on that to find CTA as one of the Add-on features. From there, you can easily customize your own CTA button and embed it along with your posts on your website.

What Information Will I Get In Web Analytics?

Under Web Analytics, you get important information like Active Users, Total Visitors, Post Clicks, Sentiment Analysis, Sentiment Posts, and other. You can also download these reports.

How Can I Add More Features To My Existing Plan?

Well, Taggbox gives you the option to create your own tailor-made pricing plan with your desired set of features. You could choose our Enterprise Plan for that purpose. It is for those clients who are looking for a custom solution for their particular set of needs.

Can I Add 2 or more Different Social Media Feeds On My Website?

Yes, you can add 2 or more social media feeds separately but it depends how many feeds your website plan supports.

Can I Have Multiple Collaborators Under My Website Plan?

Yes, you can. Every Taggbox plan comes with a Collaborator feature which allows you to add multiple collaborators to edit your Social media feed. The number of collaborators that you can add increases as you upgrade your plan.

What Happens To My Data/Content After Trial Period Gets Over?

Your account stays with us. You can choose to login and upgrade anytime in future. However, your social media feeds will be deleted once your trial period is over.

Are These Recurring Plans?

Yes. The money will be charged every month. You can cancel/upgrade/downgrade the plan anytime from Accounts section..

Can I Opt For a Monthly Plan?

Yes, you can. Taggbox offers you the options to choose either monthly or annual plans as per your convenience.

How Fast Is My Social Media Feed Content Update Time?

Your content update time depends on your plan. Higher plans will have faster content update time on your social media feed.

How Do I Make Payments?

You can pay by Credit Card or via your PayPal account. Our online payment gateway partner 2checkout.com supports both of them.

Can I cancel my subscription later?

Yes you can do that inside the Accounts section of your dashboard. In this case, your subscription will not automatically renew and your Taggbox account will get immediately deactivated. However, the payment already made will not be refunded

Can I switch plans?

Anytime! You can upgrade/downgrade the plans anytime.

Need Help In Choosing The Right Plan?

Talk to our experts to choose the best plan for you.