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Publish the authentic & credible customer reviews from Airbnb to your website to build social proof & increase conversions

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Curate the best customer reviews from your Airbnb about your hostel, hotel, accommodation, etc. that highlights its value for money, quality, customer services, etc. into a Review widget and embed Airbnb review widget on website to boost traffic, exposure, engagement, & conversions.

  • No Coding Required
  • Hassle-Free Integration
  • Platform-Specific Design
  • Custom CSS

Spotlight Features For Airbnb Review Widget

The trustable Airbnb Reviews widget for website fueled by these incredible features to augment your website performance

Airbnb customer reviews widget

Creative Themes

Choose your widget theme from vast options like News Card, Horizontal Column, Widget Theme, and more that perfectly highlight the customer reviews to make it engaging & informative for visitors

Airbnb reviews widget

Fast & Responsive

A simple & lightweight design that makes your widget fast and responsive without affecting the content quality that leads to a seamless & interactive website user experience

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Reviews Moderation

With advanced filtering option using moderation, choose the best customer reviews to display on your website to maintain insightful & positive content quality that will help you attract & engage maximum leads

Embed airbnb reviews widget

Insightful Analytics

Track the performance of your Airbnb reviews widget feed through our insightful analytics feature. Use it to generate reports, measure KPIs and improve overall content performance

Widget Integrations

Embed Airbnb Reviews Widget for website easily on any of these website building platforms without any hassle

  • Taggbox widget for html5
  • Taggbox widget for wordpress
  • Taggbox widget for squarespace
  • Taggbox widget for wix
  • Taggbox widget for shopify
  • Taggbox widget for magento
  • Taggbox widget for Blogger
  • Taggbox widget for weebly
  • Taggbox widget for woocommerce

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