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Why brands use YouTube widgets on website?

youTube widget for website
Engage Website Visitors

Displaying YouTube videos on any website is a terrific approach to encourage users to explore it more thoroughly, which will boost their stay time since videos are significantly more descriptive and appealing.

Improve Rankings in SERPs

Brands are competing to appear higher on the SERPs and creating a YouTube widget can improve their website's SEO visibilty. It's simple, The higher your website engagement levels, the higher your ranking will be!

Boost Conversion and Sales

The promotional videos, and testimonials when curated and embedded on your website can instil faith and confidence in your prospects and inspire them to try your products & services which helps to boost sales and conversions.

Leverage UGC for Branding

On average, a consumer spends 4-5 hours with user-generated content (UGC) per day! Hence, the social proof of your brand can be displayed by incorporating UGC videos on your website.

Embed a YouTube videos widget with ease

Enjoy better audience engagement, generate more leads and make way for more YouTube subscribers
Follow these steps.

youTube video gallery

Collect Videos From YouTube

Channel URL - Create Youtube channel widget by discovering and collecting videos by entering your channel URL

Shorts - Harness the power of YouTube and leverage your YouTube Shorts in the brand website using YouTube channel URL.

Playlist - Create Youtube Playlist widget by collecting and curating relevant & valuable videos by entering your Playlist ID

Keywords - Leverage Content by adding specific keywords

Location - Collect valuable content by typing the location

how to add youTube widget

Design & Personalize

Customize - Make your Youtube video widget more attractive & vibrant by customizing as per your liking. Select from different themes, layouts, design elements & colors

Moderate - Maintain the content of utmost quality using the advanced moderation panel. Remove any abusive or unwanted content using the profanity filter

Branding Options - Integrate highlight options, custom posts, add banner, Custom CSS, etc to overall improve the performance of the widget

widget youTube html

Embed Youtube Widget On Website

A fast & easy process to embed YouTube videos widget on the website without any technical expertise.

Simply copy the generated code and paste it on the backend of the webpage where you desire to display the YouTube widget without any technical expertise!

Engage website visitors with our highly responsive YouTube widget

All-in-One Software. Diverse Features. No-hassle Integrations. Works With Any Website

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What Makes Taggbox's YouTube Widget Promising?

Acquire specially designed features to make your YouTube video widget more impactful & engaging

youtube website widget

Creative Themes

Select your YouTube website widget theme from a variety of options like Modern Card, Classic Photo, Square Photo, Horizontal Slider, Gallery Theme, Story Theme, and many more to make the content more engaging & attractive

responsive youtube widget

Fast & Responsive

Hindrance loses the interest of the audiences. Taggbox offers a super fast & highly responsive YouTube widget that functions perfectly without affecting the quality of the content to ensure a smooth and seamless user experience

youtube videos update

Real-Time Updates

Say goodbye to the hassle of updating content manually! With the help of the Taggbox Widget, you may embed new and original videos by automatically and instantly updating the widget's content. Ensure fresh, and dynamic content always

embedded youtube widget analytics

Insightful Analytics

Monitor the performance of the embedded YouTube video widget on your website through our analytics feature. Utilize it to keep a track of the total impressions, measure KPI's, generate reports and keep the overall performance in check

youtube video widget integration

CTA Button

By integrating strong CTA buttons using the tool’s functionality, you can increase the impact of your YouTube widget and easily captivate, draw in, and transform website visitors into regular, loyal consumers for your brand

youtubes content moderation

Content Moderation

To maintain the informative and positive content quality that will help you attract and engage the most leads, use the advanced filtering option in the moderation panel to select the best YouTube videos to embed on your website

Integrate YouTube's Widget With Your Tech Stack

Easily embed Taggbox's YouTube Videos Widget on your website without any technical expertise on any of These Website Building Platforms

  • Youtube html Widget
  • Youtube widget wordpress
  • Youtube widget squarespace
  • Youtube Widget for Wix
  • Add Youtube Widget to Shopify
  • magento 2 Youtube Widget
  • Youtube Widget for Blogger
  • Youtube videos to Weebly
  • woocommerce Youtube Widget

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Youtube widget?

A YouTube widget works well for incorporating YouTube channel videos into your website. To engage website users and support brand promotion, you can create galleries or display entire channels at once.

How do I add a YouTube widget to an HTML website?

You can seamlessly integrate a YouTube widget into your HTML with a single-line embed code generated by the Taggbox widget and copy it on the clipboard. You can then navigate to the webpage where you want to showcase the feeds, paste the copied YouTube widget HTML code and save the changes. Click here for full instructions.

Can I change the layout of the YouTube videos gallery?

Using a promising tool like the Taggbox Widget, you can choose your preferred layout while customizing the YouTube video gallery. You can select from a variety of themes like slideshow, grid, gallery, story, etc.

Is Taggbox’s YouTube widget compatible with my Website Platform?

Yes, Taggbox’s Widget works with all websites including HTML, Wix, WordPress, Squarespace, Weebly, Jimdo, Blogger, Shopify, and almost every CMS platform.

Where can I display the YouTube videos widget?

Even though you have the option to embed YouTube videos anywhere on your website page, it would be ideal to display the widget on your homepage, blogs section, as a sidebar widget, or on the header/footer section of your website.

Can I change the size of my YouTube widget?

Of course! While generating the Taggbox’s embed code, you will find the option to adjust the width and height of the YouTube widget to suit the overall look and presentation of your brand website.

How do I check the total views of my widget?

Using the advanced analytics feature of our tool, you can monitor and keep track of the performance of the YouTube widget. You can get details like total clicks, impressions, views, and overall engagement levels.

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