Taggbox Display & GEVME – A Collaboration For The Future Of Events

Virtual events have proven their worth ever since they have come into existence. Unlike regular events, they have emerged as a blessing for event marketers who save a lot of time & money on making prior arrangements for the attendees.  Even though we agree that the value of regular events would never diminish, there may […]

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Taggbox Display Partners With Zuddl

Virtual events are the perfect form of technology that connects individuals, they bring people from across the globe together. Now it all seems perfect in theory, but when you actually think about it, it is just people sitting in the comfort of their homes staring at their screens. And, it is not easy to keep […]

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Taggbox Display Collaborates With 6Connex

As we move ahead in time, we notice more event organizers shifting towards the virtual concept of events. 55% of virtual event organizers plan to invest more in virtual events next year.  Virtual events maximize the ROI, and their in-depth analytics help them improve. But organizers often struggle to accomplish audience engagement. Virtual events lack […]

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Virtual Fundraising Event Ideas For Non-profits

Virtual fundraising events are becoming an indispensable trend for non-profits.  Whether you want to plan your virtual event in reaction to the modern challenges or as an attempt to grow the organization’s digital footprint, having a plan to keep your audience engaged will be non-negotiable moving forward. A well-to-do virtual fundraising event indeed comes in […]

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Your Go-to Virtual Networking Event Guide Of The Year 2021

Whether you are a startup or a successful business, one thing that we all look forward to is networking events, trade shows, and conferences, as they help us find connections better than any other means. These events are often at large halls filled with other business professionals seeking opportunities to grow their business by making […]

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Virtual Event Engagement Guide For 2021

Ever since the emergence of the ‘new normal’, event organizers are placed with the brutal challenge of conducting events that can immerse the audience like they would in a live event.  Research shows that audience engagement has been the biggest challenge that the virtual event organizers are placed with, generating interactions being second in line.  […]

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Hybrid Virtual Award Ceremony: Ideas & Best Practices

Going virtual has become a new trend among event organizers. That is because having an event on a virtual stage exposes it to a new audience on the global level.  Having a virtual award ceremony can be a massive ROI for you. You do not need large halls or spaces with lesser to no physical […]

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Virtual Graduation Ceremony Ideas 2021

When you are in the final year of your education, the graduation ceremony is a much-awaited event for you, your family, and your friends.  You go on the stage to collect your degree, you notice your family and friends cheering for you and clicking your pictures. The whole atmosphere is emotional since you leave a […]

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Virtual Conference Ideas 2021: Tips and Best Practices

It won’t be wrong if we say that virtual meet-ups have become an integral part of conducting not just business but also personal events, given that it takes care of hindrances created by travel and worldwide connectivity.  Virtual conferences help enhance the involvement of the employees, speed up the process of decision-making, and get more […]

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