Social Media Photobooth For Events: Taggbox Display x Snapbar

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Virtual events often lack human interactions as the attendees participate from their comfort zones, literally staring at their screens. So, keeping the virtual event attendees active, let alone awake, is a real struggle for organizers.

Taggbox Display joins hands with Snapbar to overcome this and boost virtual event engagement and interaction to 3X. 

Taggbox Display Social Wall has delivered some engaging experiences at different virtual events. In addition, Snapbar’s virtual photobooth has also kept virtual event attendees hooked throughout. 

With these two platforms coming together, one can imagine the heights and possibilities the virtual event organizers could reach by incorporating the social media photo booth for events. 

Keep reading to explore it all!

About Taggbox Display

Taggbox display offers complete solutions for creating and displaying user-generated content, social media walls, and social media ticker during virtual events to engage audiences, drive leads, and boost growth.

Taggbox Display For Virtual Events

Virtual event organizers can integrate live UGC & social feeds to their virtual event streams and maximize online user engagement, social exposure, & entertainment- all with a single platform.

Here are some stand-out features offered by Taggbox Display:

  • Fetch content from 18+ social platforms in real-time;
  • Easy customization & moderation;
  • In-built Studio to integrate QR codes, web pages, infotainment apps, etc.;
  • SnapUp that eliminate social media, increasing content creation;
  • Highlight sponsored content;
  • In-depth audience insights & performance analytics;

About Snapbar

Snapbar develops intuitive, web-based products leveraging the power of photo and video to engage and connect people. Their virtual photo booth is fully customizable and embeddable, working seamlessly across all devices.

Snapbar Photobooth platform

Increase and enhance content creation for all event attendees, in-person or virtual, by making it just a QR code scan away. It’s a perfect solution for brands and event organizers to generate more content around any activation or event. You can check out their online demo experience here.

Snapbar is regularly adding new features and solutions, including:

  • Virtual Photo Booth
  • Corporate Headshots
  • Video Booth
  • Fully customizable experiences
  • Direct and easy integrations (like with Taggbox!)

How Does Social Media Photobooth Work?

Taggbox Display Social Wall offers an in-built Studio that enables users to integrate scannable QR codes along with their Social Wall. When a virtual event organizer incorporates Taggbox Display Social Wall and Snapbar photo booth into their event, here’s how they work:

  • The attendees can scan the QR code. 
  • They will automatically be redirected to the Snapbar photobooth page on their smartphones; 
  • They can use creative filters and themes to capture and upload their pictures.

That’s all! The Snapbar photo booth content will automatically appear on the Taggbox Display Social Wall. 

The win-win here is that virtual event organizers can now showcase social media content on the social wall. In addition, they can also add the element of “fun” photobooth content, offering the attendees unique ways to interact and engage.

Taggbox Display x Snapbar: The Present & Future Of Virtual Events Engagement

As Taggbox Display & Snapbar integrate to bring the evolution of social media photo booth into action, here are some of the promising benefits virtual event attendees can expect from them.

Photobooth App

A Continuous Flow Of Audience Engagement

This integration between Snapbar and Taggbox Display allows virtual event organizers to give their audience unique and user-friendly ways to share content around the virtual event. 

If they wish to share a social media post, they can use the event’s unique hashtag while posting. If they don’t want to use social media, they can scan the available QR code and access the Snapbar photo booth to share direct content.

The best part about a social wall is that it updates in real-time. So no matter how your audience creates and shares content, it will automatically appear on the social wall, creating a continuous flow of audience interaction.

Generate 3x More Virtual Event Content

A social wall and a photobooth are a perfect blend to generate an uninterrupted content stream. Social wall x photo booth in your virtual event works as a bandwagon effect. 

When your virtual event attendees come across the social photo booth wall and realize how much fun other attendees have, both on social media and with the exceptional Snapbar filters, they are naturally hooked.

It encourages more people to create content for you. More content would mean more user-generated content for your marketing campaigns and better visibility for your virtual event on social media.

Generate Branded User-Generated Content

Taggbox Display Social Wall and Snapbar Photo Booth enable brands to create branded experiences for virtual events. You get several themes, colours, fonts, layouts, and other customization options on your Taggbox Display dashboard to build a social wall that blends well with your brand or virtual event’s theme.

Similarly, Snapbar also offers customizable stickers, branded frames, and changeable backgrounds that you can create as per your brand’s theme. 

It is a great way to encourage your virtual event audience to create branded content for you that you can repurpose for your future marketing campaigns.

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Captivating attendees in virtual events and increasing engagement is no longer hypothetical. Taggbox Display Social Wall and Snapbar photo booth have come together to show you how it’s done. 

If you wish to invest in something for max ROI in your virtual event, this collaboration between Taggbox Display and Snapbar is the one for you.

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