Taggbox Display & 6Connex Partnership

Taggbox Display Collaborates With 6Connex

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As we move ahead in time, we notice more event organizers shifting towards the virtual concept of events. 55% of virtual event organizers plan to invest more in virtual events next year. 

Virtual events maximize the ROI, and their in-depth analytics help them improve. But organizers often struggle to accomplish audience engagement. Virtual events lack the essence of in-person interactions that enable attendees to network better.

Taggbox Display & 6Connex identified this obstacle and came together to serve users with the most effective way of enhancing audience engagement: adding social media walls to virtual events.

So! Don’t forget to read until the end because this partnership is going to redefine your virtual event game plan.

What Does Taggbox Display Offer?

Taggbox Display is the ideal Social Wall platform that aims toward maximizing audience engagement. Users can seamlessly curate content from over 15+ social media platforms. 

Taggbox Display

Taggbox display provides advanced moderation filters to filter out irrelevant or repeated content for users to have a feed equipped with rich quality content. Further, it has many customization features like layouts, templates, 12 high-end themes, and fonts. Users can choose the perfect options for their display to captivate the audience. 

Taggbox Display Social Wall also comes with the in-built Studio to integrate apps and use different layouts & orientations to display informative, inspiring, or engaging apps with the social wall. The Taggbox Display Social Wall is responsive, engaging and attractive, and just the right addition to your virtual event. 

Now that you know where Taggbox Display and 6Connex stand individually, here is what you can expect from this partnership.

Display Real Time Social Content In 6Connex

What Does 6Connex Offer?

6Connex is a leading provider of virtual event solutions. It is cloud-based, secure, and is designed for virtual environments, learning management, and webinars. Its goal is to maximize customer engagement with its virtual event solutions. You get to boost content influence with its tools that promote interactivity.

6Connex Virtual Event Platform

6Connex allows users to create personalized experiences for their virtual events in real-time using AI technology. With 6Connex event and gamification tools, your team can build creative, attention-grabbing activities like the photo booth, Spotify music, scavenger hunts, etc.

Attendees can chat in 100+ languages with the real-time translator. There is also a user-friendly scheduling tool for attendees to pre-schedule meetings. Not just that, 6Connex reporting tools analyze every aspect of your virtual event and provide in-depth insights to improve event experiences.

What Can You Expect From This Partnership

1. Improve Virtual Events’ Social Presence

The social wall updates in real-time. If you have a unique hashtag for your virtual event, you can encourage the attendees to use it while posting on social media. Each time they post something, it will automatically appear on the social wall.

You can organize hashtag contests at your virtual event. Encourage the attendees and tempt them to participate by highlighting the winning prize and goodies. As the attendees start creating posts with your unique hashtag, display them on the social media wall at your virtual event. It encourages more attendees to participate, increasing your virtual event’s social presence and catching the prospects’ attention.

Once the event ends, you can also embed this social wall on your website to engage the visitors and promote your forthcoming virtual events. Not just that, it is also the perfect idea to get user-generated content that you can use for future marketing purposes. 

2. Keep The Audience Engaged

The biggest struggle faced by virtual event organizers is to bridge the gap between the online-offline and engage the audience while they sit in the comfort of their homes. Social wall entices your virtual event attendees, opening the door to a new world of engagements.

While attending a virtual event, the attendees have set goals to be at some sessions and exit in-between. It hampers your virtual event’s engagement rate. To overcome that, display social media walls around the lounge areas, virtual rooms, lobby, and other areas so that the attendees can engage with them while waiting for their sessions to begin. They won’t get distracted in between the sessions and would want to remain hooked throughout.

Not just that, a social media ticker showcases the textual content running horizontally at the bottom of the screen. It is beneficial as it doesn’t disturb the ongoing virtual event activities and still manages to keep the attendees engaged.

3. Increase Networking Opportunities

The social wall provides a space for the attendees to expand their network. The attendees can communicate through event hashtags or by mentioning the virtual event social media handle.

They can express their views about a topic and ask the other attendees to ping them on social media if they agree with them. It will help them to expand their network by attracting people with similar views.

Not just that, the Taggbox Display social wall instills a sense of community at your virtual event by providing collaboration opportunities to the attendees as the social wall makes them more visible.

4. The Perfect Space For Sponsors

Sponsors are like the backbone of any event. Use the engaging social wall to display your virtual event sponsors’ social media content. When you do so, you are letting your attendees interact with the sponsors, helping the sponsors capture the attendees’ attention at best.

The social wall will enhance your sponsors’ visibility. You can even use Taggbox Display’s Studio to split your display and strategically showcase the sponsors’ social media feeds along with other engaging content. 

The Social Wall provides in-depth analytics, making it easier for your sponsors to measure the ROI. The results will amuse your sponsors, and they will always be interested in sponsoring your future virtual events.

Display Real Time Social Content In 6Connex

How to Embed Taggbox Display Social Wall in 6Connex Virtual Event Platform

Once you have curated the social wall for your virtual event with Taggbox Display, follow the steps below to understand how you can embed it on the 6Connex Virtual Event Platform.

Step 1:

Click on the ‘Display’ button at the bottom left corner

  • Choose ‘Virtual Events’ as your option
  • Generate the embed code
Display Social Wall

Step 2:

Log in to the ‘6Connex Control Panel’ and go to the content library

6Connex Control Panel

Step 3:

Click on ‘Add Content Library’ or add content by editing your existing content library

Content Library

Step 4:

Now click on ‘Add Content’

Click on Add Content

Step 5:

In the next step, you will be asked to update content details

Add Content Details

Step 6:

To display a social wall choose ‘HTML Window’ from the dropdown menu in the ‘Content Type’ section

Content Type
  • You will get two options to add a Social Wall in the Virtual Event 
HTML Window Type

Taggbox Display provides both Adding Link & HTML Code options

Step 7:

Once done, press the submit button

Now you can go to any virtual room and display the Social Wall by checking the content option for the Social Wall you have created in the content library. That’s it!

Over To You

Captivating the virtual event audience and maximizing engagement to magnify the virtual event ROI is not a theoretical concept anymore. Taggbox Display and 6Connex have come together to show you how it’s done. 

Au revoir!

Display Real Time Social Content In 6Connex

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