Tagbox Shows Up On Top Of The Cart In The G2 Winter Report 2024

We’re thrilled to announce that Tagbox has earned special badges in the latest G2 winter report! As advocates for genuine connections, our success is a testament to our incredible clients who’ve played an integral part in our journey. However, Tagbox isn’t just about accolades; it’s about authenticity. Our focus is amplifying your customers’ authentic stories, […]

7 minute read

Same Passion, New Name: Introducing Tagbox!

“Change is inevitable and often brings exciting opportunities for growth and improvement. “ News flash! Taggbox.com has acquired Tagbox.com! We’ve shed a ‘g,’ but gained so much more: we’re now lighter, faster, and seriously efficient. We want to emphasize that everything else remains the same – the same exceptional service, commitment to quality, and unwavering […]

2 minute read

Twitter API Changes: How it will affect your business

Over the last few weeks, Twitter made sudden changes in its API and access tiers, and many users have been asking questions. To clear all your doubts and how your business will be affected, we have this blog to help you out.  The good news?  These changes will not affect your Taggbox account and Twitter […]

3 minute read

Oxfam’s Noble Initiative With Taggbox: Turkey & Syria Earthquake Disaster Relief

As we navigate through an increasingly interconnected world, it’s important to recognize the global issues we face and take action to make a positive impact – and one powerful way to do so is through charity. Oxfam is a charitable organization with its unique initiative ‘Second-Hand Style’ for charity. This year, the organization made an […]

6 minute read

Taggbox x Omnisend: Power Up Your Email Campaigns With UGC

Did you know that 72% of customers choose emails over anything else as their primary business communication channel?  So why do you think emails are so efficient? But what if we told you that your email marketing campaigns could drive greater ROI?  User-generated content has the potential to fulfil the visual appetite of your users, […]

6 minute read

What Are Metaverse Events?- Ideas And Best Practice

Imagine making friends, rearing virtual pets, buying virtual property, selling products, working in a lifelike remote setup, and conducting events using 3-D virtual objects? Well, that’s where we are headed.  The metaverse hype cannot be overlooked – it is all over the place. Estimates are that it will reach a value of $800M by 2024.  […]

10 minute read

Social Media Photobooth For Events: Taggbox Display x Snapbar

Virtual events often lack human interactions as the attendees participate from their comfort zones, literally staring at their screens. So, keeping the virtual event attendees active, let alone awake, is a real struggle for organizers. Taggbox Display joins hands with Snapbar to overcome this and boost virtual event engagement and interaction to 3X.  Taggbox Display […]

5 minute read

Taggbox Display Partners With Yodeck

‘Technology, like art, is a soaring exercise of human imagination.’  Rightly quoted by Mr. Daniel Bell, technology can turn the tables for most businesses in the truest of sense. One such technological advancement that has created an unbeatable position is Digital Signage.  However, if technology comes first, content, like its perfect companion, can take its […]

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Taggbox Display partners Raydiant – A Collaboration For Endless Possibilities

Budding brands and marketers are continuously digging to find means and ways to grow their business and maximize their profits. The hunt came to a pause when they came across an impeccable solution that served the purpose just right!  We are talking about the integration between social media walls and digital signages. A social media […]

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