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How To Embed Twitter Hashtag Feed On Website For Free?

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Twitter is one of the most attended social media platforms consisting of 396.5 million users. It has a vast variety of content from businesses, blogs, and beliefs to technology, news, etc. This is considered as the go-to platform for people to keep up with new trends and the market. And displaying User-Generated content from this platform is an amazing way to enhance social proof that builds trust among potential customers.

More than 85% of people trust social media, and user reviews to make purchase decisions more than any brand-generated content.

Brands are focussing on Twitter and spending a lot of time and effort to drive engagement, interaction, sales, and conversions. Not only brands but people also use this platform to speak out their opinions and share their views using hashtags. So, why not leverage Twitter to upscale the brand?

Speaking of growth, then embedding Twitter feed on your website can transform your website to attract customers instantly making your brand a trendsetter. Let’s dive in till the end of this blog to learn various ways to embed Twitter Hashtag Feed on the website!

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Methods to Embed a Twitter Hashtag Feed on your Website

Marketers have been using Twitter as a tool to influence users through product and service promotions. Embedding a Twitter Feed Widget on your website can surely improve your marketing efforts by boosting engagement and conversion rates.

Method 1 – Add Twitter Hashtag Feed with Taggbox Widget

Method 2 – Publish Hashtag Feeds using Twitter’s own Embedding option

Method 3 – Embed Twitter Hashtag Feed using WordPress Plugin

Method 1 Add Twitter Hashtag Feed with Taggbox Widget

Taggbox Widget is a Twitter aggregator tool that helps you add and display posts on your website without any limitations. Taggbox Free Website Widget provides you with a plethora of benefits helping you enhance your website by displaying relevant content.

Step 1. Collect Twitter Hashtag Feeds For Free

how to embed twitter hashtag feed on website
  • Click on “Add Social Feeds” on the Dashboard.
Add Twitter hashtag feed to website
  • Select Twitter as your source feed.
Twitter embed hashtag feed
  • Now, choose your favorite Hashtag as your connection type and continue.
Twitter hashtag embed
  • Taggbox Twitter widget will automatically curate all the posts and create a feed that will appear on your editor page.
Twitter hashtag widget

Step 2. Design and Customize your Twitter Hashtag Widget

You will be able to see all the curated tweets on your editor page where you can choose from various layouts, themes, backgrounds, colors, fonts, etc., and design your own feed according to your requirements.

Design your Twitter feeds

You have the ability to transform the curated feed to match your website’s color palette. Moreover, you have the option to moderate your content and control your widget in your own way. You can use the profanity filter to eliminate any irrelevant or explicit content.

Step 3. Generate the Twitter Hashtag Feed Embed Code

Once you have your feed ready to go with the customization, design, and moderation part, it is time for the Taggbox tool to generate the Twitter hashtag feed embed code which will display your real-time hashtag tweets on the website.

  • Now click on “Publish” to move to the next page and choose the “Embed On Webpage” option.
Embed Twitter feed with hashtag
  • Choose your website building platform, and set the width and height of your widget.
Twitter hashtag feed embed code

Once all the adjustments are completed as per your website, an embed code will be generated on the same page.

Copy that code and paste it on the backend website code, make sure you are pasting it exactly where you need the Twitter hashtag widget. Be it header, footer, blogs, landing page or sidebar section.

Step 4. Embed Twitter Hashtag Feed On Your Website

You have the option to embed this code to any website be it HTML, WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, Shopify, etc. We generate an embed code that is compatible with any platform so you don’t have to think twice before creating your Twitter Widget.

Twitter hashtag feed on website

Important: Taggbox has provided you with an effortless approach to embed Twitter Hashtag Feed on website, however, to actually see positive results it is important to measure your Widget’s success. We offer users to analyze the performance of their Twitter hashtag widget with our Analytics feature, with which you can calculate your Widget’s performance to understand what your visitors are looking for in-depth and figure out whether any improvements are required or not.

Method 2 – Publish Hashtag Feeds using Twitter’s own Embedding option

Twitter is an influential and powerful social media platform providing its users with a vast variety of features, one of which is the ‘Embed Tweet’ feature. This feature provides you with an option to self-embed tweets on your website. Twitter also allows you to embed Twitter buttons that redirect users to your Twitter profile and Twitter timeline on your website.

It is a free-of-cost feature where you can choose any Twitter feed, click on the three dots menu, and choose the Embed Tweet option.

Embed Twitter hashtag feed free
  1. Choose the pose you wish to embed and click on the three dots at the top right corner.
  2. Choose “Embed Tweet”.
  3. You will be redirected to the Twitter tool (https://publish.twitter.com/) for embedding.
  4. Enter the URL of the post you want to embed in the space given post choosing the embed option. 
  5. Once you have copied the generated code. 
  6. Paste it into your backend website code and save the changes.
  7. Your Twitter hashtag feed will automatically display on your website.

As easy as it sounds, it comes with some disadvantages. With this option, you need to embed each and every post manually, there are no customization or moderation options. You do not have the freedom to create your own feed using various themes, layouts, etc.

Method 3 – Embed Twitter Hashtag Feed using WordPress Plugin

WordPress provides its users with a plugin option that covers every technical aspect for them. WordPress is an open-source Content Management Systems platform that does not require any kind of technical or coding skills to embed Twitter feeds in websites.

Embed Twitter hashtag feed WordPress

They also help websites to become more SEO friendly and provide codes that can be inserted anywhere in the website to make your website look appealing and interactive. Follow the below steps to embed Twitter hashtag feed free on your WordPress website using Taggbox-generated code.

  1. One of the easiest options is to simply download the Taggbox Widget Plugin from the directory or Widget editor.
  2. You will be redirected to upload the plugin to the WordPress directory.
  3. Once done you can activate the Taggbox Widget WordPress Plugin to make it functional. 
  4. You will be able to see your Taggbox Widget on your plugin section. Copy the shortcode from under the widget.
  5. Paste this code wherever you wish to add the Twitter Feed on the website editor page.
  6. Edit the widget according to your requirement.
  7. Preview your Feed before publishing.
  8. Once you are satisfied with your Twitter hashtag widget, tap on “Publish” to make it live.
Embed Twitter hashtag feed on website

Benefits Of Embedding Twitter Hashtag Feed on Website

1. Influence users with strong social proof

Twitter is a strong social media platform that influences millions of people around the world on a daily basis. Brands have been using Twitter in their marketing strategies to grow their business. Embedding the Twitter Hashtag widget on your website gives you the opportunity to take advantage of both social media and the website. This not only gives your brand better positioning in the market but also enhances your social proof while building trust within your audience.

2. Utilize authentic UGC to drive conversion

Putting in efforts to make your website stand out and carefully curating relevant content attracts more visitors to your website. Providing authentic user-generated content(UGC) to your customers encourages them to make favorable decisions, enhancing your conversion rates. A well-thought brilliant website with admissible UGC and other brand content attracts customers to invest in the brand and encourages potential customers with their purchase decisions.

3. Spark up interaction to build trust

Embedding Twitter Hashtag Widget on your website not only incorporates your Twitter to your website but also provides a different style to your website layout. It looks and feels interactive and innovative. Such a different and unique website is what attracts customers and builds trust among users.

4. Improve engagement to boost dwell time

Embedding Twitter hashtag widgets on your website is a great option for brands to engage with users who don’t use Twitter. It not only improves your reach but also helps showcase what your brand stands for and how creative you are. Users believe Twitter to be the best approach for posting reviews using hashtags, and embedding Twitter UGC provides your visitors with authentic & real content, exactly what people are looking for, making them engage with your website and enhancing your dwell time.

Over To You

Twitter has become one of the most used social media platforms for people to express their opinions. Embedding real content to your website not only enhances your brand value but also makes users believe that their reviews and opinions matter. 

This is an innovative approach to boost conversion rates, dwell time, and drive sales. With this blog, we understand the importance of Twitter and how effortless it is to incorporate the Twitter hashtag feed on your website. Taggbox widget has been constantly coming up with ways like Taggbox WordPress Plugin, and Twitter hashtag widget to make it easier for brands to grow and gain success.

Leveraging these techniques would surely give your marketing strategies great success and we assure you shall see amazing results!

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Twitter Hashtag Feed is a collection of multiple tweets curated using a particular hashtag. You have the option to collect various tweets in one feed that includes your hashtag in the caption.

Yes, Twitter Hashtag Feeds can be embedded on any website source be it HTML, WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, Wix, etc. With Taggbox Widget you are not limited to a few specific website sources.

Once you have created your Taggbox Twitter Feed Widget, click “publish”, choose “HTML” on the next step and copy the code generated. Now open your Google Site account and choose the page where you wish to embed the widget. On your dashboard, click “insert”, and choose “embed”. On the pop-up window, choose “embed code” and paste your Taggbox-generated code. Click “insert”, adjust your widget as per your requirement and click “Publish”, your widget will display on your website.