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Twitter Aggregator – What It Is & How To Use It For Marketing

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Twitter feeds aggregator or Twitter hashtag aggregator are synonyms of one tool, commonly popular as Twitter Aggregator. 

As Twitter has a large number of active users among other social media platforms, it is a clear indication that the users constantly produce vast amounts of customer-created content. 

It is hence making Twitter into a gigantic platform for user-generated content or UGC with variations in content. 

Many create Twitter feed walls to display on digital screens during events, seminars, conferences, webinars, or websites to engage their visitors.  

But how do you collect these Twitter feeds or user-generated content from Twitter? Here you need help from Twitter Aggregation tools to fetch relevant content from Twitter to display on digital screens. 

In this blog, we will walk you through the Twitter Feed Aggregator guide in which you will learn what is a Twitter aggregator, its scope, and its benefits, with a bonus to getting to know about the best Twitter Aggregation tool in the market. 

What Is Twitter Aggregator Tool

Many people get confused about what Twitter aggregator is. one can understand Twitter, but associating aggregator with Twitter is still a new concept for the majority of the users. 

Anyway, in simple words, Twitter feed Aggregator is the tool that collects and curates Twitter feeds from Twitter using hashtags, handles, mentions, or lists.  

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Twitter Feeds On PCCA Website

Instead of manually copying url or posting one by one, Twitter aggregators automatically collect all the feeds related to hashtag or other all together at a single place.

Moreover, these tools provide users complete freedom to customize curated Twitter feeds using beautiful themes & layout designs to enhance the look-feel of Twitter walls by making feeds amazingly attractive and glamorous, effective to engage their visitors.

Why You Need A Twitter Aggregator

Twitter is the platform where you find the latest news, talks, reviews, images, or videos of users around the globe. 

For instance, companies easily interact with their customers through Twitter and get to know what are the reviews and issues their customers are struggling with their products & services.

Generally, people use Twitter to talk more about social affairs and issues, latest trends, events, or connect with official profiles of brands, organizations, or elite groups. 

Instead of sharing more entertaining or funny content like other social media platforms, people like to share more intellectual content and share their genuine opinions. 

Twitter Wall In Virtual Event

Many brands and organizations believe in displaying user-generated content from Twitter, which helps them in building trust, authenticity, and rapport with their audience.   

That said, Twitter feeds alluring and attention-grabbing, foolproof to keep the audience absorbed with content.

Twitter brands can leverage their marketing strategies, increase the fan base, boost sales, and engage their targeting audience with valuable content to their audience. 

With Twitter feed Aggregator’s help, brands can collect valuable content from Twitter and wield it in their marketing and promotional activities.  

Tweet Aggregator

Taggbox – Best Twitter Aggregator Tool

Taggbox is a suite of social media aggregation tools, offering users to collect and curate user-generated content from multiple social media channels altogether.

Twitter is one of the social media channels that Taggbox provides users to fetch and display Twitter feeds in various marketing touchpoints. 

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It includes social media advertisements with UGC, embeds Twitter feeds on websites, creates social walls, email marketing, and many more.  

Taggbox offers four major tools: Widgets, Display, Commerce, and Rights Management, to serve users’ requirements within the platform. 

From embedding Twitter feeds on websites, creating shoppable social posts, displaying on signages or event screens, and earning content rights from users, Taggbox helps you get all together from a single platform. 

Scope With Taggbox Twitter Feed Aggregator

Twitter Aggregator For Website

Marketers now make their website attractive and engaging to their visitors with beautiful and unique content from Twitter. 

Taggbox Twitter Widget offers features to collect Twitter feeds using hashtags, mentions, handles, and from your Twitter lists, favorite, and advanced feeds creation. 

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Twitter Feed On Website

With customization features, you can enhance the look & feel of Twitter with various themes, styles, sizes, shapes, fonts, and colors. 

It will add more refinement to your Twitter feeds, thus embedding on the website increases your visitor’s dwell time and sets a remarkable imprint on your users. 

You can also embed Twitter feeds on websites with ease by using Taggbox Widget WordPress Plugin. It is designed to conveniently manage your various social media walls directly on the backend of your wordpress website. 

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Twitter Aggregator For Events & Signages

Audience engagement is always a major issue for event organizers, so they are looking for ways that help to stick their audience throughout the show. 

Social walls are proving to enhance audience experience by offering them social activities directly on event walls. 

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Twitter Feed On Live Event

With Taggbox Display, you can curate, design, and display your Twitter feeds on digital screens or signages with a single click embedding feature. 

Moreover, you will get access to various customization features that will help you in making your bland Twitter feeds into alluring ones.

Twitter Aggregator

Major Benefits of Twitter Aggregator

Automotive Feeds Curation

You don’t need to select, copy, and paste Twitter feeds manually; Twitter feed aggregators will automatically collect all relevant feeds from Twitter. You only need to place correct hashtags, mentions, or handles to collect Twitter feeds from, and all Twitter will update on your screen.

Real-Time Update

With Tweet Aggregator, you will get real-time updates of your Twitter feeds, which means if a user publishes recent posts, it will automatically get updated on your Twitter aggregator screen instantly (depending on the plan). 

Customization & Moderation 

Twitter aggregator offers customization and moderation features to add alluring designs and layouts to Twitter feeds and select only relevant Twitter feeds to boost appropriate and quality content in marketing campaigns. 

Measure Performance With Analytics

Another significant feature of the Twitter aggregator is that they offer analytics that helps marketers or brands measure and track social media content’s performance. It will show the major contributors, locations, influencers, and real-time engagement of users from worldwide.

Create Sponsored Post 

It may surprise you, but you can also create sponsored posts in which you can show your event or concert sponsors. Add an image sponsor or their brand logo, and schedule posts so that it will automatically pop-up on the screen wall at frequent durations. 

Wrapping Up!

You can turn your Twitter feeds contributors into social media marketers for your marketing purposes. From website to digital signages to social media ad creation, you can use Twitter feeds for multiple uses. 

Twitter will enhance your marketing efforts and enhance your marketing touchpoints connecting your customers to brands effectively. 

Taggbox is the best Twitter aggregator in the market, which not only offers to display Twitter feeds on websites but at every possible marketing channel where you interact with your audience. 

So without further ado, start building your Twitter feeds with the Taggbox Twitter feed aggregator and integrate them into your marketing campaigns with impeccable results.

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