UGC Rights

Manage user-generated content rights to reward your users and build a reliable base to valuable UGC marketing campaigns

How it works

Curate valuable UGC

Create Rights Request

Get User Approval

Repurpose UGC

Easy UGC Curation

Handpick all the relevant & valuable user-generated content easily from a diverse range of social media platforms to make it the highlight of your brand campaigns.

As campaigns with user-generated content get 5 times higher click-through-rate, increasing the possibilities of user engagement and conversions.

Simple & Rightful UGC Management

A simple process to get UGC Rights by asking permission directly from the users. UGC rights management ensures rightful access to authentic content from real people that build social proof and profitable outcomes for your brand.


A solution that honors the users’ rights & security with rightful repurposing of Users’ content for brand marketing & advertising campaigns.

Tailored Brand-User Communications

Almost 2/3rd of the users are willing to share their content in exchange for tailored communication & experiences. Create & send trustful “Rights requests” to the users with tailored messages & genuine branding to maximize your request approvals.

This personalized brand-user communication will help in building trust, valuable user experience, brand reputation, and brand-user relationships.

Use Cases

Hand-craft users’ content to build result-driven campaigns

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