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See how Tagbox can revolutionize your social proof strategy and elevate your brand to new heights. Tagbox - the best EmbedSocial alternative - is ready to help you liberate the full potential of social proof.

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Moving On from EmbedSocial? Here’s Why Tagbox is Your Best Bet

Upgrade Your Social Media Content Display with Tagbox - The Leading EmbedSocial Alternative

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Integrating social media content into your marketing channels with Tagbox is a breeze. Boasting the "Fastest Implementation" badge from G2, Tagbox ensures that embedding social media posts on your website is straightforward. Just follow these simple steps: sign in, select your source, create the feed, and customize it before hitting publish. This seamless process makes Tagbox the best EmbedSocial alternative for quick and efficient setup.

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Introducing SnapUp, a game-changing feature that lets your customers contribute reviews and product images directly to your website, emails, and display screens. Simply display a QR code for users to scan and upload their content. This innovative approach bypasses the need for social media platforms, allowing content to be added directly to your site or social walls. It’s an essential tool for those seeking top EmbedSocial alternatives.

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Moderate and customize your feed effortlessly with just one click using Tagbox. Our latest themes and "Custom CSS" feature allow you to tailor the widget to your brand’s unique style. Adjust backgrounds, colors, fonts, and themes to ensure your widget aligns perfectly with your brand aesthetics. This level of customization sets Tagbox apart in the EmbedSocial vs. Tagbox debate.

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Leverage detailed insights and performance reports to optimize your feed with Tagbox. By analyzing parameters like clicks and impressions, you can make data-driven decisions to enhance your widget's performance. These analytics tools make Tagbox an ideal choice for brands looking for robust alternatives to EmbedSocial.

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AI Assistant

Transform your UGC marketing with Tagbox’s AI assistant. Features like recommendation scores and sentiment analysis help you identify the best content to display and filter out irrelevant or inappropriate posts. This AI-driven approach ensures your UGC content is both high-quality and effective, making Tagbox the premier EmbedSocial alternative for advanced content management.

Each feature highlights why Tagbox is a superior choice in the Taggbox vs. EmbedSocial comparison, offering unparalleled ease of use, customization, and powerful analytics for your website widget needs.


Pricing Plan

3 hours
Review Only

Pricing Plan

30 mins
Review + Social

Tagbox: Access More Feeds, Speedier Updates, and a Host of Additional Benefits

Experience the Power of User-Generated Content with Tagbox and Its Outstanding Plans. Compatible with Over 15 Social Media and Review Platforms, Tagbox Stands Out as the Best EmbedSocial Alternative for Effortless Social Media Management and Publishing.

Leverage Our AI Features for Easy Content Moderation and Duplicate Post Detection.

Engage Your Audience with the Tagbox Widget, Highlighting the Incredible Feedback Your Users Have Shared.

Real Users Share Their EmbedSocial Experiences: What's Missing?

  • What do you dislike about EmbedSocial?

    We didn't receive all reviews that users were writing on Google/Facebook.

Trusted by SMBs and Professionals

With incredible client stories and a collection of G2 Badges, Tagbox proves itself as the best EmbedSocial alternative. But there’s more to consider.

Market Player

Customer Across Industries

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Capture Attention and Maximize Conversions with Tagbox Widget

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Tagbox Simplifies Social Media Aggregation Like Never Before

Here’s Why Tagbox is the Best EmbedSocial Alternative for Streamlined Social Media Content Curation.

Advance Monitoring
Advance Monitoring Advance Monitoring

Showcase your brand's culture through a beautifully curated Instagram feed using the Tagbox widget. Keep your audience engaged on your website by allowing them to explore your Instagram content without leaving the site, significantly enhancing your website's performance. Tagbox is the Best EmbedSocial Alternative for seamless social media integration.

Strategic Content Publishing
Advance Monitoring Strategic Content Publishing

Maximize your content’s impact with Tagbox by scheduling posts, automating responses, and easily reposting. Plan your content calendar ahead of time to optimize your marketing efforts. Tagbox offers strategic tools that make it the superior EmbedSocial alternative for efficient content management.

Competitive Advantage
Advance Monitoring Competitive Advantage

Gain a competitive edge with Tagbox’s innovative themes and AI-powered features like suggested tags and sentiment analysis. Utilize the Auto-pilot mode and advanced filters to ensure only the best content appears on your feed, making Tagbox the best choice in the Taggbox vs. EmbedSocial debate

Advance Monitoring Reliability

With a reputation for excellence, Tagbox is trusted by thousands of clients for its outstanding performance, seamless integration, user-friendly interface, and top-notch customer support. Recognized as the top content curation platform by G2, Tagbox is the leading EmbedSocial alternative.

Value for Money
Advance Monitoring Value for Money

Tagbox offers exceptional value with a pricing structure designed to enhance your brand marketing strategies. Enjoy features such as easy setup, integration with over 15 social media platforms, and unparalleled usability. Tagbox is the best EmbedSocial alternative, providing comprehensive solutions worth every penny for your website widget needs.

Tagbox vs. EmbedSocial: What Sets Tagbox Apart?

Check out the key points where Tagbox leaves EmbedSocial behind as the prime Social Media Aggregator Widget.


Advance Monitoring


Advance Monitoring


Plan Basic ProPlus
Free Trial 14-day free trial 7-day free trial
Price 39/m 49/m
Update 30 mins 3 hours
Embed Reviews or social media content Both in 1 plan Seperate plan for both
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SnapUp * x
Twitter * *
Account Manager * *
Advanced Analytics * x
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Coming Straight From Our Customers!

Here's what just few of our thousands of users have to say about Tagbox on why it is the best choice when it comes to a Social Media Widget.

  • "Great support with integrating Social Media feeds at our website"

    Taggbox Widget is a great and very innovative platform for integrating and representing your social media content to your website. It is very user-friendly to use and very intuitive to operate with its wide rangeof customization and individual design options.

    Dominik D.

    Product Owner


  • "Great platform to collect posts from social networks"

    It is easy to implement and customer support. It solving the problem to develop a plugin to fetch posts from social networks.

    Gabriel P.


  • "Great Platform for collecting and embedding UGC on multiple websites" with Great Support"

    Taggbox has amazing features which are easy to aggregate User-generated content from several social Platform The application UI is also a good and friendly user, the Best Part, they are fully committed to serving us (the client) the highest possible level of partnership; constantly touching base and looking at challenges from different perspectives.

    David Y.

    SVP, Technology


  • "Awesome Aggregating Review Widget"

    Very user-friendly software and easy to use and access. The customer support team is very helpful and always available. I would like to thank Thakur as well for all of his assistance. I highly recommend this to my friends and business colleagues.

    Adriane M.

    Business Owner


  • "Great products, amazing support!"

    The approval process is flawless, editing messages so you can delete the information you don't want to make public is great. The option for customized css is one of the best parts. Also, the highlight option for the hashtags your using is great!

    Maka B.

    Software Engineer


  • "Great experience using Taggbox to fetch our Google Business Reviews from multiple businesses!"

    Taggbox has been incredibly helpful for our real estate businesses. We place a strong focus on collecting Google Reviews from our customers. Taggbox allows us to display the Google Reviews that we've worked so hard to collect in a prominent place in our office. The customer service is always very helpful and has quick responses even in spite of the time zone change.

    Carmen V.

    Social Media Manager


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Why Choose Tagbox?

Tagbox Sets Itself Apart as the Top EmbedSocial Alternative, Packed with Features for Effortless Content Aggregation - Here’s What You Need to Know.

Responsive theme Design

Responsive Design

The Tagbox Widget is highly responsive to any screen size making it convenient for you to engage users and reduce bounce rates regardless of the device they are using.

Scalable Integrations

Advance Moderation

With AI features such as recommendations score and sentiment analysis, it gets very easy to moderate and filter-out irrelevant and inappropriate content.

Fast & Responsive

Compelling CTA Buttons

Boost your marketing strategy and add the attractive "Call- to- Action" button to make it easier for you to bring more customers.

Create Custom CSS

Insightful Analytics

Use the insights provided by Tagbox to make better marketing decisions. Check the performance of the widget with parameters like clicks, impressions, visitors, click-through rates.


Email Campaigns

EIncrease your email click-through rate and grow your engagement with innovative email marketing campaigns including User Generated Content.

User Review Widget

User Review Widget

Gather the best reviews your customers have left about you on top reviewing platforms such as Google Reviews and Facebook Reviews.

Integration Made Simple: Sync with Your Tech Stack Effortlessly

Tagbox is compatible with all the top website builders, allowing you to add the embed social media content on any of them.

  • Taggbox widget for html5
  • Taggbox widget for wordpress
  • Taggbox widget for wix
  • Taggbox widget for squarespace
  • Taggbox widget for Mailchimp
  • Taggbox widget for hubspot
  • Taggbox widget for klaviyo
  • Taggbox widget for Omnisend
  • Taggbox widget for shopify
  • Tagbox: Your Support Team, Always Available!

    With our exceptional 5-star CSAT score, trust that our customer support is second to none. We're here to assist you with any inquiries you may have, whenever you need us.

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