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72% of surveyed destination marketers believe that Tagbox is the best alternative for Crowdriff.




Let's cut to the chase, we know Crowdriff is eating most of your marketing budget.

For DMOs who have made a switch from Crowdriff say that Tagbox costs a third of Crowdriff with better features!

Not only the price!

Not only the price! We can give you 5 more genuine reasons to switch to Tagbox.

Smart Galleries: Showcase UGC Like a Pro

Eye-Catching Themes: Go beyond basic layouts with stunning, pre-designed themes that match your brand aesthetic.

SEO Optimization: Don’t just display UGC, get found! Taggbox automatically optimizes galleries for search engines, boosting organic traffic.

Customization Freedom: Unleash your creativity with customizable layouts, colors, and fonts. Create truly personalized and engaging user experiences.

Secure Your Brand with Flexible Rights Management

Protect your brand and ensure proper UGC usage with Tagbox’s robust rights management tools. Choose from three methods:

Pre-approval: Review and approve content before it goes live, maintaining quality control.

Auto-approval: Set guidelines for automatic approval of UGC that meets your criteria, saving time.

User Consent: Empower users to grant permission for their content to be used, fostering trust.


Autopilot: Effortless UGC Collection, 24/7

Stop wasting time manually collecting UGC! Taggbox Autopilot automates the process:

Set it and Forget it: Define your criteria once, and Autopilot gathers user-generated content based on hashtags, mentions, and locations – all day, every day.

Save Time & Resources: Focus on strategic marketing initiatives while Taggbox builds a rich UGC library for you.

Always Up-to-Date: Enjoy real-time updates as fresh UGC automatically populates your dashboard, ensuring you never miss a post.

TagAssist: Your AI-Powered UGC Management Partner

Get intelligent guidance and assistance with TagAssist, our Chrome extension!

Identify Relevant UGC: TagAssist analyzes vast amounts of content, suggesting the most impactful pieces for your campaigns, saving you valuable time.

Discover Hidden Gems: Uncover valuable UGC that might have been missed through traditional searches.

Make Data-Driven Decisions: Optimize your UGC strategy by leveraging TagAssist’s insights. Identify trends, understand user sentiment, and make informed decisions.

Amplify Your Reach with Tagbox Creators

Expand your reach and tap into a vibrant network of talented creators with Tagbox Creators:

Find the Perfect Creator: Access a diverse pool of creators who fit your brand and target audience.

Authentic Brand Advocacy: Leverage the power of authentic voices and build deeper connections with your audience.

Effortless Collaboration: Streamline the influencer marketing process within the Taggbox platform.

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  • 5star

    Taggbox UGC Suite is like gold dust for my website!

    Not only has it boosted engagement levels, but it's also allowed me to showcase real customer experiences in an engaging and authentic way.

    Yajaira Sosa

    Gerente de Operaciones

    COZY Punta Cana, SRL

  • I highly recommend Taggbox to boost the brand's online presence.

    After utilizing Taggbox, my brand's engagement increased. The platform is user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy to navigate and utilize to its fullest potential.

    Christina H.

    Digital Marketing Specialist


  • One software with a lot of features.

    We've adopted the Taggbox UGC suite to display user-generated content related to our brand on digital signage. I'm impressed by its user-friendly dashboard.

    Jon Moser

    Digital Strategist

    Assemblies of God World Missions

Still Not Convinced? Tough Crowd! 🥱Let Us Riff you a Bit More! 😉


Tagbox UGC Suite


Content Sources 15+ social media platforms, custom posts (snapup), manual upload Limited by Plans
Smart Web Gallery AI enabled, SEO OPTIMIZED Simple Functionalities
Advanced Moderation Yes Limited
Real-Time Updates Yes Limited (manual refresh)
Detailed Analytics Yes Basic
Customizable Display Yes Limited options
Omnichannel Marketing Yes Limited
Ease of Use User-friendly interface Steeper learning curve
Unique Features SnapUp (instant UGC capture), Autopilot (automated collection), AI-powered features None
Download UGC Available Only in costly plans
Rights Management Available for Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, and other top social media networks Limited to a few platforms
Pricing Competitive plans Super Expensive
See Pricing

Why Choosing Tagbox Was The Right Decision for Them.

  • slide-image

    Building Trust and Brand Image with User-Generated Content

    Real estate developer SouthStar Communities used Tagbox's social media widget to showcase user experiences on their website, fostering trust, increasing engagement, and strengthening their brand image.

    View Full Case Study
  • schiermonnikoog

    Boosting Tourism with Authentic User-Generated Content

    Schiermonnikoog Island, Netherlands, leveraged Tagbox to display user-generated content on their website, attracting visitors, building trust, and increasing website traffic by 190%.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Tagbox cost compared to CrowdRiff?

Many businesses switching from CrowdRiff to Taggbox have reported significant cost savings. In some cases, our clients have seen their UGC management costs reduced by as much as a third by using Taggbox.

Is Tagbox easier to use than CrowdRiff?

Yes! Tagbox is designed with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate, even for those with no prior experience managing UGC. We offer extensive onboarding resources and a dedicated support team to ensure a smooth transition. Compared to CrowdRiff, users often find Tagbox more intuitive and less time-consuming to learn.

Can Taggbox integrate with the marketing tools I already use?

Absolutely! Taggbox offers seamless integrations with a wide range of popular marketing tools, including social media platforms, email marketing services, CRM systems, and analytics dashboards. This allows you to easily streamline your UGC workflow and leverage user-generated content across all your marketing channels.

Is Data Migration from CrowdRiff possible on Tagbox?

Absolutely! Migrating your UGC data from CrowdRiff to Taggbox is possible, convenient, and completely free. Our dedicated support team is here to assist you throughout the process. They can guide you on exporting your data from CrowdRiff and ensure it's imported smoothly into the Taggbox platform.

Does Tagbox offer a free trial?

Tagbox provides a free demo that allows you to test-drive the platform and explore its features. This is a great way to see how Taggbox can elevate your UGC management strategy compared to CrowdRiff.

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