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: The ultimate solution to collect, store, manage & repurpose your owned and earned visual media effortlessly.

Taggbox UGC Suite


Explore How To Collect Assets

Collect UGC

UGC Uploader

Go beyond socials, leverage a CTA, link, or QR code to directly collect user's content wherever they are.

Social Networks

Collect the most authentic, engaging, and influential content from more than 20 social media & reviews platforms.

Your Own Content

Collect and upload branded material from the device, Google drive, etc. to your Taggbox account.

Smart Search, Organize & Manage

manage of ugc

After collecting content, categorize them into various collections and build your visual library.

Easy Asset Search

With advanced AI, we've made it easy for you to find the right asset easily.

Create Rules

Create and apply rules and automatically send newly uploaded content to required collections to save time on repeated actions.

Smart Tagging

We scan your asset and auto-generate tags for your visuals. Making it easy for you to search tags and find content.

Collaborator Access

Give unlimited or restricted access of your entire UGC library to your team members.

Copyright Detection

Upoad your own assets and copyright them to avoid any legal risks.

manage of ugc
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Customize Your Assets

Collect UGC

With our UGC asset manager, effortlessly crop, resize, apply filters, adjust colors, add captivating text, and explore unlimited customization options. Convert authentic UGC into professional-grade assets, ensuring they are production-ready in moments.

  • Adjust Crop & resize your UGC content to make it resonate with your brand’s vibe.
  • Apply Filters Enhance UGC’s impact by applying filters of your choice from a pool of many.
  • Adjust Colors Unleash a burst of vivid colors with our 'Adjust Colors' filter, turning ordinary visuals into captivating ones.
  • Draw Finetune your UGC to grab attention and leave a lasting impact by adjusting contrast, brightness, saturation and much more.

Launch Them Accross All Channels

Collect UGC

Obtain UGC rights fairly and repurpose content ethically. Repurposing UGC increases brand reach, boosts engagement, and builds community connection.

  • Website
  • Digital Screen
  • Email Campaigns
  • Social Publish
  • Social Ads
Collect UGC

Analyze And Monitor Your Wins

Collect UGC

Access an analytics dashboard to evaluate the success of your UGC campaign. Receive comprehensive reports on a wide range of metrics, allowing you to gain valuable insights and measure its overall effectiveness.

  • Top influencers & creators
  • Top performing assets
  • UGC rights
  • Clicks, views, and more.

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