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Social Media Widget For Squarespace

Using Taggbox widget you can display user-generated content i.e. social media feeds, UGC galleries, customer reviews and more on your Squarespace website

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Social Media Feed Widget For Squarespace

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Taggbox Widget offers an easy integration of social media feeds into Squarespace website with diverse features & functionalities to aggregate feeds from 15+ sources, custom designs, moderation, themes, colors, etc. that captures audience attention at first glance.

1. No Coding Required

2. Responsive Design

3. Seamless Integration

4. Priority Support

A Hub Of Social Feed Widget For Squarespace

Make your Squarespace website user experience seamless and engaging with the best features & functionalities

Tumblr Feed

Tumblr Widget

Curate and embed your Tumblr posts to make your Squarespace website more engaging

VKontakte Feed

VKontakte Widget

Curate posts from VKontakte with a hashtag(#), my profile post, or community posts to showcase them to your Squarespace web pages.

TikTok Feed

TikTok Video Widget

Curate and display your engaging TikTok videos from your profile to the Squarespace website.

Instagram Stories Feed

Instagram Stories Widget

Collect & Showcase Instagram stories on your Squarespace website, taking them beyond 24-hours.

RSS Feed

RSS Feed Widget

Fetch the diverse & interactive RSS feed in one place and add it to your Squarespace website, offering everything.

Pinterest Feed

Pinterest Widget

Seamlessly curate the engaging Pinterest posts with Pinterest Handle or User Board URL & embed them on your Squarespace website..

Giphy Feed

Giphy Widget

Get creative with your Squarespace website by adding GIFs on your web pages by fetching them from GIPHY.

Workplace Feed

Workplace Widget

Curate the employee-generated content from Workplace and embed it to your Weebly Squarespace website.

Yammer Feed

Yammer Widget

Make your Squarespace website employee-oriented by leveraging Yammer to the web pages.

Spotlight Features

With diverse possibilities, best features & functionalities to make your Squarespace website user experience seamless and engaging

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Responsive Design

This highly responsive & lightweight widget is easily compatible with different devices and screen size

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Creative Customizations

With vast theme options, layouts, styles, design elements, colors, fonts, & more, you can make your Taggbox Squarespace widget creative and interesting

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Content Moderation

With the automation & filtering option, you can restrict or remove irrelevant content from your widget and maintain the premium quality of the displayed content

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Real-Time Updates

Automatically update feeds from different source platforms to your Squarespace widget within seconds without manually doing it

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Custom Posts

From branded content, promotional posts to sponsored posts; add your custom posts to your website & drive effective promotions & communications

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Widget Analytics

With insightful analytics, monitor & measure the performance of your Squarespace widget providing valuable information into user behavior & sentiments

What Customers Say About Us

Solutions that have empowered thousands of events globally

The Shoppable UGC gallery is one of the key performers for our small eCommerce website. We have noticed a consistently positive impact on conversions.

Ryan Hawkins

Business Development Strategist

15% increase in conversions with 33% higher user engagement. User-generated content is doing it for us.

Kathy Foster

VP, Marketing

Thank you Taggbox for boosting our sales by 60% in a very short duration. The time spent by visitors on website and traffic has been increased 3 times more after embedding user-generated content. We really liked the shoppable post feature which converts our leads into sales.

Dennis Brewer

eCommerce Marketing Manager

We use a visual user-generated content gallery on many of our product pages to resemble trust & reliability. Taggbox commerce is undoubtedly the best tool for our website.

Mike Alvarado

Digital Brand Manage

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