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YouTube Widget For Squarespace Website

Attractive, engaging, and powerful YouTube widget to leverage YouTube channels and playlists on your Squarespace website & keep the website visitors hooked.

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Here's How Taggbox YouTube Widget Works

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Collect Videos From YouTube

Channel URL - Enter your YouTube channel URL to collect, curate, and embed YouTube videos on your website.

Shorts - Incorporate YouTube shorts into your Squarespace website using the channel URLs with Taggboxs' user-friendly YouTube widget.

Playlist - Develop a YouTube Playlist widget using your playlist ID to discover and curate, appropriate and relevant videos.

Keywords - Use specific keywords to explore, identify and compile your YouTube videos.

Location - Put together your YouTube videos by utilizing particular location for an enhanced experience.

youtube channel widget to squarespace

Design & Personalize

Moderate - Moderation feature allows you to restrict abusive & irrelevant content on your YouTube video widget to maintain premium content quality

Customize - Captivating YouTube widgets with creative customization- themes, colors, fonts, layouts, etc.

Branding - Integrate highlight options, custom posts, add banner, CTA, etc to overall improve the performance of the YouTube widget on Squarespace

embed youtube widget on squarespace

Embed On Squarespace Website

Embed - Seamless & code-free process to copy & paste the given code on your website to embed the responsive YouTube widget for Squarespace website

Real-Time Updates - Real-time to your YouTube video widget that lets you showcase fresh & unique content

Let's Re-build Your YouTube Channel For Your Website

Collect, curate & embed engaging YouTube widgets on Squarespace website.

Performance-driven Features To Empower Your YouTube Widget

Robust features to seamlessly leverage your YouTube feed on your website

youtube widget themes

Creative Themes

Choose your YouTube website widget theme from vast options like Horizontal Slider, Gallery Theme, Square Photo, Modern Card, Classic Photo, and more that perfectly highlight the YouTube videos to make it engaging & attractive for visitors

responsive youtube widget

Fast & Responsive

A simple & lightweight design that creates fast and responsive YouTube Widget without affecting the content quality that leads to a seamless & interactive user experience

custom youtube widget

Custom CSS

The availability of custom CSS is a powerful feature that lets you go beyond the boundaries of designing. So, design & modify the layout, color, style, & more without any restriction of your YouTube video widget

youtube widget analytics

Insightful Analytics

Track the performance of your YouTube video widget through our insightful Analytics feature. Use it to generate reports, measure KPIs and improve overall performance

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Youtube Widget?

YouTube widget is a tool that enables website owners to incorporate their preferred YouTube videos on the website. You can choose the videos you like, create an engaging video gallery with all your YouTube videos and showcase them on your website as a YouTube Widget.

How to Add YouTube Widget to Squarespace website?

We offer an easy embedding option to add YouTube widget to Squarespace website. Taggbox Widget helps you to generate an embed code unique for your Squarespace website that you can paste on the backend of your website where you want the YouTube Widget to appear.

Can I customize my YouTube widget using Taggbox?

With Taggbox, you get endless customization options to create YouTube Widget that blends well with your brand's theme. You get endless themes, colors, fonts, layouts, templates, and more to beautify your YouTube widgets.

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