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Netherland’s Smallest Island Boosts Tourism With Traveller’s UGC On Website

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Travelling isn’t a mere activity anymore; it’s a soul-stirring experience. Brands must strive to showcase it with captivating, high-quality content that leaves an indelible mark on our hearts and minds. 

Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a whole week’s holiday, Schiermonnikoog, the smallest island in the Netherlands, has a lot to offer. 

Known for its tranquillity and space, Schiermonnikoog can be explored on foot, bike, or horseback. 

That being said, they have been encouraging travellers to share their content on social media using their hashtags #natuurlijkopschier, #schierganger, and #schierstruinen. Travellers shared extensive user-generated content that was then displayed on their website using Taggbox. 

Exploring Schiermonnikoog’s Natural Beauty 

Schiermonnikoog's Natural Beauty 

Schiermonnikoog is a small 20-by-4-kilometre island in the Netherlands with its own flag, language, and anthem. 

A big chunk of this island is covered by its National Park, known for its bird population. People are often awe-struck by the diverse landscape found nowhere else. 

Travelers are going crazy over this small town that offers many attractions and activities like horse & carriage tours, boat trips, balgexpress- Trips to the eastern part of Schiermonnikoog, go on a seal safari and you can also visit their website for their activity calendar. 

They give you everything from accommodations to activities to bookings and tickets right on their website

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Schiermonnikoog Turning Challenges Into Opportunities with Taggbox

Their motive was not just to get User-generated content around travel; they also wanted enthusiasts to share authentic and real-life experiences using their hashtag. 

  • Getting more user-generated content 
  • Creating a buzz around travelling to the Netherlands
  • Delivering more authentic visuals on their website and socials 
  • Most importantly, social proof.

They used all the content collected under hashtags#natuurlijkopschier,  #schierganger, and #schierstruinen and displayed them using Taggbox on their website’s homepage. 

By delivering such raw and unfiltered social media visuals to their website, they achieved their most important goal – Social proof. 

Showcase Travel Stories That Inspire

Leverage Travellers’ Content With Taggbox’s UGC Suite

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How Taggbox Streamlined Their UGC Needs?

With over 95% of people looking at users’ content before finalizing their bookings, User-generated content has become one of the most integral aspects of websites. 

With Taggbox’s amazing features, like customization and moderation, they were able to showcase only high-quality content in a refreshing and sensational manner. 

They were able to aggregate content from four different hashtags and create multiple feeds to display different content on various channels.

While User-generated content is boundless, you must acquire UGC rights from the original content’s owner to avoid any lawsuits against your brand. With Taggbox’s UGC Rights Management, you can send requests to multiple users in one go and get the request status on a single screen.

Schiermonnikoog’s Success

They were impressed with the services provided to them. With Taggbox, they were able to display their Instagram profile, adding up to social proof and delivering premium UGC to their audience. 

The results? 

  • They witnessed an increase from 10K to 29K visitors within a few months. 
  • 2K posts under their Instagram hashtags. 
  • 16K+ users viewed their UGC widget.

Schiermonnikoog was able to showcase some amazing scenery, hotels, and activities from the users’ perspectives on the website, making their brand look more genuine. They were also able to make their prospects make fast and accurate purchase decisions. 

As they wanted to and were able to achieve social proof, they were 100% satisfied with the product. They were also keen on recommending us to their peers and found our pricing worth it.

Seek More Possibilities With Taggbox

If you can do more with Taggbox, you can do more with UGC. We are all about user-generated content, from collecting to publishing; we have everything you need. 

  • Display UGC on your website without any coding requirements. 
  • Leverage users’ content on your email campaigns to boost CTR and open rates, & decrease cart abandonment rates. 
  • If you have physical premises, you can display UGC on digital screens and grab user attention. 
  • Running UGC-Based social ads gets 4x more clickthroughs than traditional ones. 

With Taggbox, you can also take your UGC offline and get them on your print media to reach a wider audience.

Showcase Travel Stories That Inspire

Leverage Travellers’ Content With Taggbox’s UGC Suite

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