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How To Build A Result-Driven UGC Website?

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Did you know? It takes about 50 milliseconds for users to form an opinion about your website that determines whether they’ll stay or leave.

Although digital media has become a visual hub and website owners brainstorm over how to captivate the visitors, it is the content that drives engagement, conversions, and sales on the website. 

Website design Houston, colors, navigation, and all other elements are secondary. What matters is the kind of content you offer to your audience.

If we talk about the present-age user generated content is growing to be a significant one. UGC results in 29% higher web conversions than campaigns or websites without it.

Well, aren’t you feeling intrigued to know more about how to create a website from scratch and make it UGC-focused? Read ahead!

UGC: Its Importance On Your Website

User-generated content is any form of content created and shared by an experienced consumer about their customer journey with a brand, product, or service on a digital platform, especially social media. 

User-generated content is the most trustworthy, reliable, authentic, and experience-driven content, making it highly influential and valuable for both brands and consumers. Consumers now seek real-life experiences of peers over the branded content created with high-paid actors and models.

Customer reviews are trusted 12 times more than marketing coming directly from the organization

In general, at least 8 in 10 people admit that UGC from users they don’t know signifies brand quality and influences what they buy. That’s because the branded content is all self-flattery. 

It is the user-generated content that brings authenticity to your website, helping consumers make better commercial decisions. User-generated content has given the consumers exactly what they want from the content: a relatable and realistic point of view.

Steps To Incorporate User-generated Content On Website

Set Your Goals & KPI

If you plan to showcase user-generated content on website, you need to set some goals before moving forward. Without goals, you will find yourself directionless. User-generated content comes with endless benefits, but you must identify the ones you want to extract the most. 

Whether you want to improve your website dwell time and decrease bounce rates? Or want to boost conversions and lower the cart abandonment rates? Or do you wish to achieve it all with UGC? These are the key performance indicators for your website, and achieving it all is possible if you have the right strategy and consistency.

You can easily create and optimize your landing pages to showcase UGC by using a free landing page builder, making it a breeze to drive engagement and boost conversions

Plan Your UGC Type & Source

Once you have set your goals, you must determine the type of UGC you want to showcase on your website. It has a lot to do with your website’s nature or the product and services you offer through it. With UGC, you get diverse options: reviews, pictures, videos, social media posts, etc.

We all know the impact of social media on 3.6 billion of its active users. If you want to improve your website’s engagement, then you can choose social media posts created by your audience and display them on your website. Identify where your target audience dwells the most. 

75% of people aged 18–24 have active Instagram accounts whereas, only 23.8% of Facebook users are 18-24 years of age. Such demographical differences call for quick research on the type of website visitors you wish to captivate the most.

Encourage Audience To Create UGC

Setting goals and planning your UGC type is one thing, but how will you ensure you have enough content to execute this strategy on our website? That’s why this is a crucial part of this blog; encourage your audience to create user-generated content. 50% of consumers wish that brands would tell them what type of content to create and share.

You can run a UGC campaign or contest on social media by setting rules on the content you want the participants to create. Pick a unique hashtag and prompt the participants to use it so that it is easier for you to collect all the content.

You can choose a platform like Taggbox Widget to embed all these posts created by your participants on your website, creating perfect engagement opportunities for your website visitors and encouraging them to participate as well.

Not just that, you can also embed brand and product reviews on your website. When your customers come across these reviews, they realize the importance you give to your customers’ opinions and feel encouraged to write a review. 

Execute The Aggregation Process

Now that you have set your goals, planned your UGC type, and encouraged the audience to create content for you, the real question is, how will you collect all the UGC? Moreover, how will you make sure that you have collected all the relevant content and not missed any? 

That’s when a user-generated content platform like Taggbox comes to your rescue. Taggbox is a UGC platform with a social media aggregator tool that allows users to collect UGC from over 15+ social media platforms. Choose a social media platform where you will find a maximum number of your target audience.

The aggregation process is seamless as Taggbox collects content using hashtags, mentions, tags, stories, etc. You can aggregate to publish trustworthy & inspiring ugc on website to grow brand trust, engagement, and sales.

Moderate UGC Before Embedding

Simply displaying user-generated content on your website is not going to play the string of your brand. The quality of the content still matters here. That’s why you must moderate the user-generated content before you serve it to your website visitors. 

Authenticity is one thing, but your content also has to be relevant for the visitors, only that will ensure to lower your website’s bounce rate. 

UGC platforms like Taggbox provide advanced moderation filters that allow users to filter out the irrelevant and repeated content among the plethora of content brought together by the aggregator, ensuring that you are only left with rich quality posts ready to put on your website.

Different Approach To Showcase UGC

Every website has something unique to offer to its visitors, and your website is no less. That’s why your approach to display user-generated content has to be compatible with the existing content. 

If your goal is to improve the engagement of your website and increase the dwell time, then embedding an interactive UGC visual gallery is perfect. They captivate the website visitors’ attention and provide them with something engaging so that they want to stay longer on your website and keep coming back to engage with the new content as the widget updates in real-time.

If you are an ecommerce website, then creating a Shoppable UGC gallery can do wonders for your website. These galleries act as a reliable source for consumers as they provide them with real-life experiences of their peers, helping them make seamless purchase decisions, boosting your conversion rate like never before.

Keep The Content Optimized

It is important to keep the content optimized on your website to keep it fresh so that the visitors have something new to engage with each time they visit. Taggbox has products like Taggbox Widget that allow you to embed a live UGC post on your website. 

These feeds update in real-time, so each time a user creates UGC for your brand using your branded hashtag or tag you, it automatically appears on your website. Benefit? You just have to embed this feed once and leave the rest on Taggbox.

To make it more effective, Taggbox Widget also provides in-depth analytics to measure the success of the UGC on website, giving you more room for improvement.

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Benefits Of Leveraging UGC To Your Website

Improves SEO Ranking

User-generated content plays a significant role in SEO ranking. More than one-third of shoppers prefer to start shopping at a search engine over directly visiting a brand’s website. 

Search engines like Google rank websites based on the relevancy of the content. When your customers consistently create online content for your brand, it improves your website’s search ranking, making it easy for your target audience to reach you.

Moreover, displaying user-generated content on website helps visitors make positive decisions. So creating a perfect UGC strategy is crucial to bring authenticity to your brand’s voice, improve SEO ranking and enhance sales.

Builds Social Proof For Your Brand

Social proof is an essential part of brand growth as it defines the success of a brand in the long run. Social proof is the validation for your brand’s trustworthiness, authenticity, and reliability among the consumers. 

User-generated content is the best way to build social proof for your business and website. You can aggregate all the relevant user-generated content from digital mediums and display it on your website. It could include customer reviews, satisfying customer experiences, etc., that can help you showcase how the brand is delivering its promises with utmost quality. 

user-generated content on website

Organizing a hashtag campaign around your brand can also be the perfect way to build social proof, as many customers create content using your branded hashtag. It enables a social presence for your brand and encourages more users to create content for you, giving you more UGC for your website.

Enhances Website Vibrancy

Website vibrancy here defines how your website looks visually to the consumers. Marketers have seen an immense visual content influence in the last few years, and it is rising. It becomes essential that your website has all these components to captivate and engage users. 

user generated content website

User-generated content can be your ideal content type. UGC is created by diverse people who have unique perceptions, and their way of expressing is also unique. With UGC, you can be assured that you will always have something new to offer your consumers.

Visual UGC will provide an authentic and realistic vibrancy that you can add to different web pages accordingly. It will allow your website visitors to have an exciting and engaging browsing experience. 

Boosts User Engagement

User engagement with your website is probably one of the most crucial objectives for your digital business store, as it is directly and positively related to your conversion rate. So, the number of engagement opportunities you provide your users will maximize the chances of conversions. 

User-generated content is known to be one of the topmost engaging content because of the relatability factor and the realistic view. So, when you add UGC to your website, you allow users to explore, browse, share, evaluate, and review to make better decisions. 

User generated videos on YouTube get 10x more views than content created and uploaded by the actual brand

It allows users to see what other customers are saying about the products or the brand depicting their real-life experiences. Having this type of content will help in increasing the engagement opportunities for your website tremendously. Another tactic to drive engagement is providing in app guidance that helps to educate users about product functionality.

Shoppable UGC Boost Sales

User-generated content has the power to drive sales for your business, making it the best way to light up your website where you get maximum conversions and sales. As per facts, UGC is what people trust when they are willing to make a purchase decision online, 84% of millennials claim that UGC influences some or most of their purchases.

user generated content websites

If you are an ecommerce store, you can create Shoppable UGC galleries for your website to bring authenticity and uniqueness. It will help you stand out in the world of competitive ecommerce by building brand trust among the website visitors and giving them better reasons to make purchases with your brand.

The genuineness of these UGC shoppable galleries helps brands drive conversions, and the consumers find this content more reliable than any other website content.

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User-generated Content Use Cases For Website

Ecommerce Website: Eureka Street Furniture

Eureka street furniture, an Australian brand, wanted to create an impact with its ecommerce website. For a brand with furniture being their focal product, they struggled with sales, as consumers invest in furniture only when they have a realistic view of how it would look in their house.

To overcome that, the brand approached Taggbox Commerce, a social commerce platform, to curate user-generated posts created by their customers from Facebook and Instagram using hashtags & mentions. Further, they tagged products to the UGC posts as shoppable and published this Shoppable UGC gallery as a new landing page called “Inspiration.”

ugc website

The result? Eureka Street experienced 2000 monthly clicks on shoppable posts/CTAs, 500K views on the Homepage gallery, and 260K post engagements. The conversion rate from Shoppable UGC “Inspiration Gallery” is 12% higher than the industry average. 

Radio Talk Show Website: ISOLATED Talks

ISOLATED TALKS is a charity radio talk show that supports mental health by uniquely mixing great ideas with music. They run #Sunday7Social, a social community playlist every fortnight on their radio. It began with the belief that there is power in listening to the same music simultaneously as others & build a sense of community.

People around the world use the hashtag #Sunday7Social to share associated stories around the socially curated playlist. But for ISOLATED Talks, it becomes an overwhelming task to manage all the content created by their followers. 

user generated content on website

That’s when Taggbox Widget came to their rescue to aggregate, moderate, and embed user-generated content from #Sunday7Social on their website to captivate the audience. The results left everyone spellbound, their website’s engagement rate boosted by 46%. Above all, the audience started identifying the concept as relatable, encouraging them to make multiple visits.


Your website is the digital face for your business, and it needs content that can attract maximum benefits for the brand. 

User-generated content provides an excellent solution to make your website attractive, engaging, and purposeful for the consumers. 

It is now over to you to decide how you want to leverage UGC for your website. You can use a UGC platform as it helps harness the power of UGC to deliver extraordinary customer experiences through the website.

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