UGC Video Examples

UGC Video Examples: How to Collect and Use for Brand

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Social media scrolling can make you feel like you are constantly being bombarded by perfectly shot photos and professional advertising. But then, BAM! You stumble upon a UGC video that feels different. It’s real, it’s raw, and it makes you genuinely excited about a product or experience. For instance, UGC video examples often showcase everyday people sharing their authentic experiences, making the content relatable and trustworthy.

This is simply the essence of video content created by users (user-generated video content, also known as UGC videos or UGC video ads). No need for glittery sets or celebrity ambassadors. UGC videos consist of ordinary people like you and me who use and love the products and services we use every day. And guess what? They’re incredibly persuasive!

Let’s explore 15 UGC video examples that we have handpicked for you and uncover the secret sauce that makes them so darn effective.  We’ll also discuss the incredible benefits of UGC and how you can leverage this marketing goldmine for your own brand.

Let’s get real, let’s get creative, and let’s unlock the power of UGC videos together

What is a UGC Video?

So, you are probably wondering what do UGC videos mean in real life. UGC is short for User-Generated Content, and as it pertains to the video space, it means videos that are created by anyone other than professional marketers.

Think about the tech geek unpacking a new smartphone with a big smile, a beauty blogger who gives her feedback of a brand of makeup after using it, or a travel vlogger who reviews a backpack she used when going on a trip. These are all the videos of UGC which will be shown. They record actual people’s experiences and views, hence they bring an amazing sense of reality, often in contrast to usual advertising.

UGC videos can be seen in lots of formats, like a cute pet video using a new toy, full product reviews, or even travel vlogs that inspire. The core component here is that they are created by real people for the use of real people. Such authenticity resonates with the viewers at a deeper level, and therefore, it creates trust and sparkles passion in the deeper level, fostering trust and sparking genuine interest in the products or services showcased.

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15 Ugc Video Examples to Inspire Your Next Campaign

Now that we’ve unveiled the magic of UGC video let’s delve into some inspiring UGC video examples. Get ready to discover how real people are using UGC videos to showcase products and experiences in unique and engaging ways.

Now that we’ve unveiled the magic of UGC videos let’s delve into some inspiring examples!  Get ready to discover how real people are using UGC videos to showcase products and experiences in unique and engaging ways.

1. Unboxing the Fun: A Sneak Peek into New Products

A tech enthusiast eagerly disclosing the features of a brand-new smartphone, highlighting its design and functionalities through close-up shots and excited commentary, that’s a UGC video examples! It can influence a lot of people to go and buy the smartphone and even push the ones who were confused about buying it! This shows that UGC videos can help in boosting conversions immensely. 

2. Putting it to the Test: Honest User Reviews

Imagine you like a product of a new brand and are confused about buying it as you don’t know if it’s worth the price you are paying and the brand has no credibility for now, but then you see a beauty blogger sharing their unbiased experience with the makeup line, showcasing application techniques and final results with clear before-and-after comparisons. That’s it, that’s all you need! Congratulations, UGC video to the rescue again! 

3. A Day in My Life:  Lifestyle Integration

When a travel vlogger documents their adventures using a specific backpack, demonstrating its functionality and durability throughout their journey, that’s a great example of a UGC video! They might showcase how the backpack fits comfortably during long walks, stores all their essentials, and even doubles as a makeshift pillow during train rides. This will push the either travelers to add the bag to their shopping cart in an instance. 

4. Sweet Sounds of Success: Showcasing Creativity

Another UGC video example can be of a musician utilizing new music production software to create a head-bopping song, explaining the program’s capabilities in a creative and inspiring way. The video might showcase them using different features of the software to create specific sounds and effects, culminating in a finished product that highlights the program’s potential.

5. Laughter is the Best Medicine: Entertainment with a Purpose

Now for another UGC video example, we can say that a pet owner uses a new pet toy to capture hilarious moments with their furry friend, showcasing the product’s entertainment value in a lighthearted and engaging manner (probably the best kind of UGC, as it’s super engaging). The video might show the pet’s initial curiosity towards the toy, their playful attempts to interact with it, and the overall fun and joy it brings to both the pet and the owner.

6. Travel Vlogs: Sharing Unforgettable Experiences

A couple documents their honeymoon using a specific travel app, highlighting its features and impact on their experience. They might showcase how the app helps them navigate unfamiliar cities, discover hidden gems, and book last-minute activities, all while capturing the beauty and joy of their honeymoon journey. Another UGC video examples that can work wonders for the travel app’s marketing! 

7. Recipe Tutorials: A Delicious Take on UGC Videos

For another UGC video example, we can look at a home cook sharing their unique take on a popular recipe using a particular kitchenware brand. The video might showcase the ease of use of the cookware, its heat distribution properties, and how it contributes to the final presentation of the dish.

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8. Fitness Challenges: Documenting Progress and Inspiring Others

Imagine a fitness enthusiast who documents their progress using a new fitness tracker, showcasing the device’s motivational features and ease of use. The video might show them setting goals on the tracker, monitoring their workouts, and celebrating their achievements, inspiring viewers to embark on their own fitness journeys. This kind of UGC examples can be very helpful for people who are into fitness and even for the brand, as it helps build a community. 

9. Before-and-After Transformations: Unveiling Visible Results

Another UGC video example can be a client sharing their experience with a beauty product or service, showcasing the visible results in a compelling before-and-after video. This could be anything from a skincare routine demonstrating clearer, brighter skin to a hair coloring treatment revealing a vibrant new look.

10. Event Recaps: Capturing the Excitement

UGC videos can do much more! Say a festival attendee captures the highlights of an event using a specific smartphone camera, showcasing its low-light photography capabilities and vibrant video quality. The video might showcase the energy of the crowd, close-up shots of performers, and the overall atmosphere of the event, highlighting the phone’s ability to capture special moments in detail.

11. User-Generated Contests: Encouraging Creativity and Engagement

Another UGC video examples! A brand encourages customers to create UGC videos using their products for a chance to win a prize, fostering brand engagement and user-generated content creation. This could involve asking customers to share their funniest pet moments using a new pet toy or their most creative recipes made with a specific ingredient.

12. DIY Tutorials: Sharing Skills and Knowledge

A carpentry enthusiast creates a UGC video showcasing how they built a bookshelf using a particular brand of tools. The video might demonstrate the ease of use of the tools, provide helpful tips for viewers attempting similar projects, and highlight the quality of the finished product.

13. Product Hacks: Unconventional Uses

A college student creates a UGC video showcasing unexpected ways they use a specific product to make their dorm life easier. This could involve using a portable blender for more than just smoothies or a travel steamer for refreshing clothes. Plus, it’s a great way to create fun and engaging UGC video examples!

14. Emotional Connections: Telling Stories with UGC Videos

A family documents their experience using a new wheelchair for their child, showcasing the newfound freedom and independence it provides. The video might capture the child’s joy as they can now explore their surroundings more easily, participate in activities they previously couldn’t and connect with the world in a more fulfilling way. This tugs at viewers’ heartstrings 

15. Behind-the-Scenes Access: A Glimpse into the Brand

A local coffee shop allows customers to film short UGC videos showcasing their favorite baristas, unique coffee creations, and cozy atmosphere. This provides a behind-the-scenes look at the brand, fostering a sense of connection and community with potential customers.

Benefits of UGC Video

Obsessed with UGC Videos Yet? Here’s Why They Rule!

User-generated video content (or short UGC videos) is an explosion in the marketing world. But why? Let’s break it down:

1. Real People, Real Trust:

In UGC videos, people witness and love your product every day. This authenticity works more than a commercial, which is always staged, to build trust with the viewers.

2. Engagement on Fire:

UGC is unscripted, real, sometimes even humorous! They are the most effective because they are the ones that are eye-catching and get people talking, sharing, and interacting with your brand. Boom! Not only does it increase brand awareness for you.

3. Social Proof Power:

Just like the customers who tell others about a restaurant dish they enjoyed, positive UGC videos are the same. They are the ones that create interest in your brand, making others believe that your brand is worth checking out. It is proven by social proof!

4. Customer Insights Unlocked:

UGC videos become a valuable source of info about your customers. Watch how they use the product, what it is that they love, and where it can be improved. It is as if we had market research free of charge.

UGC videos become a valuable source of info about your customers; for example, in the barley market, they can reveal preferences in brewing methods or product characteristics, offering free market research.

5. Content Creation on Autopilot:

It is really difficult to make a good video! UGC saves you time and money. Incorporate user-generated content and refresh your feed with less fuss. Furthermore, contests can turn your audience into the content creation team!

The use of UGC videos is a marketing must-have. They form bonds with people, gain trust, and demonstrate your brand’s importance in a sincere manner. Are you ready to become part of the UGC revolution? Let’s do this!

How Taggbox can help you?

We have discussed the power of UGC videos (user-generated content, of course), and now we can ask ourselves why they are a must-have in marketing. Yes, you have it, but how do you convert it into a winning strategy? That’s where Taggbox will be helpful!

Imagine a central hub where you can easily collect, curate, and showcase all your amazing UGC videos. With Taggbox, that dream becomes a reality. Our user-friendly UGC Suite provides all the tools you need to:

  1. Become a UGC Magnet: This way, you can collect user-generated videos from different social media platforms using matching hashtags and brand mentions. With Tagbox, you will not have to worry about the hassles involved in the process since it helps you save time and frustration.
  1. Quality Control with a Smile: Not all UGC is produced at the same quality level. With Tagbox you can set up powerful moderation guidelines to make sure only the most relevant and brand-friendly content is displayed. Furthermore, it is much easier to monitor and approve content with one single click.
  1. Curate Like a Pro: Write a compelling narrative by selecting the most appropriate UGC videos that will be relevant and appealing to your brand and target audience. Tagbox provides an easy way to set up a curation, which helps you to organize and customize your UGC collections.
  1. Showcase Your Awesomeness: Put your curated UGC videos on a single channel and then distribute them across the marketing channels effortlessly. Tagbox is a multipurpose tool that works with websites, social media networks, email campaigns and even digital signage. Don’t forget to share the coolness of your brand wherever your audience resides!

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Beyond just managing UGC, Taggbox empowers you to:

  1. Turn Fans into Brand Advocates: Encourage your community to generate UGC by running contests and promotions with fun ideas. Tagbox facilitates this process and stimulates user involvement through the campaigns.
  1. Measure Your Success: Track the success of your UGC videos and find out which one is more likely to be shared by your audience. Taggbox helps you come up with the necessary analytics to fine-tune your strategy and thus make the most of your investment.

Tagbox is the ultimate partner for unlocking the full potential of UGC videos. With our user-friendly tools and powerful features, you can seamlessly integrate UGC into your marketing mix, build deeper connections with your audience, and watch your brand soar!

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UGC video content (user-generated videos, that is) is the hidden power of today’s marketing. They provide a potency of authenticity which is able to penetrate the noise and connect with the true audience.

Here’s the magic: UGC videos are trust builders, engagement drivers, social proof displayers, and also sources of invaluable customer insights. Firstly, they save you time and resources that would otherwise be spent on content creation.

Additionally, leveraging UGC platforms can help streamline the process of sourcing, managing, and utilizing user-generated content effectively.

Are you ready to give your marketing a lift? Taggbox is the place to go if you want to get the best out of UGC videos. A combination of UGC collection and curation, showcasing, and measuring success, Taggbox enables you to utilize the power of user-generated content and witness your brand grow. Thus, leverage the influence of UGC videos and experience the results yourself.


A UGC Style Video is any video created by a real person, not a professional marketer, that showcases a product, service, or experience. Think of funny pet moments using a new toy or travel vlogs featuring a favorite backpack.

UGC video content (short for User-Generated Video Content) refers to videos created by consumers and shared online.

UGC (User-Generated Content) can be anything from a social media post featuring a customer's video review of a product to a travel vlog showcasing a specific brand of luggage.

You can find UGC videos by searching for brand mentions and relevant hashtags on social media platforms. Tools like Tagbox can also help you discover and aggregate user-generated content.