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Get Access To Our Custom-Made Social Media Aggregator API Solutions And Integrate Your Social Wall with All Your Social Networks.

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Use our Social Media Wall API to aggregate feeds from various social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and many more to give you unlimited flow of user-generated content


If you're a developer seeking for a perfect tool to display your brand's social content in the most engaging manner either by website embeds or event displays, then Taggbox Social Media Aggregator API should be your first choice.


Here's why-

  • Saves resources
  • Integrates with multiple social media platforms
  • Presents your content your way
  • Deeper Integration

See in Action

Taggbox is an incredible and amazingly easy-to-use developer tool that can be easily integrated into any website. You don't need to be a technical or coding expert for that. Just generate the embed code from Taggbox and paste it in the backend of the page where you want to display it and your fresh social content is all ready to be displayed on your website.

Benefits of JSON/XML

XML and JSON are highly preferable choices for open data interchange. They are widely used for API integrations. These are lightweight as compared to other data interchange options. Here, are mentioned some major benefits why we prefer using JSON/XML as our data interchange medium. Come, let's have a look-

  • Less Verbose- Their lightweight approach makes them readable and more integrable with complex systems.
  • Faster- Both XML and JSON use less data overall, so you can reduce the cost and increase the parsing speed.
  • Readable- The overall structure is straightforward and readable. This makes it easy to map domain objects.
  • Object Alignment- JSON/XML object match code object. It helps to quickly create domain objects in dynamic language.

Compatible With All Languages

Not just one or two. We support API Projects in all languages- Java, CSS, HTML, and many more. Also compatible with the popularly used data interchange formats- JSON/ XML


We come with a bag full of features to help you make your wall attractive and dynamic


Sit Back and Relax. A powerful backend panel & reliable updates gives you a trouble-free Social Wall for any event.

Dedicated Plans

The dedicated API oriented plans suit to all types of project requirements which makes it much more preferable by the users. It surpasses all the competitors with it’s various API pricing plans.

Easy Integeration

No hassles of integrating unnecessary software. You just need a web browser in computer and internet access to get your Social Wall displayed. We support iPads too.

Some of our features

We come with a bag full of features to help you make your API Projects more dynamic and customized

Collect Content

Discover and collect the best, relevant, and interesting content like posts, photos or videos from multiple social networks using hashtags, keywords, and profiles

RSS Feeds

You can also integrate RSS Feeds fetched from various multimedia platforms along with your social wall content and showcase dynamic content to your users

Filters and moderate

Moderation Panel

The powerful moderation panel helps you to eliminate negative or offensive content, tags and users and filter out the irrelevant content and maintain the social feed content health

Custom Post

You can create and insert any custom content on your Social Wall and add your own stuff on your social hub such as image, text content, author name etc

remote control

Profanity filter

Switching on the Profanity filter, allows the user to automatically block any sort of vulgar content. It uses our preset word database to filter out any embarrassing content and automatically discards it

Profanity Filter

CDN Support

The enhanced CDN Support System allows you to load images and other content forms much faster, better, and efficient manner.


Our Social Media Aggregator API solutions allows you to either embed the social wall into your website or display it on any screen

Embed On Your Website

Our Social Media Aggregator API solutions give you the ability to embed social wall on your website thus boosting user-engagement and growing brand trust. If you are an e-commerce website, it helps you increase your sales and amplify your social commerce efforts by showcasing the best user-generated content aggregated from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks alike.


Display On Any Screen

Our Social Media Aggregator API solutions also allow you to display the social wall on digital screens like Jumbotrons, Projector screens, TV Screens or even mobile phones. It is the perfect way to display user-generated content from social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. All thanks to the highly responsive designs and layouts.

Where can you use it?

Taggbox finds applicability in multiple operations and scenarios. It’s easy to use and really effective.

Custom Projects

Taggbox Social Media API is the best fit for the multiple requirements of any Custom Projects. Its tailor-made features make the whole project really dynamic and interactive.

Mobile Applications

Taggbox Social Media API is the perfect solution to any mobile application’s requirement of identifying user sign-up and enabling interactions with the users.

Advanced Analytics

Taggbox Social Media API is a great way to employ social media data for Advanced Analytics purposes thereby giving users detailed insights into their projects.

Flexible Plans For Everyone

Create customized social wall API projects with our flexible pricing plans for all- Starters or Advanced


For small projects with basic requirements

Popular Features

12 Feeds

Basic Support


For large projects with requirements of faster updates
Popular Features

25 Feeds

Priority Support

3000 Requests/Day

10,000+ Companies Making the best of Taggbox

Boosting the visibility of brand content and making ambassadors out of your followers! Throughout our years of operation, we have been doing this and more for countless big brands. Going by their feedback, their business produced profit and visible results, all thanks to this Social Wall. The world full of word-of-mouth marketing tactics has already been using the superpower of user-generated content with Taggbox for quite some time.

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We used a Social Wall to display a huge pride wall in Tel Aviv. It was a huge project. Taggbox provided us with quick and helpful support. Our event was a lot talked about throughout the Israeli media. All thanks to Taggbox.

tom Tom Zach
Digital Marketing Manager,

We used Taggbox in our event. It generated huge event engagement for us. It is really easy to use and has a fast social media moderation. Thanks for all the engagement and keeping it clean.

sally Sally Jacobs
Social Media Head,

Thank you Taggbox for boosting our sales by 60% in a very short duration. The time spent by visitors on website and traffic has been increased 3 times more after embedding user-generated content. We really liked the shoppable post feature which converts our leads into sales.

jenna Jenna Smith
Sales Manager

We are working with Taggbox from more than 2 years for our different activations all over the world and I must say we never got disappointed with their delivery. Keep up the good work.

sid Chris Ellen
Marketing Manager


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