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Increasing Customer Attraction at Jack Astor’s Restaurants with Taggbox

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For a restaurant to stand out of the box, it requires more than just delicious food to bring customers and maintain them as well. A high-class restaurant is all about Good service, ravishing food, and elegant decorum.  Social Media is one great tool that can provide a unique dinner experience if used in the appropriate approach. A recommendation can reach hundreds or even thousands of friends, colleagues, and companions. How to take advantage of social media in this aspect?

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Well, the success of brand restaurants like Jack Astor relies on trust, the trust of quality food, hygienic cooking, the trust of care and service, as well as the social trust of customers. Using a social media wall can help fetch out this trust on a big display screen for everyone to see, quite literally. This is where the Taggbox came into play.

How it worked out

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Jack Astor’s Bar and Grill also known as Jack Astor’s chain of 40 restaurants located in Ontario, Quebec, Canada and New York. Jack Astor deployed 45 Screens at their Restaurant chain all over Canada to gain loyalty among new customers and increase customers visit frequency.

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Customers who were visited and dining there shared the excitement and personal moments through pictures with #jackastors on Instagram. Then the Jack Astor’s team curated all selected posts and pictures of Instagram via #jackastors with the help of Taggbox and displayed them on huge social walls & screens set up in restaurants. The digital screens displaying User Generated Content drew the attention of many more diners day-to-day in the restaurant.

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It excited their walk-in customers about the place and encouraged them to share more experiences and memories of Jack Astor’s on social media. This activity created a conversation among the people which made customers more involved to visit the place frequently. In results, they got better engagement, more social recommendations and better Returns on Investment. By aggregating, curating and displaying real-time social media posts on Social Wall, it provided a high-class dining experience to restaurants of Jack Astor.

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