Jack Astor

Taggbox Takes Jack Astor’s Restaurants to the Next Level of Customer Attraction

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A high-class restaurant is all about Good service, ravishing food, and elegant decorum. It requires more than just delicious food for a restaurant to stand out from the box, consistently bring new customers, and maintain hype all year. 

Jack Astor’s Bar and Grill, also known as Jack Astor’s chain of 40 restaurants located in Ontario, Quebec, Canada, and New York. 

Their team believes in the power of trust and lures its customers through quality food, hygienic cooking, care, and adequate services. 

With the help of Taggbox, they embarked on their social proof through a social media wall. This strategy grabbed a lot of users’ attention, eventually building trust and a robust reputation. 

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What was Jack Astor Expecting? 

Jack Astor wanted to bring their customers’ experience to life by building a robust hashtag campaign. With the help of their hashtag #Jackastors, they expected their customers to share their personal moments, photos, videos, experiences, etc., right where they are: The Restaurant. 

This chain was struggling to build genuine relationships with their customers and tap into their cravings right in the moment. Through Taggbox, they expected to increase excitement with customers who were eager to show their experience.

Another challenge that Jack Astor was facing was engagement this is why they thought of  displaying their customer’s stories on massive screens set up in the restaurant, allowing customers to revel in the collective experiences of diners.

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How Taggbox brought their expectations to life? 

By utilizing Taggbox, Jack Astor’s was able to excite their customers and inspire them to share their experiences and memories of Jack Astor’s on social media. By deploying 45 screens at their restaurants all over canada they created a buzz among their customers, sparking conversations and ultimately driving more engagement, social recommendations, and ROI. 

social wall jack astor

Witnessing a 20% increase in total restaurant visits, their hashtag campaign turned out to be a big hit. They also saw, 

  • 2 times more leads were produced with social media posts 
  • A 2x engagement rate was seen on tweets with their hashtag.

Jack Astor was able to provide their customers with a high-end dining experience, further enhancing its appeal.