Twitter API Changes

Twitter API Changes: How it will affect your business

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Over the last few weeks, Twitter made sudden changes in its API and access tiers, and many users have been asking questions. To clear all your doubts and how your business will be affected, we have this blog to help you out. 

The good news? 

These changes will not affect your Taggbox account and Twitter channel connections. They will continue to work as usual. 

Also, we have had a strong standing enterprise relationship with Twitter for over five years and are working with Twitter professionals to come to terms with these recent changes. 

Keep a close eye on this blog for future updates – some might be in our favor too!  

New Developments?

Twitter will stop allowing unrestricted use of both its v1.1 and v2 APIs.

Instead, a paid basic tier will be made available. The most potent data sets in the world are those from Twitter. Hundreds of millions of users have sent almost a trillion tweets throughout the years, and billions more are sent every week.

Elon Musk stated on Friday that paying “only about $100 per month for API access with ID verification” will effectively prevent bot scammers and opinion manipulators.

How Will It Affect Taggbox Users?

Before this change, users were able to fetch multiple tweets from their accounts and create a Twitter feed. However, due to these changes, there are certain restrictions:

  • Our DS Free plan , Widget Startup, and subscribers can no longer fetch Tweets.  
  • Any users creating Twitter feeds from scratch can fetch only ten tweets from historical data using any connection type such as hashtag, mention, Twitter list, etc.
  • The maximum limit for tweets that can be aggregated is upto 5000 depending upon the Paid plan
  • Real-time updates will also stop from now onwards for free trial users.

Impact on your Business 

Since many developers use Twitter API to communicate with each other, moderate conversations for health & safety, enable personal expression, measure & analyze what’s happening, etc. 

All automated accounts and tweets will be stopped, and these developers will be entitled to pay a small amount for continuing their projects. 

Twitter has always had a questionable but benign relationship with developers; however, many developers will either close their projects or ask the clients to bear the price after these changes. 

API access opens many opportunities for using a platform like Twitter. With free API access, your business will be able to work on Twitter like before. 

However, with some adjustments in your budget, you can buy Twitter API Access and work as usual. 

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