Taggbox Display & Zuddl Partnership

Taggbox Display Partners With Zuddl

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Virtual events are the perfect form of technology that connects individuals, they bring people from across the globe together.

Now it all seems perfect in theory, but when you actually think about it, it is just people sitting in the comfort of their homes staring at their screens. And, it is not easy to keep the audience hooked throughout the event without any engagement solutions.

Well, Taggbox Display & Zuddl have come together to bring that solution for you. This partnership will enable you to display the highly engaging social wall at your virtual event to captivate the audience and maximize the virtual event ROI.

Display Real Time Social Wall In Zuddl

Keep reading to know more about this amazing collaboration!

What Taggbox Display Brings In

Taggbox Display is one of the leading and the most promising products by Taggbox, with the engaging and responsive Social Wall for brands to display their preferred social feed on different screens or platforms like live/virtual/hybrid events, digital signage, TV, jumbotrons, etc. 

Taggbox Display

Some of the most promising features Taggbox Display offers are Moderation & Customization to create high-quality social walls with relevant content. The platform has also recently introduced its Studio to incorporate infotainment apps and content to attract the audience and keep them hooked.

Other than that, Taggbox Display also offers easy integration options, virtual event-friendly themes, live updates, powerful analytics, and more.

What Zuddl Brings In

Zuddl is a globally trusted, all-in-one platform for virtual and hybrid events. With Zuddl, organizers can build events as they want, customizing every last detail, from design to venue layout. It means that every event you create on Zuddl will be truly unique and impactful – and for all stakeholders involved: attendees, speakers, and sponsors alike.


To take things up a notch, organizers can use Zuddl’s interactivity tools to drive more and better engagement than ever before. Tools like Q&A, Chat, and Raise Hands turn every session into a two-way conversation and keeps attendees invested in your event and participating more and more.

Other features like gamification, AI-powered networking, real-time analytics, and now, social walls make Zuddl the perfect platform to drive better value and results from your virtual events.

What Can You Expect From This Partnership

1. Magnify Your Virtual Event’s Reach

When you want to increase your virtual event’s reach, the social wall is an excellent tool for that. It is a common netizen’s behavior to post on social media whenever they are prompted to, and social wall can be the perfect tool to amplify that. Make sure to choose a unique hashtag for your virtual event and promote it so that your virtual event attendees post using it, and the aggregator collects the content.

When you display a social media wall equipped with content generated by your virtual event attendees, it impresses them and creates social proof possibilities for your brand. It prompts other virtual event attendees to post using your unique hashtag, and more social media posts mean better virtual event reach. The best part? The social wall updates in real-time, making it more impactful.

2. Better Networking Opportunities

If you thought the social wall could not get any better, then allow us to tell you that social wall also provides networking opportunities for your virtual event audience. The attendees can communicate by mentioning your virtual event’s social media handle in their post to make it appear on the social wall. They can share their ideas and views on any topic and also ask other attendees who have similar views to connect with them on social media. 

Virtual event platforms also offer AI matchmaking where attendees can create their user profiles. The AI technology will match them with attendees having a similar background, helping them create meaningful networks. Not just that, the attendees can create personalized e-business cards which they can extend to their potential networks.

3. Make Sponsors’ Content More Visible

Sponsors play the leading role in every event, be it physical or virtual. They act as a backbone for virtual event organizers to give amazing virtual event experiences to the attendees. There are many ways to promote the sponsors in a virtual event, like adding their logo to the virtual event’s visuals.

Use the eye-catching social wall to display your sponsors’ social media content so that your virtual event attendees get to interact with your sponsors. It would be a great way to appreciate your sponsors’ contribution to your virtual event. You can even display the social wall on the expo booths of your sponsors. When your sponsors experience all the benefits a social wall brings, they will always be ready to sponsor you for your future virtual events.

Display Real Time Social Wall In Zuddl

Steps To Embed Taggbox Display Social Wall In Zuddl Virtual Event Platform

Here are the steps you can follow to understand how to embed the Taggbox Display Social Wall on the Zuddl Virtual Event Platform:

Step 1

Signup, or log in to your Taggbox Display Account (14-days free trial available)

Login To Taggbox

Step 2

After Logging in, you will reach the Taggbox Display dashboard. Here click On ‘Start Now’

Taggbox Display Home

Step 3

A popup ‘Choose Your Source Network’ will appear. Select your social wall feed source from the 15+ social media platforms

Choose Feed Source

Step 4

Let’s take Twitter as an example.

  • Choose the tools provided: Hashtag, Handle, Mention, Geo Location, List, Likes & Advanced to collect content from Twitter
  • Now, click on ‘Create Feed,’ and a preview for your Social wall will appear on your Taggbox Display Dashboard
social wall preview
  • Click on the Display icon at the bottom left corner of your Taggbox Display dashboard and copy the social wall url
Display social wall

Step 5

Now login to your Zuddl account 

Step 6

Go to ‘Zone Setup’ and click on ‘Lobby’ 

Zuddl Dashboard

Step 7

Choose ‘Lobby Widgets’ from the header menu

Lobby Widgets

Step 8

Here click on ‘iFrame’ 

iframe code

Step 9

Give name to your widget & paste the copied social wall URL & then click on ‘Create Widget’

And that’s it! That’s all you have to do!

Display Real Time Social Wall In Zuddl


55% of virtual event organizers plan to invest more in virtual events next year. This fact speaks volumes for the success potential brands see in virtual events. To take things to the next level, Taggbox Display and Zuddl have come together to bring the highly engaging social wall to virtual events that would maximize the benefits.

If you are looking around to make an investment that can bring the perfect ROI for your brand, then this collaboration between Taggbox Display and Zuddl is the ultimate one for you.

For further assistance, contact our team at [email protected].

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