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Taggbox Display & GEVME – A Collaboration For The Future Of Events

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Virtual events have proven their worth ever since they have come into existence. Unlike regular events, they have emerged as a blessing for event marketers who save a lot of time & money on making prior arrangements for the attendees. 

Even though we agree that the value of regular events would never diminish, there may be times when taking the virtual route may be an organizer’s best bet! Now, the question is – how do you ensure that the attendees are engaged throughout the event?

There is a high chance that the attendees may get distracted easily or surf through alternative websites simultaneously on the browser! 

Don’t want that to happen? Well, look nowhere else as we have the ultimate solution for this.  

Taggbox Display & GEVME have joined hands to help event professionals showcase extremely engaging Social walls to keep the audience engrossed and captivated throughout the virtual event. 

Display Real Time Social Content In GEVME

Make your way to the end of this post to get details into this incredible partnership! 

What Does Taggbox Display Offer? 

Taggbox Display is a comprehensive platform that offers complete solutions to its users to create & display impactful social media walls across different platforms for increasing audience engagement, brand awareness, and ROI. 

Taggbox Display

The users get an option to aggregate content seamlessly from their preferred social media platform. Users can increase the effectiveness and impact of the social media wall by using a variety of customization options for styling it right. Taggbox Display also offers a content moderation panel for monitoring the content before making the feeds live. 

Furthermore, the users can display the social media wall on various platforms or mediums like a hybrid or virtual event, TV screens, digital signage, etc. 

Additionally, the users may leverage the newly introduced Taggbox Display Studio for including more content options and apps to increase the engagement of the audiences. 

Other features of Taggbox Display include smooth integration options, insightful analytics, timely updates, and much more.

What Is GEVME & What Does It Offer?

GEVME is a virtual event platform for building unique virtual experiences. It is used by event professionals worldwide to create, manage and operate virtual events for some of the biggest brands. The customizability and flexibility of the platform provide them with limitless possibilities to turn any virtual event idea into reality.


Talking about what makes GEVME different from other virtual event platforms? It is fully customizable as it offers a visual editor to customize every aspect of your virtual event and create a unique experience. You get to create better engagement opportunities and deliver an engaging & personalized attendee experience with live updates, apps, and games. Finally, you get access to detailed analytics that help you understand attendee behaviour and measure the impact of your events by capturing all event interactions.

The platform also offers all the features you need to run any virtual event like native video, sponsor management, recommendation engine, meeting management, etc.

How Can This Partnership Help?

Now that you are clear about Taggbox Display and GEVME as individual platforms, you might be wondering how this collaboration would help! 

Keep reading as you would get your answers! 

Increase Overall Audience Engagement

It is undeniable that one of the biggest concerns of event organizers and marketers is audience engagement, and a lack of engagement may compel the audience to leave the event midway. 

A social wall plays an integral part in virtual events to increase the engagement level of the audience. Displaying social walls strategically in venues like the lobby, virtual waiting room, etc., would keep your attendees hooked, and they would feel motivated to wait for the event to begin. 

To further increase the impact through this partnership, you can also display social media tickers running horizontally on the bottom of the screens during the event. This would serve two purposes – no interference between the event and audience engagement throughout the event!

Break The Ice Between Attendees

Social walls can make people connect with others, as when you post the content of your attendees on social walls, you make it appear publicly and help the audience form opinions.  

Not only fun content, but you can also display the mindset of your attendees by asking them a set of questions. If an attendee feels connected or if 3-4 attendees share a similar opinion, they are likely to exchange details about one another and interact more. 

Moreover, virtual event platforms like GEVME offer their users the ability to integrate their favourite networking or gaming apps and display real-time content on a social wall for more fun and interaction. 

Unlike a regular event, it is challenging to break the ice between attendees during virtual events and, this partnership can be a saviour!

A Chance To Display Dynamic Content

Displaying relevant content during virtual events can help event marketers get more attention from the audience. Motivate your attendees to create and post content on their social media handles using your virtual event hashtag. 

The content can be pictures, videos, selfies with fun backgrounds, or a GIF! If you have run a promotional campaign on social media for your virtual event, it would be a perfect opportunity for you to showcase the response received from your potential audience. This would delight your audience as they would be excited to see their content featured on the social wall. 

Additionally, it would push other attendees to create content and post it on their social media handles to be featured live. 

Lastly, you can also highlight your sponsors by giving them a shoutout through a social wall in a virtual event. You can incorporate their logo or display custom posts for appreciating them or even highlight their promotional post. Ultimately, you could host the event with their support, and showing gratitude would leave a lasting impression. 

All you have to do is aggregate the content and, there you go! You will be all set to display a plethora of highly engaging content.

Display Real Time Social Content In GEVME

Step By Step Guide To Display Taggbox Display Social Wall In GEVME Virtual Event Platform

Follow the steps mentioned below to quickly integrate the Taggbox Display Social wall into the GEVME platform.

Step 1

Log into your Taggbox Display account or Sign up for Free.

Login To Taggbox

Step 2

You will reach the Taggbox Display dashboard. Here click on Start Now

Taggbox Display Home

Step 3

A pop-up will appear. Choose your preferred network from 15+ social media platforms to create a feed.

Choose Feed Source

Step 4

Click on the Create Feed and all the posts will appear on the Taggbox Display dashboard

Social Wall

Step 5 

After customizing the Social Wall, click on the Display button on the bottom left corner and copy the embed code.

Display Social Wall

Step 6

Next, Log into your GEVME account.


Step 7

Once you are in your project, Click on Virtual –> Live Pages. Select the page where you want to integrate the widget and click on Customize.

Step 8

Click on the Live Bar on the next screen

Step 9

Go To the Advanced tab

Step 10

Click on the Custom Apps drop-down and select Embed iFrame

Step 11

The new content block is created with the name My New App. Click that

Step 12

Rename it with the name you want to display and paste the iframe code into the box provided. You can also choose the Icon you wish to show or upload its image. Click on Save once you’re done.

Step 13

The embedded App is shown under the Live Bar.

Closing Note

This brings us to the end of this post and, we would like to conclude by telling you a fact – The average no-show percentage of virtual events is over 35%! 

Less audience engagement and lack of interest during the event are the top two main factors contributing to this statistic. 

Taggbox Display & GEVME have come together to help you overcome this possibility. 

Now that you know everything about this partnership, incorporate it into your next virtual event and get ready to make your audience stunned!

Display Real Time Social Wall In GEVME

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