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Introducing Taggbox Display Studio

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Taggbox Display delivers simple and easy strategies to create captivating social walls and displays that brands have seamlessly incorporated into their marketing strategies to maximize brand awareness, ROI & audience engagement. 

Taggbox Display has now introduced the all-new Taggbox Display Studio to enhance these benefits by showcasing multiple contents on one screen using various apps and display options that can boost the performance of the social wall.

Aren’t you feeling intrigued to know more?

Taggbox Display Studio: A Comprehensive Solution

Taggbox Display Studio is an all-in-one solution to accentuate the social walls by displaying meaningful content along with live social media feeds and grab the audience’s undivided attention that could help brands gain maximum engagement.

The goal is to deliver premium content to the masses, empower marketers with brand advocacy and improve social interaction between brands and their audience. Taggbox Display Studio makes every business goal achievable as each app that it offers is suitable for every industrial need.

Taggbox Display is supreme, and now Studio comes with many free apps and content sources to enhance the display. With Studio, you can show content such as media, video, webpages, weather, clock, or QR Code, alongside the live social media wall, on any screen.

Let’s take you through everything Taggbox Display Studio offers.

Promising Features & Apps By Studio

Studio Features:

Upgrade your social wall with the user-friendly Studio to overcome all your display limitations and achieve maximum engagement. Schedule & arrange your display content with Studio’s seamless incorporation features, making the process fun. The studio also provides multiple content shuffle, arrange, and layout options that help you give your audience the best of both worlds!

1) Upload Any File Type

Studio enables you to upload all file types: JPEG, HTML, GIFs, PDFs, etc. to display every content you wish to serve among your audience.

2) Cloud-Based

All you need is a browser and the internet to get started with your Studio experience, leaving behind the hardware days.

3) Collaborative

You get to seamlessly control your display content on multiple screens and make your reach boundless.

4) Organize Productively

Organize your display by manually choosing the content type, its display duration, position, and much more.

5) Incorporate Apps

Studio empowers you with a diverse collection of apps that grab the audiences’ attention and maximize engagement.

6) Screen Orientation

The studio is responsive and has modes like landscape and portrait that smoothly adapt to your screen orientation.

7) Display Layout

Split your display to stream two content types parallelly and choose the layout as horizontal or vertical & customize the split size in terms of percentage.

8) Scenes

Create scenes with a vibrant display by choosing aesthetic pictures & videos and schedule them for multiple days and months.

9) Support

Get personalized video, email & full chat support from the Taggbox Display team to overcome technical and other hurdles.

Studio Apps:

Display Studio Apps
  • Weather Forecast: For present & upcoming days
  • Calendar: Easy-to-follow calendar to keep the audience posted
  • Clock: Track time
  • QR Code: Make display scannable & interactive
  • Countdown: Update the audience as you reach the target time
  • Quotes: New quotes every day
  • Notice Board: Display a notice board that updates automatically.
  • Leaderboard: Display the most active contributors and influencers on a live leaderboard.

5 Taggbox Display Studio Use Cases For Various Industrial Needs

You can seamlessly leverage your digital screens in hospitality, corporate communications, retail stores, events, and more with the Studio. Here are some use cases for you to get inspired.

1. Improve Corporate Communication

A corporate setup is naturally intense as the staff members are bound to reach their monthly goals. The Taggbox Display solutions have helped many corporate offices to engage the employees, keep them happy and provide smooth communication facilities to perform better.

Improve Corporate Communication

The Taggbox Display Studio is one step ahead with apps and features that can enhance the digital screens at your office premises, improve employee interactions and create an easy-going environment.

Display content like the company dashboards, upcoming meeting and event calendars, company PR & news display, onboarding for new joiners, etc. Company promo or past event videos and walls, Slack or yammer channel chats. Simultaneously, the Studio features enable you to parallelly display company reviews from clients or employees.

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2. Impress Your Hotel Guests

Hospitality is an ever-moving space, and receiving new guests is an everyday task. In such cases, you need something compatible that would seamlessly become a part of your daily hassles and make them less challenging. The all-new studio App has only magnified the benefits of Social Wall. 

Impress Your Hotel Guests

With Studio, you can make check-ins easy with QR codes that guests can scan and reach a check-in page on their browser to fill in all their details without waiting in the long check-in queue. Provide indoor maps and navigations, display upcoming events on the calendar, etc. You can also display guest stories or reviews from platforms like Airbnb and Yelp, display room availability, provide basic rules for new guests, and showcase announcements. 

You can help local businesses through local advertisements and promote other services. For example, you can promote your social media handles, display a welcome screen at the reception. Not just that, you can also display staff notices on the screens placed at staff-specific areas for employee engagement.

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3. Entertain Your Event Attendees

Over the years, Taggbox Display has proven to be compatible with every event, be it a virtual event, hybrid event, physical event, or other event types. In addition, marketers have incorporated the captivating Taggbox Display Social Wall to engage the event attendees, like the vibrant Instagram wall to make the event more social.

Entertain Your Event Attendees

Now, with the Studio app, you can make the displays more relevant than ever. For example, brands can display popular app content like Live video feed from apps like YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, etc. Not just that, you can display a countdown or count-up timer to keep the audience updated as you reach the target time. 

Display a QR code that helps them open the event’s photo booth on their smartphones’ browsers, organize Q&A sessions, showcase promo videos, display sponsors’ content, make announcements more visible, advertise upcoming events or event merchandise, etc.

4. Digitize Your School Premises

As the Gen-Z completely takes over the school premises, you need something to make your school’s campus more fun and engaging so that the students wouldn’t want to miss a single day and their journey is memorable. 

Digitize Your School Premises

The Taggbox Social Wall has been playing a vital role in digitizing and socializing schools, the Studio is going to be the ultimate addition to your digital screens. You can use Studio apps like the calendar to display upcoming school games schedule and other events to increase student participation, show indoor maps to enable wayfinding for new students, or motivational quotes for everyday motivations for the students.

Not just that, you can create a digital school notice board, display school brochures, results of high achieving students to appreciate their hard work, Sponsors’ content during events, principal’s note, important contact numbers. Also, introduce new faculty, School rules, provide a virtual tour for newcomers, welcome sign, holiday calendar, etc.

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5. Engage The Hospital Visitors

We all have found ourselves in the hospital waiting rooms and reception areas. People wait for their friends and relatives or wait to meet their doctor and get their check-up done. 

Either way, a hospital’s air has the dust of anxiety and impatience flowing around. If your hospital has incorporated the Taggbox social wall to improve in that area; the Taggbox Display Studio acts as an enhancer.

With Studio, you can display captivating and meaningful information for hospital visitors, like, weather updates, date & time, traffic updates, motivational or devotional quotes, the doctors’ schedule on the calendar, etc. Studio lets you display multiple contents on one display, making multi-tasking a seamless job. All this makes their visitors’ visit worthwhile.

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Although we have reached the end, we have introduced you to something new and refreshing for your Taggbox Display screens: the remarkable and all-new Taggbox Display Studio, elevating the digital screen experience and making it memorable.

You don’t have to pay for any extra subscriptions. You can avail the Taggbox Display Studio apps & features with your Taggbox Display account for free.

So, stop waiting, start doing and get ready to cease this new venture!