Feature Update: Tag-based Widget To Promote Relevant Content On Web Pages

86% of the users will decide which brand to support based on their authenticity. And what better way to be authentic than showcasing real and appealing content to specific target audiences rather than trying to sell to everyone. In addition to this, it is also essential that your category or web pages hit the right […]

6 minute read

Introducing ‘Taggbox Virtual Events’

Virtual events started as an unpopular alternative to offline events but now they have become the future of events especially if we talk about the next few years. Given the rise of virtual events, there has been an emergence in the digital tools & technologies providing creative & intelligible solutions to make the virtual events […]

6 minute read

[Product Update] Collect UGC Beyond Social Media With Taggbox Display’s SnapUp

Inspiring customers to create User-generated content and collecting it for your marketing campaigns is now easier than ever. Taggbox Display has now launched the most advanced tool – UGC Social Wall for you. This new feature of ‘SnapUp’ will allow your customers to share experiences with you directly, eliminating the need for any social media […]

7 minute read

[Product Update]Taggbox Widget’s All-new Feature: SnapUp

Inspiring users to voice their opinion and share their experiences is no easier than ever. Taggbox Widget has just released the most cutting-edge feature for you – SnapUp.  This feature gives your audience freedom over their visual user review and feedback. It also eliminates any social media hindrances and simply allows users to share authentic […]

6 minute read

What’s New With Taggbox: Product Updates

Taggbox is a brand that values customers’ voices. We believe in serving users with the best by building brand engagement, trust, advocacy, sales, and more.  Keeping all that in mind, we have brought to you some of the freshly brewed feature additions to Taggbox that can enhance your UGC journey.  So, pave the way for […]

6 minute read

Social Media Display for Venues and Events

Want to make your events more engaging? Do you also constantly lookout for solutions to achieve this? Social Display is the solution you are looking for!! Don’t worry; then you are not the only one here. From event planners to event managers to social media managers and event marketers, everyone is looking for solutions to engage […]

8 minute read

Introducing Product Page Galleries By Taggbox Commerce

Product page galleries are a popular solution leveraged by thousands of global brands to strategically improve conversions and revenue without massive investments.  In an ecommerce conversion funnel, the most crucial page is the product page, where the user decides whether to buy the product or not.  So, it is essential that product pages hit the […]

8 minute read

Introducing Taggbox Display Studio

Taggbox Display delivers simple and easy strategies to create captivating social walls and displays that brands have seamlessly incorporated into their marketing strategies to maximize brand awareness, ROI & audience engagement.  Taggbox Display has now introduced the all-new Taggbox Display Studio to enhance these benefits by showcasing multiple contents on one screen using various apps […]

8 minute read

Introducing Shoppable Hotspots By Taggbox Commerce

“Always deliver experiences that satisfy your customers, excite them, and gratify them.” The quote stands true when it comes to shopping. Consumers seek an experience that makes it easier, simple, and interactive to get inspired, gather information, and buy the products.  We at Taggbox Commerce thrive to provide solutions to ecommerce brands and online stores […]

5 minute read