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What’s New With Taggbox: Product Updates

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Taggbox is a brand that values customers’ voices. We believe in serving users with the best by building brand engagement, trust, advocacy, sales, and more. 

Keeping all that in mind, we have brought to you some of the freshly brewed feature additions to Taggbox that can enhance your UGC journey. 

So, pave the way for our product updates and make sure that you don’t miss out on anything new!


1. TruSense: A Smart AI-Powered Assistant

Taggshop introduces the smart AI assistant TruSense. With TruSense, Taggshop users no longer have to go through intense content reviewing in the moderation panel as the AI filters the UGC with Post Tags or keywords, making content curation seamless.

Not just that, the TruSense AI also identifies the products from the abundant UGC you have collected, making it easy for you to identify their products in the UGC and tag them with product tags. Know More

2. On-site Visual UGC, Reviews, & Rating Uploads


The new addition by Taggshop is the on-site visual UGC, reviews, and rating upload feature. This feature is for users who wish to share their experience with a brand in the form of visual UGC, reviews, or ratings directly on the brand’s online store. 

As an eCommerce brand, this feature will help you with social listening. Understand your customers’ emotions better, encourage more user-generated content, instantly leverage UGC on your website, get pre-approved content rights, and more.

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3. Smart Product Page Galleries For Online Stores

Product pages galleries

Taggshop brings you the Product Page Galleries that allows you to embed shoppable UGC galleries on the product pages of your ecommerce store. 

Now, you can offer visual user-generated content or social media posts on the product pages to visually appeal to the visitors, build trust & credibility and maximize the conversion rate. Read Full Story

Taggbox Widget:

1. The SnapUp by Taggbox Widget

on site UGC upload

The SnapUp is a new feature added by Taggbox Widget. It expands the possibilities for brands to collect UGC from their audiences beyond social media. The brand’s audience can now upload UGC-like visuals, reviews, ratings, or their real-life experience directly on the website without any social media platform required.

As a website owner, this feature opens many possibilities for you. You get to create a hub of UGC on your website, create private campaigns, and target the audience who are not on social media or who want to keep their privacy intact. Read Full Story

2. Revamp Your Website With The All-new TikTok Widget

embed TikTok Videos

If you wish to create engaging website experiences, instill social proof, boost conversions with user-generated TikTok videos, or enhance your web pages. You can now make it all happen with Taggbox Widget’s recent product update that offers seamless integration of TikTok videos on websites directly from your TikTok account. Read Full Story

3. Gracefully Showcase Your Social Feeds With The Story Theme Widgets

instagram story app

Taggbox Widget introduces the all-new Story Theme, a refreshing and trendy way to display your social feeds as a Story that attracts & engages your website visitors. Now effortlessly collect, curate & embed your content & exhibit it uniquely with the new Story Theme to accelerate your website & brand performance. Read Full Story

4. Create Powerful Email Campaigns With UGC & Improve Email Click-through Rates

UGC on email

Taggbox Widget now offers you the feature to enhance your email campaigns with the most authentic and transparent content, UGC. Now, fulfill the visual appetite of your email receivers with unique visuals, activate the abandoned carts, celebrate customers’ efforts beyond social media, build a sense of community, and boost the ultimate email engagement rate. Read Full Story

5. Leverage Hashtag Campaigns Beyond Social Media & Maximize The Benefits

Hashtag Campaign

Taggbox Widget now makes it easy for brands to create and publish hashtag campaigns across diverse digital touchpoints. The idea is to magnify your hashtag campaign’s reach by increasing content’s visibility, provide a vibrant audience experience with unique UGC, build a community of brand advocates, and make it seamless to track and quantify the content. Read Full Story

Taggbox Display:

1. The Much-Awaited SnapUp for Events


This new feature by Taggbox Display allows the brand audiences to upload UGC directly on the Social Wall without connecting to their social media accounts. The SnapUp makes things much quicker and easier for both brands and audiences. 

While the audiences can scan the QR code or open the UGC upload page on their devices with a URL and directly upload the content, the brands no longer have to acquire the UGC rights as they can add a T&C link on the UGC upload page. Read Full Story

2. Taggbox Display Partners With Raydiant, Digital Signage Platforms

Taggbox Raydiant Partnership

Taggbox Display collaborated with the digital signage platform- Raydiant to help marketers extend their reach with audience engagement leading to better conversions. This partnership enables users of the Raydiant digital signage platform to display Taggbox Display social wall on their digital screens. Now users can seamlessly enhance brand reach, build social proof, and run robust hashtag campaigns. Read Full Story

3. Taggbox Display Join Hands With GEVME, Virtual Events Platform 🤝🏻

Taggbox Display & GEVME

Taggbox Display partners with GEVME, a virtual event platform. This collaboration is the ultimate solution for the future of events. Now, users can integrate the Taggbox Display Social Wall into their virtual events to increase the overall audience engagement, create conversation opportunities that break the ice among the attendees, and have the liberty to showcase dynamic content on a single display. Read Full Story

4. New Studio Apps That Unlock New Display Possibilities For Users

Studio Apps That Unlock New Display Possibilities

If you have used our all-new Studio, you already know how it has enabled brands to captivate the audience by displaying diverse content through apps, files, visuals, and more with the Social wall. 

Taggbox Display Studio has introduced new apps like Quote, Noticeboard, Clock, Calendar, Countdown timer, and Multimedia content like videos, photos, HTML, links, etc., to make sure that you leave no stone unturned into mesmerizing your audience. Read Full Story

Final Word

So! These were some of the most recent product updates by Taggbox that will empower brands’ user-generated content marketing strategies. 

The goal is to help businesses accelerate their marketing efforts with inspiring user-generated content across customer touchpoints like emails, websites, online stores, events, and much more!

Go on, explore everything new Taggbox brings to you. Until then, see you next time!