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UGC Powered Email Campaigns With Taggbox Widget

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Many brands like to believe that it is the era of social media, so it should be their focal. That's where they are mistaken and miss out on so many other possibilities. Possibilities like email marketing: 72% of customers prefer email as their main channel for business communication. 

Email marketing is not something that has unfolded out of nowhere. In fact, it is that one strategy that has managed to remain constant over the years. Reason? Robust email marketing campaigns have helped brands increase their reach and get more personal with their target audience in the most effortless & cost-effective way.

But when you look closer, isn't that what almost every other brand does? So how can your brand stand out? Allow us to introduce you to user-generated content and the power it holds in your email marketing campaigns.

What Is UGC?

UGC, just as the name suggests, is any content created by consumers or users which portrays their real-life experiences with a product or a brand on social media. The portrayal can be in any form: an Instagram post, a Youtube video, a Google review, and much more. Anything that brands can repurpose in their many marketing strategies.

user generated content

UGC is trusted, memorable, influential, and scalable. These are the most promising reasons why more than 86% of companies today use user-generated content as part of their marketing strategy. Want to know why you must practice it in your email marketing campaigns? Continue reading to find out.

Why Equip UGC With Email Marketing?

Here are a few reasons why you must not miss out on this strategy of utilizing user-generated content in your upcoming email marketing campaigns.

UGC Brings More Transparency 

In the world of social media, where everything can be made up, users have started shifting towards something that's more real, especially when it comes to trusting online. It has become a consumer behavior to seek real-life experiences of peer consumers.

Gone are the days when users would get impressed by the air-brushed pictures of zero-sized models click in heavy studio lights. 

That's why brands have started using UGC. When you embed user-generated content created by your customers to your email campaigns, you offer something raw and more personal to your target audience and bring more transparency to your brand.

The transparency comes when it's the real people telling the story of your brand and not you.

UGC Offers Unique Visual Content

Brands are trying to make the emails more engaging for their target audiences. They have realized that humans are visual creatures, so they must serve them accordingly. These days, you will find more visual content than the textual one in the emails or newsletters forwarded by brands.

But don't you think the endless struggle to create unique visual content that captivates the audience each time they come across is a little underwhelming? 

That's when UGC becomes your optimum choice. User-generated content is created by people coming from different backgrounds. Their ways to perceive and express are individualistic too.

When you choose user-generated content as your main form of emailer content, you will always have something extraordinary to serve your target audience.

UGC Builds A Sense Of Community 

User-generated content is considered the best approach to create a tribe among the brand's loyal customers. Social media is surely the space where your customers share UGC.

But when you collect all that UGC, embed it to your email, and send it out as a grateful message to your loyal customers and target audience, it creates a sense of community.

Not just that, it also amplifies social proof for your brand. You can add your branded hashtag on the email along with the UGC, and it will inspire the email readers to create content for you using the unique hashtag.

It improves your brand's reach, providing more UGC for multiple marketing purposes.

UGC Activates Abandoned Carts

Did you know that the average cart abandonment rate across all industries is 69.57 percent? Yes! The issue is for real. To overcome this, many brands have shifted to email automation that automatically sends an email to the potential buyers as a reminder to complete their purchase.

Although many brands have witnessed the prospects coming back, it hasn't been that effective.

But with user-generated content as a part of the email, the impossible is now possible.

When the potential buyers see UGC around the products they left in the cart, it instills their interest again, and they also feel more encouraged to go back and complete their purchase.

Steps To Embed UGC In Email With Taggbox Widget

Taggbox Widget gives a wholesome experience to brands to integrate user-generated content from 15+ social media into their email marketing campaigns to magnify the click-through rate, engagement, conversions, etc. 

1. Signup to your Taggbox Widget Account (14-days free trial available)

Taggbox Widget

2. Click on the Add Social Feeds option to add UGC to the Widget

embed ugc on email

3. Choose your social media platform among the many options Taggbox Widget offers. Let’s assume that you have chosen Instagram. Enter your hashtag and click on create feed option.

instagram feed on website

4. You will successfully aggregate all the content created using your unique hashtag!

Now, let’s see how you can add this collected user's content into your email.

1. Click on the Publish button on the bottom left corner of your Widget editor

publish User's content on email

2. Choose Email Campaign as your option 


3. Select your Email Platform Provider among the options

4. Choose your preferred layout among the grid options available

choose layout

5. Select the content you wish to embed on your email & tap on the Generate Code button right below

select content for email campaign

6. Copy the generated email campaign code 

email campaign code

7. Simply log in to your email marketing platform and select the template where you wish to showcase the UGC campaign.

8. Paste the generated code at the preferred location on the email template.

Apply the required changes and That’s it! You will have successfully added the UGC campaign on email using Taggbox Widget.

UGC on Email Campaign

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Email is a marketing channel that can either work really well if you utilize it strategically or linger in your target audience's inbox, untouched forever. After hopping on this trail of user-generated content and email marketing, we make it to the end. 

With this blog, we introduced you to user-generated content, its benefits, and how Taggbox Widget can be your best pal in effectively leveraging user-generated content in your next email marketing strategy.

So, go on, get your hands on the most refreshing UGC and get the work going!