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Virtual events started as an unpopular alternative to offline events but now they have become the future of events especially if we talk about the next few years.

Given the rise of virtual events, there has been an emergence in the digital tools & technologies providing creative & intelligible solutions to make the virtual events scalable, accessible, & engaging.

The integration of social media with virtual events is one such unique & interactive solution to bring the superpowers of social media to your events (as they have been doing so with live offline events)

Virtual Events X Social Media

The integration of social media with virtual events is not about promoting or executing your event on social media. Instead, it’s the other way round. 

A virtual event tool like Taggbox offers you the opportunity to curate the most valuable & relevant content from different social media platforms around your event or brand into a social media feed

This social media feed (or social media wall) can then be integrated with your live streaming sessions, website streams, virtual event feed, or any other digital event with a display screen or device. 

See How Taggbox Integrates Social Media With Virtual Events

With social media integration into your virtual events, you can avail many benefits & scalability opportunities. We have listed some of them below. 

Why Taggbox Virtual Events

1. Widen Your Audience Reach & Brand Awareness

Firstly, as you integrate social media profiles & content in your virtual event, it expands your audience reach to new demographics across different social media platforms.

More and more people get to know about your events and that will increase your event exposure and brand awareness to untapped prospects leading to maximum event participation. 

2. More Powerful Hashtag Campaigns

Curate the most interesting content from social media platforms around your event hashtags or brand hashtags into a feed and display it along with your streaming. 

You can even fetch hashtag posts in real-time during the live virtual event automatically with the social media feeds to keep it fresh, unique, & engaging. 

3. Build Trust & Credibility

Social media is a hub of user-generated content and you might have a hub of valuable UGC around your brand or event that you can curate & display to showcase authenticity, credibility, and positive word of mouth. 

Displaying UGC like customer reviews or user experiences or user visuals etc. will help in building trustworthiness & brand credibility that can lead to greater engagement & profitable outcomes. 

4. Real-Time Interaction & Engagement 

The biggest challenge in virtual events is driving real-time audience engagement effectively and social media integration can do that perfectly for your event. 

By integrating a real-time automatically updated social media feed to your virtual event, it will allow the users to participate like live events, share their opinions & ideas, ask questions to the speakers, interact with panel, share their thoughts & feedback, and much more, 

Even social media users who aren’t attending the event can share their questions & posts to register their engagement. 

Ideal Uses of Taggbox Virtual Events

Digital Corporate Conferences & Webinars

Let social media feeds show you the latest industry news & trends, experts’ opinions, audience perspective, & more to enhance your corporate knowledge & magnify your conference possibilities for better outcomes. 

Even connect with your stakeholders & audiences in real-time with social media feeds for better networking & information sharing. 

Virtual Fairs & Exhibitions

There’s nothing like social media for digital promotions & connecting with the audiences. So, integrating social media will attract more audiences & engagement. 

You can interact with them in real-time, share your promotional information, allow the audience to ask questions, collect their instant feedback & reviews, & even capture leads. 

Convocation Ceremonies & Educational Events

Don’t let the external challenges hamper your educational events & activities; instead, deliver more exciting, entertaining, & engaging events than before. 

Display your student-generated content across your institution’s digital channels through social feeds or display social media walls in digital events like convocation ceremonies, community events, keynote sessions. 

This is where social media feeds will help you share student experiences, insights from faculties, integrated knowledge-sharing, real-time interactions with speakers, & more. 

Virtual Concerts & Entertainment Events

Social media & entertainment events are related closely where social media is a go-to promotion channel for such events while audiences share their experiences on it. 

Integration of social media walls in such virtual concerts & events will allow maximum audience participation & engagement. People can connect with artists & performers, show their support, share their instant experiences, etc. 

Social media feeds with virtual streams can showcase pre-event & during the event buzz from social media to audiences. 

Live Streaming & AMA Sessions

Do you also face challenges with user engagement & participation in your live streaming sessions? Social media feeds with live streaming might just solve this challenge perfectly. 

You can ask users to share their questions, posts, opinions, etc. using your event hashtag on social media before or during the event, and use social media feeds to display this social content in real-time with your live stream. 

You can create contests, gamify event experiences, rewards active audiences, and much more to boost engagement & have an interactive session with social media feeds. 

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Wrapping It Up

Social media is an integral part of any event’s lifecycle and the strategies we have presented would make you integrate social media walls in your next virtual events. 

Virtual events might still be an emerging trend for many industries but it will become the new normal in the coming time. These solutions are futuristic & would help you build a strong presence in the virtual events ecosystem. 

Social media integration with virtual events will help you magnify your digital efforts leading to maximum growth, exposure, engagement & success. 

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