Real-Time Social Media Ticker With Virtual Event Live Streaming

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We are much delighted to introduce the new ticker theme from Taggbox that aims at the magnification of live streaming possibilities in Virtual events like seminars, conferences, concerts, activations, exhibitions, Job Fairs, etc.

Fast forward to 2021, Virtual Events along with other online display activations have become quite a popular mode of communication for brands and companies as they provide real-time interaction and audience engagement with the brand.

In recent times, the event technologies have seen a massive up-gradation to make the virtual events & activations more exciting, engaging, and expansive to a huge audience. Live streaming is one such tactic that planners or marketers use to make their virtual events engaging and widely-available.

To help you intensify your live streaming possibilities, we have drafted this blog introducing the Real-Time Social Media Ticker. 

But, First things first.

Virtual Event Live Streaming

The Beginner’s Overview 

In simple terms, events taking place digitally where all the attendees of the event meet virtually are known as Virtual Events. Adding the pinch of live streaming to these virtual events makes these events even more engaging and interactive.

Live streaming works exactly the same as chatting to hundreds of people at the same time. It allows the attendees to interact with each other via chat rooms or discussion boards. 

With virtual event live streaming, you can let your attendees participate in the Q&A session, polling game, up-voting, etc. event organizers can display the results of these elements to their audience during the virtual event with the integration of live streaming.

Social Media Live Streaming – Why Do They Do It?

Video content has become highly popular in the last few years and social platforms have taken it to the next level with live video streaming like Facebook Live, Instagram Live, etc. 

With time, brands have recognized live streaming as an opportunity to magnify their online marketing reach, engagement, and exposure.

Here are some of the best benefits of social media live streaming

  • Creating a buzz about the brand & its activities through social media platforms
  • Video content consumption is on the rise leading to maximum audience interest
  • Live stream builds curiosity among people to join the Virtual Event
  • Reach magnification by exposing the audience to digital media
  • Increase in audience engagement and participation be it, the online user or virtual event attendees
  • Extremely cost-effective and easy-to-use technology

These are the key reasons why planners, organizers, and marketers are resorting to live streaming in virtual events & other display promotions. 

To enhance the capabilities of live streaming and make it more engaging, interactive, and powerful, Taggbox has brought a new display theme called Social Media Ticker.

What Is a Social Media Ticker?

The social media ticker theme from Taggbox is a new theme that allows the users to create a social media feed and display it along with Live streaming.

Taggbox, the social media aggregator tool, helps you create a customized social media feed by collecting and curating content from diverse social platforms.

When you are live streaming your virtual event with the help of Live streaming software, the social media ticker theme can be integrated with the streaming to display the feed of social media content on the screen.

This ticker theme is specially designed for integration of social media feed with the Live streaming technologies to take minimum space on the screen and yet creatively display amazing social content with real-time updates.

How to Do it?

There are a number of live streaming software available today, but the basic process of displaying real-time social media ticker with live video streaming remains the same on all of them.

Firstly, you have to create a ticker themed social media wall with Taggbox and then use the wall URL in your live streaming software! 

Note- We are providing you with the procedure of some of the famous live streaming software, If your software is different, feel free to contact us anytime for assistance!

Social Media Ticker With Live Streaming in Wirecast

Social Media Ticker With Live Streaming in OBC Studios

Start Integrating Your Live Video Streaming With Social Media Ticker

Benefits Of Social Media Ticker Theme With Live Streaming

Here are some of the key possibilities that you can uncover with the integration of social media ticker themes with Live streaming. 

1. Extend Your Reach & Exposure

Live streaming helps you attract the audience to your virtual events & activities and displaying social media ticker will magnify your social reach and exposure. 

When the users will come across the ticker they will become aware of your social activities & profiles leading to increased possibilities of more followers and mentions.

2. Increase Engagement & Interaction

The best & most advantageous benefit of social media ticker is that it helps you increase audience engagement and interaction.

With the integration of this theme, you can let your audiences to take part in the in-event discussions, Q&A sessions, panel interactions, and much more. 

Using Ticker, you can display the questions, experiences, feedback, queries, suggestions, opinions, etc. shared by your audiences via hashtag.

Real-Time Social Media Ticker With Live Video Streaming
Real-Time Social Media Ticker With Live Video Streaming

3. Highlight Social Sentiments

While you are streaming some crucial actions and activities on screens, the social media ticker can be an excellent solution to understand the sentiments of the audience regarding the event

In simple words, social media ticker can show what audiences have to say about your event whether a virtual conference or a virtual product launch.


Brand marketers are constantly facing the challenge of online reach & audience engagement while planning and organizing their events & activations. 

These new trending technologies have been a major help in this quest for conducting successful virtual events. 

The launch of a social media ticker theme and its integration possibilities with Live streaming tools allows you to uncover greater possibilities in the offline digital display marketing ecosystem.

If you wish to try the social media ticker theme from Taggbox then you can reach out to us. And we will help you get started with it and how you can integrate it into your Live streams.

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