Stream Instagram to TV Screens via Hashtags, Mentions or Handles

Wondering how you can stream Instagram feed on TV or why do you even need to do that in the first place? 

We have all the answers related to this in this blog for you.

Firstly, if you would think then you might realize that you are surrounded by digital devices & displays everywhere around you. Even now, you are looking at one. 

Marketers & brands look for possibilities to reach audiences, promote their brand, and engage them in their marketing campaigns and these digital displays are perfect for them to promote their brand. 

But as marketers, you have another challenge and that is to display such content that can attract & engage the audiences. This is where the role of live Instagram feed comes in. 

Instagram Feed? What Is It?

An Instagram feed is a feed of content that has been collected and curated from Instagram relating to any hashtag, handle, tag, or mentions. 

You can then display this Instagram feed on TV Screens, digital signage, projectors, jumbotrons or any other type of digital screen for events, venues, in-store displays, public spaces, outdoor advertising, etc. 

stream instagram on tv
Instagram Feed on TV in an Event

Instagram is a highly popular social media platform and it has over a billion active monthly users who browse, share, explore, and engage with content along with shopping activities as well. 

This makes it a heaven of opportunities for the brands & marketers to leverage the benefits & drive growth.

Now you know what is Instagram feed and where you can display it still, the question is why even bother about displaying it on TVs or Screens?

Why Streaming Instagram Feed On TV Or Digital Screens is a Great Idea

1. Magnify Your Instagram Presence 

The first and foremost benefit is that you can take your Instagram activities to the next level by bringing it into the offline digital environment. 

Displaying your Instagram feed will help you to showcase your activities and content to the offline audience and it will help you attract more followers to your profile. 

Thus, you can leverage it to build your following and increase your profile impressions. 

2. Engage The Audiences

We know that audience engagement is a key success metric in offline digital campaigns and Instagram is known to be the most engaging social media platform comparatively. 

stream instagram on tv
The Ritz-Carlton Uses Instagram Feed to Engage On Venue Audience

So, displaying the Instagram feed on screens will help you engage the audience in your campaigns. More audience engagement will mean more conversions. 

3. Trust-Building & Credibility Display

Instagram is a hub of user-generated content and UGC is the most authentic, reliable, and trustworthy content on digital platforms as it is based on real experiences or real people with the brands. 

stream instagram on tv
Jack Astors Instagram Feed By Taggbox

You can curate content from Instagram around your brand or hashtag campaign and display it on screens. It will help in showcasing brand advocacy & authenticity that will attract more engagement & conversions. 

4. Be Memorable With Visual Content

As Instagram is a visuals-heavy social media platform and visual content is known to be more engaging and memorable to the audiences, you can display Instagram feed to execute memorable & intriguing campaigns. 

Visual content such as stunning images or captivating videos from Instagram will help in grabbing the audience‚Äôs attention massively. As visuals are processed 60000 times faster and have a longer recall rate, it will make your campaigns more memorable & effective. 

5. Deliver Entertainment To Audience

When we talk about events such as weddings, parties, annual gatherings, concerts, sports events, and more, it is essential to have entertaining elements that can engage the audience. 

When you show Instagram feed on digital screens at such events, it will help you to make the events entertaining for the audience where they can share their experience with the event hashtag on Instagram. 

Deliver Entertainment and Engage Your Audience

Stream Live Instagram Feed on Tv Using Taggbox

You can display these audience photos & videos through Instagram feed on TV with live updates. It will also help you build in-event contests, challenges, and other entertaining activities. 

6. Effective Brand Promotion

Social media has been at the forefront of marketing for brands and in these recent times, Instagram has been the most influential platform. 

So, you can bring your Instagram marketing campaigns to offline digital advertising channels to magnify your audience exposure and display Instagram feed is the perfect solution for that. 

You can display this brand promotion in your brand stores, or shopping malls, or public spaces, or event events through TVs or other digital screens.

How To Stream Instagram Feed On TV Screens

The best solution to stream Instagram feed on TV screens or digital displays anywhere is to use the tool Taggbox. 

Taggbox is a UGC platform that will help you collect & curate content from Instagram into a feed easily be it from your brand handle or any hashtags or mentions & tags. 

After creating an account on Taggbox, and choosing Instagram from feeds section you will be redirected on the following screen to add Instagram feed:

display instagram on TV
Choose the required method

After Creating the feed, choosing a perfect theme for it and moderating it, you are all set to display it on any type of screen, Push the display button!

display instagram on tv

Clicking on Display button will take you to the display options:

Stream Instagram on TV

Followed by:

  • Visit the given Instagram feed URL on your Smart TV, internet connectivity needed
  • Open that URL in your device (laptop, mobile, etc.) and cast it on TV or any digital screen
  • Use cast devices like Chromecast or Firestick to connect your device to TV & display the live Instagram feed
  • Connect your PC or laptop to your TV or digital screens with HDMI cable and display your Instagram feed

With Taggbox Signage you also get the options to customize your Instagram feed along with content moderation functionality. You can also enable real-time updates, add your custom posts, measure analytics, vast screen size compatibility, customer support, and much more. 


In this blog, the key points that we discussed were the best benefits of displaying an Instagram feed on TV and how you can do it with Taggbox. 

Nowadays as the world is becoming more interconnected & digital, it is essential that you make use of every channel at your disposal and integrate all of your communication & marketing channels to maximize the impact of your campaigns. 

Streaming Instagram feeds on TV & digital screens is one such way to integrate social media & offline digital environments. So, try for yourself to see how you can benefit from it. 

Stream Instagram Feed on TV or Digital Signages