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The year 2020 has witnessed a lot of shifts in marketing strategies. Most eminently there is a great move of physical events to virtual events. Therefore, it led many companies to shift the social media marketing efforts from promoting physical event attendance to online webinars, meetups, participation in online events, or virtual seminars. 

Virtual and online occasions are getting more ordinary in advanced times. They permit organizations to contact a worldwide crowd with many individuals in better places on various occasions.

Arranging, advancing, and facilitating a virtual occasion requires a similar tender loving care as a genuine occasion requires.

Virtual Event- A Brief Introduction

A virtual event is any organized event meet-up that happens online rather than in a physical location.

The range of these events varies from small questions and answers sessions to large scale conferences with thousands of attendees taking part in it from different locations. 

Great Ideas To Incorporate For Your Next Virtual Event

An extensive range of virtual event varieties has manifested victorious for diverse companies or businesses. Here are some of them listed that could be an extraordinary thought for you to exploit.

Online Conference

virtual event social media

An online conference or summit can be an extraordinary method to educate your audience from a far distance. Through online conferences, you can create various sessions for your virtual attendees all through different times much the same as during a regular in-person conference. 

It’s time for you to pick up the best virtual conference engagement platform such as Taggbox according to your requirements. Thus what are you waiting for, start arranging your virtual event right now!

Live Stream

Hosting a social media live streaming or streaming through other platforms is just another kind of virtual event. This is a budget-friendly way to host a virtual event. It is all because you can make use of a respectable platform and share your content.

It requires you to post an announcement on the platform you use and planning to host your event. This will help your audience gain knowledge that you will be hosting an online event.

Virtual Webinar

In simpler terms, a webinar is a seminar conducted online that can educate your audience in a great way. In addition, it is an extraordinary method to spread the word about your business or launch. During a webinar a speaker hosting the online presentation for a live virtual audience, speaks up over a slideshow. 

Viirtual Workshops

Hosting an online workshop is a great idea when you wish to educate your attendees about how to generate a content strategy, an ad, a presentation, or anything else. By streaming a presentation or video of yourself you can get connected with your audience. You can also assemble distinct sorts of online workshops that are each significant to your audience. 

Social Wall with Live Streaming

We have already discussed above a few of the ways of combining virtual events through social walls. However, the simplest technique is to just incorporate the social wall with the live-stream in some way. This can happen by simply placing a Virtual Event Wall on the same page.

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VPC Inc Using Twitter Wall For Virtual Social Event

vpc inc Virtual Social Event

VPC Inc. is a company that offers special event production and live events, that specializes in virtual events and video content creation for its clients. For honoring doctors, nurses, lawyers, and other professionals, this company was producing a series of virtual events for their clients.

To carry audience engagement to virtual events like these it required a solution i.e. a tool or technology. Integrating social media into your virtual events can maximize audience engagement, reach, and communication in the event. 

VPC Inc. discovered the ideal solution in Taggbox to combine social media and brand audience communication opportunities to their virtual event for the client.

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Virtual Events Engagement With a Social Wall

Through live streaming a virtual event you can operate a large number of participants. By merging live streaming with the social wall, the attendees experience a new world of communication without installing anything. They can easily communicate via their social media accounts.

Virtual event wall offer diverse benefits for virtual events. Here are some of them-

  1. Without disturbing the live-stream, the attendees can communicate with each other. Moreover, they do not blur out into the background as they become visible with a social wall. 
  2. The attendees can post their photos and thus speakers do not feel like they are talking into a vacuum as they can see them.
  3. You can even make use of a hashtag which allows the audience to ask questions. Everyone else can also look at the questions as it will then appear on the wall.
  4. Using the hashtag and Virtual event wall you can keep the conversation going after the event as well.

Add Social Media Wall in Your Virtual Event

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Use of Social Media in Variety of Virtual Events

Luckily there is a wide range of events that can work very well as virtual events such as theatre, educational talks, music events, college and university events, poetry reading, and many more. You can easily conduct your virtual events with an excellent platform such as Taggbox that displays a powerful social wall and enhances audience engagement. 

PAROOKAVILLE Boost Event Engagement Using Instagram Media Wall in Live Virtual Social Event

PAROOKAVILLE is the greatest Electronic Music Festival that takes place in Germany since 2015. It is not at all a regular festival. It is something crazy that stirs once every year as the world’s most festive place. 

With the effect of the pandemic, every festival or activity has been restricted. However, this music festival discovered its way and took place in Germany in the month of July. However, the question is how did they do it in the midst of all these restrictions? How they allowed thousands of people to attend and engage?

The success of Parookaville this happened with the support of Taggbox. Using their different social profiles, they proceeded ahead with live streaming their event live from Germany. This allowed the global audience to take part in the event and experience the music festival.

Thus, Taggbox is an excellent UGC platform that turned out to be an ideal solution for Parookaville to discover, collect and display some astonishing and valuable UGC from diverse social media platforms to their website and in the event.

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Virtual Events Social Media

Taggbox “Virtual Events Social Media” solutions revolve around virtual events and digital conferences to improve digital event engagement and experiences. 

This is the best platform that supports integrating social media feeds on your social wall during a virtual event and drives more engagement. It makes your social wall more entertaining, intuitive, and engaging for award shows, conferences, concerts, seminars, weddings, or any other.

Taggbox’s virtual events social media solutions are incredibly intuitive and versatile that can make any event important and connect with the audience.

Boost Your Virtual Event Engagement

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