Best Social Media Aggregator Tools for 2020

Social Media Aggregator, like Taggbox, is a tool that allows you to collect and curate all posts and feeds of various social media platforms in one place. It collects social media feed through a specific hashtag or handles and displays those social feeds on digital signage or live screen during an event, conference, trade shows, fests, etc. You can also embed these live social feeds on your websites. So, without wasting much time, let’s find out how to choose the best social media aggregator for websites or events.

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Best Social Media Aggregator – How to Choose It?

We have interpreted the features some of the best social media aggregators have in the market today. The article talks about features that every brand and business must look into before investing in a hashtag aggregator tool. Plenty of tools offer different features and styles to publish and promote content. These also come with different pricing plans. Here is a fundamental key to consider while evaluating social feed aggregators-

1. Analytics

A social media aggregator must necessarily provide analytics as a robust feature. Analytics are a reflection of how well is your content and marketing strategy performing in the digital sphere.

best social media aggregator tool

Analytics reflects the strategies that are incorrect and are not leveraging business development. They measure the growth from a previous performance and depict it via stats and explanatory graphs and numbers.

  • A social feed aggregator tool must depict trends for growth, follower retention, impressions, and engagement particularly. The analysis also extends to content specific analytics that helps you identify your most and least popular content.
  • A section of the analysis is ‘Publishing Analytics’ that can help you determine the best time to post content to reach the largest section of your community and receive the best engagement.
  • You must look for a social media aggregator tool that integrates with Google Analytics or the analytics software you’re using.
  • Make sure the content aggregator tool depicts the analysis of all your important social networks. Some tools offer a large number of reports for networks like Facebook but do not do so for networks like LinkedIn.
  • Look for tools that will provide either data exports or reports that you can download, print and share. Look for additional fees associated with reports and data download as some tools give you some reports, but require you to purchase for added features.

2. Pricing & Plans

Every business is restricted to a financial budget and when it is about choosing the best social media aggregator tool; concerns about pricing plans do come into the picture. There are hashtag aggregator tools that offer freemium plans thus catering to the requirements of every scale of business.

Once you have a fair understanding of your needs, price and billing options, then you must choose the social media aggregator tool accordingly.

  • Certain content aggregator tools offer a good discount if you pay for their annual subscription charges. However, check the cancellation policy for the plans. Certain hashtag aggregator tools allow you to cancel annual contracts and initiate a refund for the unused time period, but many tools do not have such friendly policies. Once you sign up, you’re locked in.
  • Take advantage of the free trial period of the social feed aggregators and evaluate its features. Understand what features will benefit your business. However, do not waste time on trials for hashtag aggregator tools that are outside your price range. Find out tools in your budget that maximize productivity and value for the money you pay for them.

3. Mobile Adaptability

Social media aggregation is an upcoming trend in events, conferences, weddings and more. Social media aggregation occurs seamlessly by virtue of the hashtag aggregator. Today, given the times that events are organized in, mobile adaptability becomes the utmost necessary feature that a social media aggregator must-have.

People today want on-the-go access on their smartphones. A social aggregator that caters to this must be chosen as this maximizes the content reach and influence of your aggregated feeds throughout your online community.

Your followers must be able to check your feeds on their mobile devices. A mobile adaptable social aggregator allows a responsive design on smartphones.

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4. Ideal Moderation

The Moderation panel is an important feature when you are planning to share feeds in real-time. On the internet, many people are following a trolling trend and they don’t even miss a single chance to troll any business, brand, and celebrity. So, the moderation panel allows you to control your feeds before it goes live. It gives you the authority to filter any spamming, offensive or inappropriate content in real-time.

Let suppose, you don’t have a strong moderation panel and someone uses your Hashtag to troll you then it can directly display during your event and can destroy your brand image in front of your guests. So, it is good to use social media aggregator with the best moderation panel where you can review and approve content before it goes live or blocks specific user, keywords in real-time.

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