5 Examples of Successful Social Media Marketing Campaigns

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There are social media marketing strategies that work for every brand and guarantee their success rate. Strategies such as partnering up, inviting rich user-generated content, spreading social awareness or simply capitalizing on trending technology and making rich and wise use of social platforms functionalities.

Here in, today, we are talking about 5 social media marketing campaigns that have been done outstandingly right. Brands that we know, technology that we use, causes that we relate to and things we binge watch on the web, not only this but also the places to which we travel and the social causes we are receptive to, we have covered 5 unique brands that led on the social media marketing game terrifically-

1. Apple – #ShotOniPhone

Apple #Shot

For social media marketing campaigns, the classic example of Apple requires a mention. Apple with its #ShotOniPhone social media campaign aims to increase user-engagement and empower its very own customers for brand marketing. Users simply have to use the hashtag in the caption of their social media posts to enter into this user-generated content campaign.

The brand hereby uses the hashtag to pronounce the improvements in their camera features and functionality of every new phone variant by letting the brand customers do it themselves by sharing photos clicked on their iPhone.

Apple today has successfully created vast user-generated content by means of the user-generated content campaign by giving power to its very own customers.Original and creative content by brand customers has benefitted Apple in a stellar way.

Minimal marketing efforts and inputs and maximal social recognition, Apple classically did it with its hashtag campaigns #ShotOniPhone, #ShotOniPhone6, #ShotOniPhone7 and the like.

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2. Worldwide Breast Cancer – #KnowYourLemons

Know your lemons Social Media Marketing Campaigns

In light of social media marketing campaigns, Worldwide Breast Cancer came forward with a simple and innovative approach with their #KnowYourLemons campaign. The campaign aimed at spreading awareness among women for breast cancer, its various signs and symptoms.

By using a cleverly designed image using lemons to show various signs of breast cancer, Worldwide Breast Cancer educated women about 12 different signs of breast cancer development. The campaign incredibly informed women that lumps are not the only signs of breast cancer.

The campaign here diverted from the nipple-based censoring rules, and instead capitalized on the sober and subtle idea of employing lemons guiding women to get a breast check-up done regularly and not ignoring signs that could point towards the possible chances of breast cancer.

This social media marketing campaign encouraged women for seeing lesser-known warning signs and seek doctoral guidance if they see persisting physical signs on their breasts.

With an excellent reach of 7.3 million people with merely 3 Facebook posts, #KnowYourLemons took a simple yet striking visual approach using lemons to strike a balance between playful and serious. Amid this, the campaign also catered to an awareness subject, giving people a platform to share their thoughts and experiences on.

3. Air Bnb – #LiveThere

airbnb #livethere

Airbnb took the travel experience a notch higher with its aesthetic #LiveThere social media marketing campaign. The brand planned to let the traveller immerse purely in the travel place, instead of ‘just visiting’ it. Their campaign focussed on the vibe of ‘living in’ and not ‘visiting’.

The campaign was a result of the smart consumer research conducted by Airbnb on their target audience that revealed that 86% of their customers use their platform because they want to ‘live like locals’on their travel.

Airbnb stepped on and capitalized on this research by launching the #LiveThere campaign where the brand partnered with professional photographers and users who took inviting pictures of different Airbnb destinations around the world.

Airbnb then used these pictures with details about where the picture was taken and who took it and then put a link in their bio to book the next trip. An intriguing picture of the Airbnb and a message that induced the user to book the property, Airbnb floored the social media marketing industry with their strategy.

Airbnb as a brand has always spoken of quality hospitality and services and the brand has now upped their social game excellently.

4. Buzzfeed Tasty


BuzzFeed’s Tasty is all about delectable and drool-worthy short videos that teach you how to make a quick and easy recipe in just no time.

Delicious food video content exploding on Facebook, ‘Tasty’social media marketing campaign aimed at creating addictive food recipes for the viewers. These videos simply work as a quick cooking show for the social media savvy generation. Lasting for less than a minute or two, these videos deliver indulging recipes to the users.

Built essentially for Facebook, BuzzFeed’s Tasty has a stupendous social media analytics. The videos here have garnered millions of views, over a 100 million Facebook fans, 2000+ food video recipes and a promising reach of 500 million users every month.

The videos by Tasty are optimized and tailor-made to suit Facebook’s autoplay feature which starts playing the videos without the sound on. Here, a sound is not vital to see the video. Today when it’s known that Facebook’s algorithm promotes video content ahead of other types of content, BuzzFeed with Tasty has capitalized on this idea by building ‘short and sweet’ videos for the audience that desires tasty food simply!

5. Make-A-Wish Foundation – #ShareYourEars


This social media marketing campaign is about Make-A-Wish Disney. Simply meaning, this campaign is a partner effort by Make-A-Wish Foundation and Disney where both are pioneers in their fields and both pull at the heartstrings with their stories and message.

Make-A-Wish Foundation is renowned for their heart-warming stories. The foundation partnered with Disney and brought about major success for their user-generated content campaign together. The two businesses came together for a social cause and multiplied their efforts to spread the message and appeal to double the audience as one could have with singular efforts.

The social media marketing campaign #ShareYourEars asked the audience to share a picture of them wearing their Mickey Mouse Ears captioning the picture with the #ShareYourEars hashtag and for every such post, Disney Parks donated $5 to Make-A-Wish up to $1M come true!

This social media campaign experienced immense user participation which led Disney to double the original amount that they initially planned on donating. The #ShareYourEars campaign surpassed its originally planned success rate tremendously due to high user-engagement from the followers of two unique brands.

Here, partnering up came to benefit Make-A-Wish Foundation spectacularly for its user-generated content campaign.

What are the brilliantly done social media marketing campaigns that we have missed out on? Share with us!

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