What is a Social Media Campaign and how to build a Successful Marketing Plan

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What is a Social Media Campaign?

A social media campaign is marketing and advertising efforts put in to achieve a business goal. Business goals can be many –new product launch, celebrating a company milestone, expanding the client base, increasing customer awareness, building brand awareness, and social and moral causes.


Social media campaign differ from the day-to-day social media activities that brands work towards. This is because; social media campaigns require increased focus, wider targeting, tracking and analysis, greater efforts and creative surplus.

Walk through with us for 6 great tips for successful social media marketing plans where you make use of hashtag campaigns, social media widgets and social media walls for a leading social media campaign-

1. User-Generated Content Campaigns are Successful

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Advertisers often commit mistakes of delivering clever marketing gimmicks to people. Brands push pure marketing content towards the customer who today is not ready to buy the same. What you can instead do here is use consumer-generated marketing ideas for creating successful user-generated content campaigns.

This lets your followers feel valued because you’re using their feeds for social media marketing. In addition to this, target audience also favors this idea where real customers of a brand talk about the brand. This is reliable content for them to consider before associating with the brand.

Social media UGC campaigns are engaging and visually appealing as they reflect personal experiences of people, their lifestyle, choices, and places. They offer a ‘connection’ to audiences with a brand. Let your brand’s loyal followers run their creative brains and do the marketing groundwork for you. A win-win for both!

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2. Share Your Language

Social media campaigns are all about aiming at the followers of the brand and making the necessary conversions in a friendly way. Friendly, because only like-minded and resonating marketing tactics between a brand and its followers will make a brand connect in the long-run.

It is perhaps necessary for a brand to understand the common jargon, buzzwords, and lingo that are prevalent among the common audiences. For this, it is also necessary to understand your target audience. You cannot be more wrong if you use a term such as ‘eerday’ with your corporate audience. Do you get the drill?

It is necessary for a brand to share the language and the experience that floats around in the target audience. Every time your brand uses those ‘words’ in its posts, hashtag campaigns, and social media marketing practices, then every time a user connects with your style and approach.

Share your language with your followers for effective communication and a successful social marketing plan.

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3. Positive Conversation with Your Audience


Social media campaigns are reciprocal by default in their nature. Brands, when they organize social media campaign and user-generated content contests, must realize the power or ‘liking’, ‘commenting’, ‘sharing’, ‘re-tweeting’ and ‘re-posting’.

The brand must indulge in doing these for posts and comments that its followers make on their social media campaigns. Here, the aim is to develop a mutual association between the brand and the followers.

Whether negative or positive in nature, respond to customer feedback, queries, and comments. A negative response from a follower, when perceived by a brand duly, relieves the person having made that comment with half of his fury. Provide a satisfactory response; offer a resolving solution, complimentary gift/voucher, discount voucher or any other adequate remedial option.

Of course, there are also positive feedbacks in your kitty and you as a brand must duly ‘like’, ‘comment’ or ‘share’ these experiences to make your followers feel appreciated.

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4. Choose Your Social Networks

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Determine the goals of your social media campaign and prioritize the social channels where you want to advertise and market. Your target audience must also be socially present and be active on the chosen channel. Cross-platform updates and advertising is also an option that widens the reach of your campaign. If your social media campaign runs on Facebook, don’t limit your social updates on other channels for swelling the influence of your campaign.

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5. Collect and Display your Content

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Collect all your user-generated content via your Hashtag with the help of Social Media Content Aggregator tools and display them on a digital signage or on website. To aggregate your UGC you can try Taggbox. Also, use your UGC in email marketing or on product pages. When your customers will see social media reviews of other customers on your product pages, it will increase customer trust for your brand and product.

6. Always Analyze and Track Campaign Success


Campaign reach and results must always be tracked and measured for gaining an insight into how close you have reached your targeted goals. A qualitative and quantitative analysis must be made for the campaign such as sales boost, customer submissions, and entries, new followers etc.

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Social media campaigns are remarkable approaches towards speedy brand-engagement on social media. Utilize the power of social media widgets and social media walls for events and campaigns. Social media walls are a phenomenal tool for user-generated content campaigns at events.

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