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How to Utilize User Generated Content (UGC) in Business Marketing

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We understand that for any business, planning a successful marketing strategy can take a lot of work and effort, which can be really difficult at times. Marketers should have a clear idea of their objectives & deliverables only then they can plan a creative marketing strategy for achieving results.

Through our extensive research & knowledge, we have brought a solution that will hugely empower future marketing strategies – User-Generated Content.

User Generated Content (UGC) is a solution that will fulfill all your marketing campaign requirements in the best way possible, along with creativity & effectivity.

What Is User Generated Content (UGC)?

User-generated content (UGC) is mainly any form of content that is created by users on social platforms but here, it mainly pertains to a brand and is produced by the users and followers of the brand of their free will.

People who have had experience with the brand are driven to share their experiences with the public.

Brands are favoring their followers to create and post content on their social media channels. This content can be in any form such as pictures, videos, podcasts, tweets and blog posts to product reviews, answering their Q&As, posting pictures of them using the brand’s product, attending a brand event, etc.

The next wave of the web is going to be User-Generated Content. – John Doerr

What Is The Power Of User Generated Content?

You all must be aware of word-of-mouth marketing, which still seems to be the most reliable and authentic form of marketing. UGC is the modernized version of word-of-mouth marketing, it works with the same principle except it is in digital form

UGC is voluntarily created content by the users of a brand based on their experience, opinions, and feedback for the products and services of a brand. This makes the content extremely crucial for the brand as it can serve as social proof for the brand resulting in higher trust in the brand.

UGC comes from various parts of the world, leading to high diversity and vibrancy in the content. It not only makes your marketing more attractive but enhances user-engagement for its relatable and diverse creation. 

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Why Do Brands Need To Use User Generated Content? 

The relevance of UGC for brands is exceptionally high. UGC can help brands with expanding exposure, gaining trust, showcasing authentic content, enhancing user engagement, and driving sales & conversions. 

UGC also builds credibility for a brand. It assists with lead generation through its expanded social media reach. Not only this, it humanizes a brand by adding some regular users to the brand and their promotional content. It makes it for other users to find your content relatable. 

The thing that actually breaks through all of the noise is when you see real users sharing real content on social media. – Dom Garret

UGC has its benefits for SEO as well, people write what they search for, which is usually similar to other people searching for the same product. This way, UGC helps with boosting SEO as well.

Additionally, it is remarkably cost-effective, which can help brands save a lot of money and alternatively earn more. The most compelling benefit of UGC will be the prioritizing effect on your brand users, your users will feel their importance. 

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How to leverage UGC for your business marketing?

Business marketing is a vast and diverse umbrella which consists of a lot of marketing touchpoints. The best part about UGC is that you can utilize it for any marketing touchpoint and expect remarkable results and using a UGC tool like Taggbox is the best approach to do so!

1. Power up your website

The most essential and fundamental way to leverage UGC is website integration. A brand’s online performance is judged mainly based on their online traffic and conversions. 

You can bring life to your website by embedding UGC walls on your website homepage. The diverse and vibrant content will attract more users and produce more engagement for your products and services.

They will also be able to take a look at the product in action with relatable situations which will make it easier for them to know if the product is fit for them. This decreases the bounce rate and increases the dwell time.

You can gain user trust by embedding UGC reviews on your product pages also. According to studies, 92% of people prefer to read online reviews and ratings before buying a product and trust them as much as personal recommendations. 

Everybody is a little hesitant to trust and shop online, therefore, they stay cautious and doubtful about the products and services. When they look at how happy and satisfied your users are with your products, they will be able to trust your brand and go ahead with the purchase process. 

Brand Example – Go Pro’s Website, UGC, & Gamification

While the launch of Hero7 Black, GoPro launched a UGC campaign with the hashtag #MillionDollarChallenge. They challenged their adventurous community to send in some highlight reels shot by GoPro.

GoPro then selected the best from more than 25,000 submissions they received and made a video of all of them. The submissions that were included in the video were given a cut of 1 million – hence, the campaign name. 

go pro UGC campaign

This challenge was launched on their website and the submissions and video is also available on their website. The campaign saw big results and was extremely successful.

2. Drive engagement through Social Media 

Social media has become a significant part of people’s lives, and they want their favorite brands to be present & active on social media. 

Therefore, you can utilize social media to share the best UGC that has been created for your brand. It will not only make your social media platforms attractive, but the users will feel appreciated for their efforts, which will drive them to create more such content. 

It will also motivate other people to create quality content and be featured on the brand’s social media page.

Advertisements are also an essential part of marketing and UGC can be of great help there. When people visually look at content that shoutouts how satisfied and happy your users are, they will definitely want to try your products and services. 

You can use UGC for online and social media ads as well as conventional media such as print and TV as well. The thing that matters is you display user-generated content that will relate to people and gain their attention and trust.

Brand Example: – Apple #ShotOnIphone

Apple had started to face a lot of criticism over its camera quality in low light. They acted very smartly and launched a #ShotonIphone UGC campaign to gain back their lost trust without wasting any time. This campaign was aimed at generating high-quality images clicked by iPhone. 

Apple had started to lose out on its users due to this problem. This is why they gave a lot of importance to this campaign and motivated all its users, whether new or old to take pictures from the iPhone and post it on social media with the #ShotonIphone. 

iphone campaign

The low-light images and videos were then shared on Youtube under the title ‘Shot on iPhone’. This campaign mainly focused on low-light images so that the users’ lost trust could be revived.

Apple not only changed the user opinions but saved a lot of money on their manufacturing and development costs. They also used those images and videos for other mediums as their advertisement. They successfully nailed it!

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3. Display attractive content on Digital Signages

Digital signages are an evolved form of offline marketing or outdoor advertising. The combination of UGC and digital signages are changing the meaning of Digital Outdoor Advertising. It has increased user engagement, visual appeal, and improved the campaign results as well. 

UGC marketing through digital signages can help your business in gaining traffic, engagement, and conversions from an offline environment to such a level which is not possible without UGC.

You can leverage UGC in digital signage for interactive offline campaigns, organizing contests & giveaways or display social proof to gain trust and drive conversions. You can easily create a live hashtag feed of UGC and display it across your marketing touchpoints with a powerful tool like Taggbox

Brand Example – HelloWorld’s  Digital Signage UGC campaign

Hello World Australia is a travel company that helps masses to plan their holidays. They decided to run a 7-day UGC campaign with the hashtag #HelloWorldRELAY that would cover content from multiple places around the world. 

hello world campaign

Hello World decided to go for a conventional yet new marketing channel – Digital Signages. The signages were installed at over 230 bus shelters and touchscreen displays in trains in Sydney that displayed UGC from various parts of the world. 

A lot of people interacted with the signages and Hello World gained great results through this campaign. They generated more than 10,000 enquiries within 7 days. UGC played a major role to grab people’s attention and enhance engagement.

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4. Level up your Email-Marketing

Email marketing is a crucial part of any digital marketing strategy at it lets you connect directly to the users and have personalized communication & promotional opportunities. 

Having UGC in your email campaign can give a sense of authenticity, reliability, and trustworthiness to the users about the campaign. 

People empathize and connect more with other people and not celebrities and models. This gives those emails an edge towards conversions. Studies show that email campaigns with UGC convert 166% more. 

UGC inspires trust among the users and gives them the final nudge to buy the products they desire.

Brand example – Keds Email Marketing With UGC

The shoe manufacturer brand Keds decided to go with UGC for their email marketing campaign. Their emails consisted of images of real customers wearing Keds shoes. The images were clickable and redirected the people to the product page of that pair of shoes. 

UGC in email marketing

This made the email look less like an advertisement, instead, it was a more impactful message to their users. It gets more relatable to the users and they prefer to go ahead and make purchases through emails also. 


User-Generated Content is presently one of the best ways to level up your business marketing strategy, and you can do so by using Taggbox

As I have already mentioned what UGC is capable of and what it can get for your brand, you would be missing out on something very beneficial for your brand if you don’t act on it. 

So now that you know everything about UGC, what are you still waiting for?

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