How to Utilize User Generated Content (UGC) in Business Marketing

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What Is The Power Of User Generated Content?

Brands today have entered the social media network and they are using it to the maximum to market themselves to the audience. Gone are the days of conventional marketing and advertising campaigns. Social media branding and consumer generated marketing is the trend now. Here, we’d add that the word-of-mouth publicity works best, but just that it has taken a digital path, it has been digitalized onto screens, but people are still talking about it. Read further to interpret:

So how’s this related?

Brands are favoring their followers to create and put content on their social media channels. This content can be anything and this strategy is known as user generated content marketing. From pictures, videos, podcasts, tweets and blog posts to product reviews, answering their Q&As, posting pictures of them using the brand’s product, attending a brand event etc.

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What Is User Generated Content?

User generated content is mainly any form of content that pertains to a brand and is produced by the users and followers of the brand on their free will. People who have had a good experience with the brand are driven to share their experiences with the public.

Brands use user-generated content platforms like taggbox to make best use of their earned UGC across all your marketing touchpoints.

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Why Brands Need To Use User Generated Content?

1). By using UGC, brands successfully generate a huge fan following and a vivid gallery on websites such as Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and other social networks.

Be active on event day tweet wall

2). Also, this turns out to have substantial vibrant user engagement, thanks to UGC marketing. User generated media is an unpaid form of marketing; it’s a contribution by the brand’s customers.

Starbucks #whitecupcontent that took place in April 2014 where Starbucks encouraged its customers to doodle on Starbucks cups and submit photo entries magnetized near about 4,000 entries in three weeks where the promised reward was that the winning design will be featured as a limited edition Starbucks cup. 4000 entries in 3 weeks also depict that the audience was ready to engage with the brand.

3). Displaying user-generated content on website voices the opinions of the followers and customers of the brand. That allows the users to feel connected and be a part of the brand community.

4). The socially dependent generation that’s growing by every passing day is what brands need to connect to and gear up to adapt for. A one-on-one interaction with these users is swiftly possible by way of connecting socially. User generated content has an impact on people about the purchases they make and from where they make it as they have read on social media the recommendations and experiences of people using it.


5). By creating a room and building opportunities for users to share their experiences and thoughts on a provided subject or a product naturally multiplies the measure of time they spend on the brand’s social channel.

6). The Public is rationally convinced with a recommendation shared by another person over branded content or branded marketing and advertisement. People no longer are carried away by television advertisements, billboards etc.

7). User generated is cost-effective. It’s cost cutting and economical. People are unpaid and do it for a number of reasons – probably to share their experience, build a network with like-minded people, or to be hopeful of securing a reward.

8). This above is definitely economical rather than shelling out lakhs.

“The next wave of the web is going to be user-generated content” – John Doerr

Running user generated content campaigns is effortless and comes at a steal deal. A UGC campaign brings to your social media brand identity gripping and user-certified content. You can get started by holding a Q&A on your website or by asking people to pen down their ideas on a particular subject and share those posts via the given hashtag or handle. Don’t forget to offer a giveaway though.

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