Taggbox and Risevision Parnetship

Social Wall in Digital Signage: Partnership Between Taggbox And Rise Vision

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The goal of social media marketing has always been to bring the most engaging and best possible content to the masses. 

One such solution has been made by the team of Taggbox and Rise Vision: Social Wall in Digital Signage.

If you are familiar with the companies or have been a customer for either of them, this can be good news for you. 

Not just that, if you invest in different marketing strategies to grow your business, this collaboration of having a social wall in digital signage can be a result-driven investment for you.

Before we move forward, let’s understand where the companies stand individually.

What Does Taggbox Have To Offer?

Taggbox is a user-generated content platform that aggregates and publishes trustworthy and inspiring content across different marketing touchpoints. It is your one-stop solution for authentic, creative, and result-driven marketing. 

It helps increase your brand trust among people and showcase your user-generated content on social media on any display screen or website.

Taggbox has some premium products like Display, Widget, Commerce, and Rights Management; everything to deliver remarkable solutions for your brand.

Our motive here at Taggbox has always been to empower marketers with brand advocacy and improve social interaction between brands and their customers.

What Does Rise Vision Have To Offer?

Serving since 1992, Rise Vision is a cloud-based digital signage software that helps small to large businesses create, manage, deploy presentations, images, videos, and other content for digital signage. 

Their motive has been to make sure your digital signage experience is easy, and you can save your time, money, and paper to ace your game of growing engagement and building a community. 

Key features of Rise Vision include a visual editor, easy to personalize Templates (300+), digital menu boards, integrations for weather, social media posts; among others, a media library to store digital signage assets, emergency alerts, and more. 

Educational institutes have been their main clients as they are serving 9,000 organizations, and 3000 of them are schools. Their other clients are from hospitality, business, and Universities.

What Does This Collaboration Mean?

Rise Vision has offered businesses an easy way to display content on a screen. They can show content that updates real-time and makes it a flexible solution for different marketing strategies.

When you bring Taggbox Display and Rise Vision together, it becomes a perfect choice as it offers a great way to include the vast social media content with other digital content on screens publicly. 

A social media wall displayed on digital signages is a great way to aggregate the user-generated content your community has to offer and give it a spotlight in a real-life display at your premises or outdoor.

Benefits Of This Collaboration For Brands

1. Experience sharing for the hospitality industry

Sharing pictures of food whenever we are eating out is a common behavior among many consumers. You can encourage your customers to use your branded hashtag whenever they post pictures of your place or food. 

With social media aggregator tools, you can collect all the content and display it as a social wall on the digital signages for visitors to see. This will not just increase your credibility but will also encourage more customers to post for you.

2. Influential in-store advertising

Your customers post pictures using your products or give their reviews. You can collect that content and embed it in a social wall which can be displayed on the digital signage at your store.

When the store visitors see that you are giving value to your customers’ feedback, they will be encouraged to buy your products and post about them.

3. Engaging digital out of home advertising

It is a commonly known fact that people put digital signages outside their stores or premises to provide important information. 

When you display the social wall, it will influence people to visit your store and create brand awareness.

4. Better workplace communications and employee engagement

A happy workplace encourages employees to work better. Embedding social walls in digital signages is your solution. 

You improve employee engagement, internal communications, workforce productivity and share essential organizational information.

5. Drive entertainment and share information

Regardless of your product, digital signage with social media walls will help you kill two birds with one stone.

Engage the audience along with delivering crucial information. Drive interactions, run contests, and more to boost growth and engagement.

As Quoted By The CEO Of Taggbox

We are thrilled by this strategic partnership with Rise Vision to display our Social Wall in Digital Signage. Rise Vision is rated as #1 Digital Signage Software, as they aim to make managing conversations easy, similar to our goal, that is, to make a platform accessible for everyone.

Taggbox is always open to such collaborations to facilitate the audience. We want this collaboration to succeed and continue to serve clients the best social media marketing solutions to engage their audience

Neeraj Singal


Social media is limitless, and many of its benefits are still undiscovered. With so many trends changing constantly, you need something to invest in that remains consistent for a long time. 

This partnership between Taggbox and Rise Vision is one such investment.

Now you get a real-time updated digital signage screen embedded with an engaging social media wall.  

All you need is a social media account, a Rise Vision, and a Taggbox display account (they both provide free trials), and you are ready to go!

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