How to Display Social Media Feeds on Digital Signage

Social media walls and digital signages are a dynamic and powerful mix. Singularly, both these tools impact businesses and revenue in their own powerful ways but together they are a powerhouse of ideas, growth and success. Social media scores high on all grounds of having modern content, social content, real-time content and above all engaging and communicative content.

As a brand or individual if you’re looking forwards to integrate social media feed with social media digital signages, then you’ve first got to be a digital player in the social market where the world is aggressively working towards other vigorous ideas such a social media feed and critically analyzing social media display tools of the market.

Hashtag Content

Linking social feed wall with a social media signage or a social media display can yield surplus benefits to the brand or individual such as lifting the brand image, boosting sales, boosting clientele, unmasking the brand in the global market, brand user engagement and more.

Here we are shedding light on some of the best practices for displaying social media feed on a Digital Signage.

1. Encourage Media Sharing By The Audience

Create a hashtag campaign we suggest that encourages the public to snap, record and share to the social media feed. Setup a unique brand-specific hashtag and launch it. Ask the audience to share their personal bits and moments with the brand product in the form of images and videos with the hashtag. Hashtags leverage brand awareness and build customer base exponentially.

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Encouraging media sharing renders the brand with a vivid social media wall, free marketing and advertising by the loyal followers all free of charge. Customers also want to post more knowing that their posts will be displayed on a social display to the general public. Seeing this, others are also prompted to post to the brand’s wall and use the brand product.

2. Limited Time Offers


A digital signage reading about limited-time offers with text that follows ‘Grab now!’ and ‘Buy one and get two free’ intrigues audience to act on the spur of the moment. One, it’s brand sales done right as shoppers excitedly drop in to claim the limited period offers thereby increasing sales and two, you can also go ahead and request the audience to share their story on the social media and their experience of shopping with the brand. Social media feeds of the brand will thus be filled with exciting stories from its shoppers. Believe it or not, shoppers love such social interaction in expectation of future discounts, coupon codes, being on the brand’s social channel and more. Digital signage can surely boost your in-store marketing campaigns like a pro!

3. Your Competitors And Customers Are On Social Media


You are losing a heavy potential customer base if you’re not taking the ticket to the social media ride well because your competitors are swinging and riding and further enjoying the fruit of the social media ride. Engage with your audience over social media because your potential customer and present patrons are also there on social media networks and display interactive feeds from their conversations on social displays. Great customer experiences, positive feedback and more such engaging customer moments must be celebrated on social media walls and be exhibited further on the social media live feed or the digital signage.

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4. Fresh Content On Social Wall And Digital Signage Automatically


To draw visual attention by brand patrons and the general public, it is highly crucial to keep the social media displays updated with fresh content. Social network aggregator tools are capable of fetching fresh content posted by users from social media channels and updating it on digital signage. Auto-updating content is a boon with social media walls.

Linking social media signages and social feed walls is an idea that businesses and brands are adopting because it provides audience engagement and magnetic and influential content and a whole lot more. Social media network and feeds are where your potential customers are. So drive user engagement your way with displaying social media feeds on social signages.

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