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With time, the popularity of hashtags has been increasing and doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon. Its accessibility, simplicity, and effectiveness are unarguable. This has made hashtags a powerful tool for businesses, organizations, groups, and individuals. 

Creating a Live Hashtag Feed for your occasions can be an excellent step forward to leverage the power of hashtags for growing your brand.

What is a Live Hashtag Feed?

A live hashtag feed can be referred to as a feed created by aggregating content from social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc through particular or multiple hashtags in real-time.

hashtag feed
Taggbox Live Hashtag Feed at a Music Event

You can display it on digital screens or embed it on your website to grab your audience’s attention with the help of user-generated content.

How Will it Benefit You?

A live hashtag feed is an outstanding way to display content and engross your audience. Displaying real-time UGC can capture their attention and urge them to interact with your feed. We assure if you display hashtag slideshow on screens rather than marketing content, it will be greater! For Sure!!

#1 Gain Trust and Build Business

Trust is the most important factor for everybody when it comes to choosing a brand, which is very difficult to gain at present times. Hashtag live feed can help you there. You can win the social trust of your users by displaying social proof through user-generated content. 

#2 Boost Engagements

live hashtag feed in events
Happily Engaged Audience at a Conference

When you see something that you can relate to, you want to interact with it. A UGC-powered hashtag feed display has that effect. You can boost event engagements by displaying UGC and enticing your audience to engage with your feed.

#3 Content for Every Touchpoint

Display hashtag feed and collect social proof as user-generated content. You can always use that content in the future as well. The hashtag wall display is also a form of content marketing. This live hashtag feed can be used across all of your marketing touchpoints to show and leverage social proof on every crucial point of user interaction.

#4 Grow Conversions 

When your audience looks at your existing users, happy and satisfied with the feed you are displaying, they will be able to trust your brand. They can then unhesitantly be able to make transactions and increase your conversion rate, moreover, with our analytics features you can also track them!

#5 Promote Your Sponsors

You can also use a live hashtag feed on any occasion to raise funds by showing off your sponsors, Taggbox Display allows you to do it with the help of “Announcements”, “Ticker”, “Banners”, “custom posts” and much more!

#6 Expand Social Reach

People will be using your hashtag and posting about you on social media in order to be featured on the live Twitter hashtag feed or any other social media channel. Their followers will be looking at those posts as well as the hashtag will be playing a big role, these two combined will play a big role in expanding your social reach.

Display Live Hashtag Feed

Creating a Live Hashtag Feed: The Process

You can create a valuable and effective Live Hashtag Feed with the help of a UGC platform that can help you with the entire process, like Taggbox! It allows you to aggregate user-generated Content from social media platforms for your Live Hashtag Feed shared by your audience and users.

You can design your feed with a plethora of themes, colors, and fonts offered by Taggbox. Also, Taggbox authorizes you to moderate the content according to the required usability and relevancy before it goes live on the live hashtag campaign.

how to make a live hashtag feed

Where Can You Use it?

A Live Hashtag Feed has a lot of power when it comes to gripping people. It can provide your brand with the exposure you have always desired. Therefore, there are infinite occasions you can use it for. Let’s have a look at some of them.

#1 Conferences and Corporate Meetings

live hashtag feed in conferences
Taggbox Display in a Conference

Conferences are all about information and updates. Displaying a live twitter hashtag display or from any other social network at your conferences can keep all your members up to date about all the information and updates that are happening during the conference. Not only that, a social media wall for events can spur your audience participation and maximize your branding opportunities.

#2 Education Industry

Engage the students, teachers, parents, and other faculties with appealing and visual content by creating a participative atmosphere through a live hashtag feed all around your campus. Displaying Live Hashtag Feeds in corridors, libraries, auditoriums, and canteens can create a buzz around your hashtag and help your organization grow stronger. You can also use it to make announcements and reminders.

#3 Events, Concerts, and Festivals

Deploying a Live Hashtag Feed in your event can create immense engagement and interaction in your event. It flutters up a buzz around your event and promotes more participation giving your social media presence a boost. Your audience also gets an opportunity to share their experience with the entire gathering and encounter something they might not have seen before.

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#4 Hospitality Industry

live hashtag feed events
Live Hashtag Feed at Florida State Ball

Deploying a social media display of your guests enjoying and having their best time at your venue can be a great idea. It will not only build trust among the users that visit but also give them an idea of the amenities and facilities you provide. You can also use it to display any rules and regulations you want your guests to follow or give them an idea of your best dishes or best spots maybe. 

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#5 In-Store Displays

In store Displays

Stores are the place where users are half-convinced to buy products, we just have to convince them to trust your brand and make purchases. Displaying user-generated hashtag feeds of your customer’s posts can do that for you. When your visitors look at other happy and satisfied users with your products, they will be able to trust your brand and make purchases.

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#6 Website Display

live hashtag feed on website
Live Hashtag Feed on Website by Cyclebar

A website is the most basic but also essential part of a brand. An engaging and trustworthy website can convert a visitor into a customer. Displaying a live hashtag feed on your website can display social proof to the website visitors which will make it easier for them to trust your brand. Being user-generated content, it will also be relatable to those people which will heighten engagement with the feed. 

#7 Virtual Events

Hashtags are all around! Hashtags can also be used for creating a drone in your virtual event. Virtual events can be interactive, fun, and interesting when setting a social wall for the event. A hashtag and the social wall will engage your audience at a higher level and your audience will also get a chance to express themselves without interrupting the stream of the event. As, they can post from any social media platform by just adding a hashtag of the event.  

Virtual Graduation Ceremony

Using a hashtag for your virtual event will encapsulate the maximum of your targeted audience. Your users will be more thrilled, & interested and the user-friendly platform will allow them to interact easily and without any high-skill tech knowledge.

You can use Hashtag live Feeds for various other occasions as well, such as product launches, festivals, weddings, exhibitions, government events, office displays, award functions, museums, or anywhere you feel like. It is totally up to you because Live Hashtag Feed can be displayed for any occasion!

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Why Taggbox?

Taggbox is a UGC Platform that aims to help you increase your user engagement, build trust among users, and drive conversion with solutions to discover, curate, and display user-generated content on any marketing touchpoint. It provides you with some amazing features like:

  • It is highly compatible. From TV screens to jumbotrons, from office displays to concerts, Taggbox can display your feed anywhere on any screen size.
  • Your feed is updated in real time which gives your audience instant content updates.
  • Your feed can be controlled by your mobile phone so that it is more accessible to you.
  • The feed is customizable which means you can design your feed with an array of themes, colors, styles, and fonts offered by Taggbox.
  • You are authorized to moderate the aggregated content as per your requirements by filtering out unwanted and irrelevant content.
  • Once you’re done with the setup, then what? The Analytics tool will provide you with performance reports of your feed to help you study user behavior and analyze your feed performance.
  • Live Instagram wall and Twitter wall by Taggbox are the best solutions if you are planning to have a live hashtag feed displayed at an event as these platforms have the most audience!