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Instagram Hashtag Slideshow – Engagement Booster for Any Occasion

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Events, Engagements, Hashtags, and Instagram, have one thing in common, and that is “Audience”.

This world is full of endeavoring audience, who is hungry for something it can dwell with. Along with some productivity, the audience also find sources to gain benefit from. This means, if an event that is just engageable, is not sufficient. The audience also wants to see dynamism in it.

The organizers who have learned how to play the audience calling masterstrokes are the actual winners today. And if we try to hunt the magic behind the huge audience engagement in the events nowadays, we’ll find Hashtags behind the curtains holding the magical stick.

In this article, we will be focusing on the trending Instagram hashtag slideshow that is reigning the global events of every level. Also, we’ll explore the facts because of which the event organizers are adopting it readily, some real-time examples to it, and the importance of Instagram specifically, in the events.

But before the Instagram hashtag slideshow, it would be fair to understand the importance and the key-role of Instagram in event engagement.

Importance Of Hashtag Slideshow in Events

insta hashtag slideshow
Instagram Feeds Increasing Audience Engagements in Events

Questioning the importance of social media would be thoroughly detrimental. But, we can analyze the role of an individual social network in-depth, as every social network has its individual potential, worth, the pros, and the cons.  

Thus, in the case of Instagram, it is a player with the skills of visuals. And it does not require any introduction to its popularity. 

Today, more than 80 percent of users on Instagram follow at least one brand. And 70 percent of hashtags are of commercial brands in it. That simply says, there would be merely anyone who does not know about Instagram. 

It is considered to be the king of visuals, and that is why it is one of the most suitable networks to display in events. Instagram live hashtag feeds is something the whole world is very familiar with and is the main subject we will be focusing on in this article. 

Now, as we have a rough idea about Instagram and its influence, we can proceed to our purpose i.e. Instagram hashtag slideshow.

What is Instagram Hashtag Slideshow?

Instagram hashtag slideshow is an accumulated set of Instagram’s UGC aggregated from Instagram’s hashtag feeds and then displayed in the events to entertain and enhance audience engagement.

In this, a real-time slideshow is deployed into your event with dedicated user-generated content from hashtag feeds only.

There can be tens of use-cases other than events for this hashtag slideshow, be it weddings, conferences, birthday parties, meetings, or any level of the occasion.

How to Display Instagram Hashtag Slideshow in Events?

In case of an event, make sure your hashtag must have been promoted well before aggregation.

If not, just promote your hashtag, ask your fans to use and follow-up your stories through it, so that an event-oriented hashtag feed gets ready before and for your event.

how to make instagram hashtag slideshow

As an organizer, if you want to deploy the same slideshow in your event, you just need to sign up with Taggbox, a social wall builder that offers you such interactive themes for your created Instagram live feed slideshow.

Once you have an Instagram hashtag feed ready, you can now use it by choosing any standard themes best suitable for your Instagram hashtag slideshow representation and display it on any type of screen, digital signage, projector, jumbotron and you can even stream it on TV using an amazing and robust UGC tool like Taggbox.

Use Cases

In Product Launches

Brands often start promoting their upcoming launches on social media. They upload exciting features and functionalities and ask the audience about their reviews on it by leaving a particular hashtag to reply with and to get it seen.

instagram hashtag slide show
OnePlus 6 Used Taggbox Instagram Hashtag Slideshow in Launch

Displaying the audience’s exciting responses at a global level while the product launch not only shows the worldwide excitement for your product but also leaves the smell of competition to the competitors.

instagram hashtag slider

Not only the previously received responses, but you can even run a live Instagram hashtag slideshow for boosting the excitement of your niche customers who would be possibly watching the live launch event.


Exhibitions are subject to arts. And they are not supposed to have such global responses from the audiences like a concert or a commercial event gets. 

Exhibitions are about how much it is getting liked across the world. The more the artists involve the more artistic the exhibition becomes.

instagram hashtag slideshow theme by taggbox

Nowadays, Instagram community pages like IG community, that actually comprises of tens of nations as a member, manage to organize an exhibition by asking the interested photographers to participate using their hashtag.

Though all the applicants can not be selected, their hashtagged photographs can be displayed in the exhibition as a slideshow.

By fetching the hashtags through an Instagram aggregator, you can showcase the global recognition of your exhibition to the physically present audience.

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Award Functions

Awards are full of results and expectations. People as well as the artists especially, come with hopes and excitement to see what verdict the audience has left for them. 

instagram hashtag slideshow

The social wall for events is the best way to represent the public responses, and Instagram hashtags are the best way to accumulate public views, comments, poll results, and online votes in a single platform. Especially to include the nation-wide audience, Instagram hashtag slideshow is an appropriate method.

Apparently, an Instagram wall for events has been employed in a plethora of events for the same purpose.

Music Festivals And Concerts

hashtag slideshow from instagram

Usually, concerts and festivals are being promoted from at least a month before their execution. Organizers who have set their event banners with a unique hashtag mentioned on it can later ask the audience to follow the concert updates through it, and use it to leave their views on it.

An organizer may also run a poll like ‘which celebrity will be performing in the concert this time’ through Instagram stories with the same hashtag and can display the results while the concert.

Note that, people find it very easy to engage with anything hashtag-friendly.

In Weddings

Spending for pre-wedding shoots and managing a complete slideshow to display on marriage is now getting one more step added to it.

instagram hashtag slideshow theme

People now have opted for an even smarter way to go nostalgic with their life-long memories. They display their memories by aggregating them from Instagram with the help of a wedding hashtag wall.

Try Instagram hashtag Slideshow for Wedding Functions

People use to create their hashtag and post those pictures with it. Creating a separate hashtag feed makes it easy to fetch and display as a slideshow during the celebration. 

Not only memories but the recent wishes and blessings from the loved ones can also be displayed with a live Instagram hashtag wall too.


The plus side of this slideshow style theme is that children feel familiar with this. They learn to create slideshows in their early ages with computers, which makes it a like-a-like visual display for them as well. 

Instagram hashtag slideshow
Instagram Hashtag Slider at the 1st Birthday Party

Hashtag slider is just a perfect fit for birthdays because people would even otherwise manage to display slideshows of their memories meanwhile the celebration.

With an Instagram aggregation tool, you may not need to ask every of your child’s friends for their vintage collection personally. As you can easily fetch their photographs by their Instagram usernames and create a nostalgic ambiance through it.

The process would be similar. One just needs to aggregate the content from Instagram and choose one of the themes within the display option.

Summits & Conferences

The social media presence is not just common for individual use. But it is nowadays getting methodical for corporate firms as well.

instagram hashtag slideshow for conferences

Potential business firms, no matter what sector they belong to, are nowadays incorporating Instagram and other social media networks for achieving and showcasing their global presence simultaneously.

Virtual event

Hashtag and gram is all around! Virtual events are a great way to interact, inform, and engage your audience. Social wall when blended with the virtual event, it would become one of the most engaging & interacting platforms for the users. The virtual event can be made more interactive by just adding the hashtag to the post or the comment from any of the social media platforms.

Instagram slider Widget

The use of hashtag for creating the social wall for virtual event could be beneficial in many ways like: 

  1. The event could become more interactive.
  2. People can share their photos, comments, or videos and those all will be directly represented on the social wall. 
  3. Hashtag will help you in reaching the maximum of your targeted audience. 
  4.  Using a hashtag for the virtual event would result in a more efficient and user-friendly platform. 

In the meetings, e-summits, and corporate events, organizers and sponsors want the maximum engagement by displaying their social recognition.

Instagram hashtag slideshow proved itself very helpful in showcasing the global engagements. The audience accumulated in a gathering would appreciate the vogue representation of social engagement your business or brand had got across the world.

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Slideshow Themes We Offer

To display an Instagram hashtag slideshow at your event, just sign up with Taggbox and create your Instagram hashtag wall, then choose any of these three themes that we think are best suitable for slideshow representation-

Classis Slideshow – It comes with a sophisticated touch, simple in design, sober in looks, and has a sharp-edged layout. No wonder why people go with this the most. Simplicity is simply the best trend.

Classic Slideshow

Zoom Slideshow – FULL-SCREEN optimized display makes your Instagram content visible with a fit-screen aspect. It lets you completely utilize your display screen.

Zoom Slideshow

Modern Slideshow – It comes with some exquisite screen effects, that can keep your viewers more engaged than any other theme.

Modern Slideshow

Final Words

Through this blog, a reader hopefully has understood the recent value of Instagram hashtag slideshow. 

Instagram hashtag slideshow is currently the most liked style of User-generated content representation. And to incorporate it into your event, you would require a smart and agile social media aggregation tool like Taggbox.

Taggbox always serves you with the latest and trending themes. Not only with the display walls but it is also flexible with digital signage solutions like Screencloud, Mvix, Enplug, Novisign, Scala, Signagelive, etc. to run a live Instagram wall as well with the shortest update time.

Conclusively, to gain a dynamic image, we need to keep changing ourselves with time and adopt the adequately able tools, products, and services as well. However, if there is no effective audience engagement even after a regular change, that change isn’t worth getting.

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