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10 Successful Hashtag Campaign Examples To Get Inspire

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Social media has emerged to become a realm of hashtags. Ever since Chris Messina came up with the idea to include hashtags on Twitter for categorizing channels using the hash (#) sign, these signs have exploded in popularity and have become a common sight on all the leading social media networks. 

In the current social media landscape, hashtags have become an integral part of pretty much every social media users’ content. Resulting, there are over thousands of posts containing hashtags daily on social media. 

Hashtags are used by brand users to express their opinion, to make content discovery easier, or even for searching content.

Seeing such massive popularity of hashtags, brands have started adopting this strategy as a hashtag campaign. The motto behind running a hashtag contest may differ; however, a few common reasons are for improving social media following, increasing engagement, or for supporting a cause.

Being a brand, if you are motivated to use hashtag campaigns in your marketing game, then you are at the right place. 

Keep reading as we have mentioned the best hashtag examples of all time, ideal for inspiration. 

Why Do Brands Run Hashtag Campaigns?

A hashtag campaign can serve a variety of goals, regardless of whether you are a small business or a large corporation. Hashtag campaigns can be used to –

  • Raising brand awareness
  • Boost your followers and retweets by increasing the visibility of your content and making it easy to track and measure it
  • Get your audience to participate
  • Effectively promote events
  • Assistance with organizing a contest or launching a product
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Most Inspirational Hashtag Campaign Examples Of All Time

After going through the aforementioned advantages of hosting a Hashtag contest, we are certain that you must be searching for some inspiration for your next move.

Just like the title of the blog suggests, make your way to go through some of the best Hashtag campaigns of all times, that has helped brands tremendously improve their social media presence.

1. #ExpressWithPride Campaign By Taggbox 

With the motto of ‘Love comes without any labels’, Taggbox organized the #ExpressWithPride campaign during Pride month to embrace love in all forms irrespective of community. Supported by big giants like 6Connex, Snapbar, and Calashock commerce, the platform asked people to upload their snaps using the hashtag #ExpressWithPride and displayed it on their platform. 

As a result, many people have come forward to actively participate in the campaign to celebrate progress and equality. This campaign is a testament to hosting a hashtag contest strategically at the right time.

2. #WorthSaying By Loreal Paris 

The famous beauty brand Loreal Paris asked women to raise their voices and post about issues that matter to them using the hashtag #WorthSaying. 

This campaign gave women the power to come out and speak openly on issues that are worth talking about. The campaign became so popular that celebrities like Jennifer Lopez & Blake Lively also actively participated in it.

This hashtag example tells brands how standing for a social cause can evoke emotions in people and compel them to participate.

3. #Sunday7Social By ISOLATED Talks

ISOLATED talks, a radio talk show, played a #Sunday7Social playlist every fortnight to build a sense of community amongst isolated people. People worldwide used the hashtag #Sunday7Social to share their stories and to become a part of the curated playlist. The campaign garnered immense amounts of User-Generated Content that was used by the brand in the form of a widget on their website.

The brand used Taggbox Widget, a responsive social media aggregator, to aggregate and embed the content using the hashtag #Sunday7Social as the content aggregation source. Adopting this strategy, they could increase their engagement by 46%!

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4. #Letsdolunch By Domino’s Pizza

The famous pizza brand Domino’s ran a promotional hashtag contest. The brand asked the users to use the hashtag #Letsdolunch in all their tweets.

In return, the brand offered a huge discount on their star pizza – Pepperoni Passion by reducing the price of the pizza depending on the number of tweets garnered till lunchtime. 

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Domino’s played smart by offering special deals and discounts to its customers using the hashtag, which further motivated the users to purchase the pizza immediately!

5. #DoUsAFlavour Campaign By Lays 

Lays is famous for setting ideal hashtag campaign examples. One of the most successful ones hosted by the brand is the #DoUsAFlavour campaign. 

The outcome was the brand received over 14.4 million flavor submissions and, the winning flavor was gifted prize money of 1 million dollars! 

This campaign is an example of how well creative contests can drive participation and engagement from brand users.

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Starting with an objective to increase brand value and drive more traffic on its Facebook page, Lays played smart by asking its customers to give them ideas for the upcoming flavors that did not exist before. 

6. #ShareYourEars Campaign by Disney

This charity-based hashtag campaign started when Disney collaborated with the Make a Wish foundation to raise funds. 

The brand asked people to post their pictures wearing the iconic Mickey Mouse ears and upload them using the hashtag #ShareYourEars. 

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For every post, the brand donated $5 to the foundation. The campaign evoked emotions within social media users and, it instantly went viral. Moreover, the campaign received support from many famous influencers and celebrities as well.

7. #HOLLYWOODselfie By Pedigree Australia

The famous dog food chain Pedigree strategically launched a dog selfie app called DentaStix to raise awareness around pet dental health. 

The selfie app used the camera of the iPhone combined with squeaky sounds to grab the pet’s attention for a perfect selfie. The brand encouraged the users to post the picture on social media using the hashtag #HOLLYWOODselfie

The campaign garnered huge attention from the users. The brand received a lot of User-Generated Content that can be used effectively to build social proof, increase engagement, and boost sales. 

8. #OreoHorrorStories By Oreo

Oreo got all creative by starting the ever famous hashtag #OreoHorrorStories. The campaign began during Halloween when Oreo posted vines, parodying a few iconic horror movie scenes with Oreo cookie as the main character of these scenes. 

The brand used the hashtag #OreoHorrorStories and gained massive attention from its fans that got them trending all over social media. 

Similarly, other brands can also incorporate this strategy and make the most of upcoming events/festivals to start exclusive campaigns. 

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9. #BeyondFiveStars By Uber 

Uber expanded its social media reach and presence when the brand urged its users to applaud their Uber drivers for their service using the hashtag #BeyondFiveStars

Soon enough, the campaign became a massive hit when millions of Uber users posted content while thanking their Uber drives for their outstanding services.

The brand made the most of the content by using it in ads and highlighting the most highly applauded drivers. 

10. #Trippinwithtarte by Tarte Cosmetics 

Tarte is a famous cosmetics brand that uses influencer marketing campaign to increase its brand reach on social media. The brand is known for sending influencers to all-sponsored trips to different locations. 

In return, the influencers post content around Tarte cosmetics using the hashtag #Trippinwithtarte. This marketing campaign helped the brand get millions of followers on social media. 

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This campaign reflects how influencer marketing can help you tremendously improve your brand reach and followers on social media with the power of hashtags.

Benefits Of Running A Hashtag Campaign

1. Get A Better Understanding Of The Audience 

To increase sales and conversions, it is mandatory for brands to understand the requirements and needs of the customers. 

Hosting hashtag campaigns are a golden chance for brands to get detailed insights into information like engagement level, demographics, the number of new followers, behavioral analysis, etc. 

Leveraging such information is crucial to achieving your brand targets. 

2. For Setting A Brand Image 

If you have a positive impression of your followers, they are more likely to engage with you. Hashtag contest also reflects the experiences of your existing customers with the brand. Also, they reflect on the causes you stand up for.  

These factors work together to build your brand image and help your users to see you in a different light. Once the image is right, they would be compelled to interact and engage with you on a personal level as well.

3. Increase User Engagement

User engagement is a crucial factor in determining the interest of your audience in your brand. 

Hashtag campaigns are instrumental to generate user engagement since it pushes your followers to tweet or post content using a specific hashtag. 

They work great to drive content in favor of your brand as your customers tell their success stories, the products they love, etc. and it further does the job to urge other social media users to post content on their social media handles. This strategy works effectively to increase the overall engagement of your brand users. 

Closing Note 

More than 90% of marketers feel that leveraging social media marketing campaigns is an important strategy for their brand’s growth. 

Since hashtags are ubiquitous, they play a primary role in expanding your brand exposure. Moreover, due to their strong and quirky presence, they hold the extreme potential to make your content go viral. 

Be it for supporting a noble cause or with influencer marketing; you are now aware of the different methods and techniques adopted by brands to run a successful hashtag campaign. 

For further upscaling your marketing efforts, you can display these hashtag feeds on various touch-points like websites, digital screens, social ads, emailers, and eCommerce stores using a tool like Taggbox for additional benefits.

What are you waiting for now? Go on, pick your inspiration and run your hashtag campaign for reaping the mentioned benefits and more!

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