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6 Powerful Hashtag Tracking Tools Every Marketer Should Use

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Social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest revolve around a hashtag. It is widely used across several platforms to increase user engagement, improve brand image and for community building. Hashtags play an essential role while creating and curating user-generated content. In this article, we discuss the best hashtag tracking tools.

For a brand to increase interaction with customers and generate up-to-date content, hashtags are really beneficial. Using a trending hashtag for your brand’s promotion or at an event is not sufficient enough as there is a mechanism that you need to follow. To keep track of how a hashtag is performing, hashtag tracking tools are used to create the one and make it trending among the mass audience.

Hashtag analytics also finds out a way to keep a track of social media presence. We have found 6 effective hashtag tracking tools that help to identify a trending hashtag and its reach among users.

6 Best Hashtag Tracking Tools

#1. Taggbox

Our social media activities revolve around hashtags, every single individual, as well as brands, are using it to increase user engagement.

Taggbox is the best Hashtag Wall tool and social media aggregator that collects user-generated content by using a hashtag. You can display the curated content on a social media wall to motivate users to share more posts on social media using that hashtag.

Taggbox Analytics tool

With Taggbox Analytics, You can get complete insight about your hashtag performance. You can track and monitor impressions, total posts, public and private posts for your hashtag.

The tool also helps in keeping a track of the top influential contributors and at the same time, you can monitor the most active users who are using that hashtag in real-time. It also allows you to track the type of posts (image, video or text), locations of posts and posts by networks.

Taggbox Hashtag Analytics Tool

The tool offers the best features that are highly desired by brands for social media planning.

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#2. RiteTag

While you are struggling to find an apt hashtag, RiteTag gives quick suggestions for texts and images on desktop and mobile too. If you use Instagram and Pinterest for branding purposes and for community building then you should use this tool.


Using a hashtag is simple but coming up with a specific hashtag is equally difficult as the choice of words affects its reach. The best part about using RiteTag is that it provides real-time feedback and recommendation about a hashtag.

Apart from providing analytics about the hashtag that you are using, RiteTag also gives an idea about other trending and related hashtags.

Price: $49 per month

#3. Keyhole

Can you believe that Keyhole measures influencers’ activities across social media? It also helps to improve hashtags’ digital impact and provides customizable reports that are easy to understand. You can also track the number of posts that contain your hashtag within a specific time period, its reach and the number of impressions too.

keyhole Analytics

Keyhole also provides easy access to your timeline which includes the first time when the hashtag was used and its first response. Once you know enough about the user’s response and engagement, you can engage with them directly.

Price: $199 – $999 per month

Number of Hashtag & Keyword trackers: 3 – 22

#4. Hashtagify

Hashtagify provides you with a platform where you can search for any hashtag and explore the popularity of it. You can choose an apt hashtag for your brand and set up a campaign. You can also check how your hashtags are performing including the top influencers that are using them on Instagram and Twitter.

Hashtagify Hashtag tracking tool

The tool also shows the time of the day, when your hashtag is mostly used, along with information about how it performs over time and about top influencers that are using them. It can also help you to find the top ten hashtags related to your brand or event.

The tool also helps to collect the data in one place and download charts of your tacked hashtags.

Price: $29 – $311 per month

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#5. Hashtracking

hashtracking analytics tool

The name says it all. Hashtracking is a powerful tool for social media tracking, and it also provides real-time monitoring. It also allows you to choose display names for your hashtags to keep better track of them. You can use this tool to create reports for Twitter hashtag and Instagram hashtag. It also generates beautiful, detailed analytic reports showing you the activity on each of the hashtags that you’ve entered in. You can easily keep a track of the hashtags for your events and campaigns with Hashtracking.

Price: $50 – $1500 per month

#6. Twubs

Twubs gives an opportunity to register your hashtag and create a hashtag chat room. You can also embed the real-time hashtag feed on your website and blog too. You can join the chat room and start a conversation regarding the same. It also has an amazing hashtag directory, so you can search a specific hashtag feed and can join that hashtag chat room.

Twubs hashtag analytics

You can register your hashtag and Twubs provides you with an option to claim it for a trademark challenge.

Price: $199 – $599 per month

Number of hashtag insights: 6

Concluding Thoughts

Hashtags are the best way to generate user-generated content and track how your hashtag is performing on social media platforms. These hashtag analytics tools will help you to monitor your hashtag and provide you with real-time results to build a strong community platform. After tracking the hashtag, you can start the conversations which will represent your brand.

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We’ve analyzed and covered our top 6 hashtag tracking tools for effective results. Have we listed you favourite hashtag analytics tool? What are other advantageous hashtag tools for marketing? Share with us.

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