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Top 16 Powerful Hashtag Tracking Tools Every Marketer Should Use

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Are you eager to enhance your hashtag campaign’s performance and gain insights for future improvements? Then, you’ve come to the right place, where we’ll explore the crucial role of hashtag tracking tools in achieving these goals.

A Hashtag tracking tool will help you track your campaign’s performance on social media channels like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and many more. These hashtag research tools help keep up with your competitors and provide a detailed and insightful report on the engagement and reach of your brand through your hashtag campaign. 

Hashtags are beneficial for a brand to increase customer interaction and generate up-to-date content. But there are many questions: What is hashtag analytics? How do you discover trendy hashtags? What are the benefits? The list goes on. 

In this blog, we’ll explore the details further and share the top hashtag tracking tools to help you grow your business with excellent results. 

So, without further ado, let’s begin!

What are Hashtag Analytics?

Hashtag analytics is the process of tracking and analyzing the performance of hashtags on social media platforms. This helps measure the success of your hashtag campaigns and reach or understand how hashtags can impact your brand’s image. You can use a hashtag tracking tool to keep your branded hashtags effective as a brand. 

But when it comes to hashtag analytics, you can get valuable insights into your hashtag performance. This is where hashtag analysis tools help you track your social media presence through branded hashtags. Keep reading to learn more about that.

How Do You Discover Trending Hashtags?

As we move ahead, let’s clear the basics: Your brand needs to keep track of trending hashtags. This will help you start your hashtag campaign and reach a wider audience through your content. But the question is, how can you uncover these hidden and impactful hashtags to get closer to your goals? Below, we have mentioned ways to do the same; keep reading.  

Look Around You: 

Start with the basics and look around you. Most social media platforms have built-in hashtag analytics helpers. Start typing a hashtag, and they’ll show you trending and relevant options for your campaign. 

Stay on top of the Competition: 

As mentioned, see what your competitors are doing, which hashtags they use, and track their performance. This can reveal trending topics within your niche, attracting potential customers. 

Follow the Buzz: 

In the fast-paced digital world of social media, influencers from various niches share trending hashtags that help them reach worldwide with their content. You can stay updated by keeping in touch with these content creators. 

Hashtag Tracking Tools: 

One way to get impactful hashtags for your brand and campaigns to succeed is to choose the right hashtag tracking tool, like Tagbox. These tools can find trending hashtags by analyzing real-time conversations. In the section below, we have mentioned some of the best hashtag-tracking tools for 2024. 

16 Best Hashtag Tracking Tools for 2024

Before proceeding, choose a hashtag tracking tool that aligns best with your budget and goals and helps you grow effectively. Furthermore, it details your hashtag, such as engagement, reach, and impressions from people. 

Find out which tool works best for your brand from the information below.

1. Tagbox

Our social media activities revolve around hashtags, every single individual, as well as brands, are using it to increase user engagement.

Tagbox is the best Hashtag Wall tool and social media aggregator that collects user-generated content by using a hashtag. You can display the curated content on a social media wall to motivate users to share more posts on social media using that hashtag.

Taggbox Analytics tool

With Tagbox Analytics, You can get complete insight about your hashtag performance. You can track and monitor impressions, total posts, public and private posts for your hashtag.

The tool also helps in keeping a track of the top influential contributors and at the same time, you can monitor the most active users who are using that hashtag in real-time. It also allows you to track the type of posts (image, video or text), locations of posts and posts by networks.

Taggbox Hashtag Analytics Tool

The tool offers the best features that are highly desired by brands for social media planning.

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2. RiteTag

While you are struggling to find an apt hashtag, RiteTag gives quick suggestions for texts and images on desktop and mobile too. If you use Instagram and Pinterest for branding purposes and for community building then you should use this tool.


Using a hashtag is simple but coming up with a specific hashtag is equally difficult as the choice of words affects its reach. The best part about using RiteTag is that it provides real-time feedback and recommendation about a hashtag.

Apart from providing analytics about the hashtag that you are using, RiteTag also gives an idea about other trending and related hashtags.

Price: $49 per month

3. Keyhole

Can you believe that Keyhole measures influencers’ activities across social media? It also helps to improve hashtags’ digital impact and provides customizable reports that are easy to understand. You can also track the number of posts that contain your hashtag within a specific time period, its reach and the number of impressions too.

keyhole Analytics

Keyhole also provides easy access to your timeline which includes the first time when the hashtag was used and its first response. Once you know enough about the user’s response and engagement, you can engage with them directly.

Price: $199 – $999 per month

Number of Hashtag & Keyword trackers: 3 – 22

4. Hashtagify

Hashtagify provides you with a platform where you can search for any hashtag and explore the popularity of it. You can choose an apt hashtag for your brand and set up a campaign. You can also check how your hashtags are performing including the top influencers that are using them on Instagram and Twitter.

Hashtagify Hashtag tracking tool

The tool also shows the time of the day, when your hashtag is mostly used, along with information about how it performs over time and about top influencers that are using them. It can also help you to find the top ten hashtags related to your brand or event.

The tool also helps to collect the data in one place and download charts of your tacked hashtags.

Price: $29 – $311 per month

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5. Hashtracking

hashtracking analytics tool

The name says it all. Hashtracking is a powerful tool for social media tracking, and it also provides real-time monitoring. It also allows you to choose display names for your hashtags to keep better track of them. You can use this tool to create reports for Twitter hashtag and Instagram hashtag. It also generates beautiful, detailed analytic reports showing you the activity on each of the hashtags that you’ve entered in. You can easily keep a track of the hashtags for your events and campaigns with Hashtracking.

Price: $50 – $1500 per month

6. Twubs

Twubs gives an opportunity to register your hashtag and create a hashtag chat room. You can also embed the real-time hashtag feed on your website and blog too. You can join the chat room and start a conversation regarding the same. It also has an amazing hashtag directory, so you can search a specific hashtag feed and can join that hashtag chat room.

Twubs hashtag analytics

You can register your hashtag and Twubs provides you with an option to claim it for a trademark challenge.

Price: $199 – $599 per month

Number of hashtag insights: 6

7. Hootsuite Analytics

Hootsuite is a social media analytics tool designed to help businesses grow online. It concentrates your social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more) into a single dashboard, saving you the hassle of switching between platforms.

Hootsuite Analytics

Hootsuite empowers you with its ability to track crucial metrics, providing deep insights into the effectiveness of your social media strategy. Discover how your content resonates, gauge engagement, and pinpoint peak engagement hours for maximum impact.

Hootsuite is a one-stop shop for managing your social media presence and helps you achieve your business goals through effective social media management.

8. Sprout Social

Sprout Social’s Premium Analytics goes beyond metrics to help brands understand the return on investment of their social media marketing.

Premium Analytics also saves you time by filtering out irrelevant data and letting you focus on what matters. Get comparisons, interactive charts, and actionable insights to improve your social media strategy and performance. In short, Sprout Social’s Premium Analytics helps you ditch the fluff and focus on the data that drives actual results.

9. Talkwalker

Talkwalker’s comprehensive solution for hashtag tracking across 10+ social platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. In addition to these social media channels, you can also gain deeper information on websites and blogs to capture the entire conversation.

Gain valuable insights into key metrics like mentions, engagement, reach, and sentiment. No more switching between tools –  manage and analyze your hashtags efficiently, all in one place.

10. Snapview

This powerful tool lets you track the frequency with which specific hashtags are used on various platforms, including Instagram, Reddit, Pinterest, YouTube, and blogs.

With Synapview hashtag tracker, there is no limit to offers and features. It allows you to combine hashtags or exclude ones you’re not interested in, creating in-depth searches. Plus, Synapview integrates seamlessly with Hootsuite so that you can view all your hashtag research data directly from your dashboard for a unified social media experience.

11. Fedica

Fedica opens the power of hashtags, offering a wealth of social media insights you can’t get from simply tracking them. Imagine a report that details who’s using a hashtag, where it’s being shared, and if related topics are trending. 

Fedica even identifies influencers who are reaching your target audience. Get in-depth analytics like engagement rates, sentiment analysis, and the demographics of those interacting with the hashtag.

12. Later

Do you need help finding the right hashtags for your Instagram posts? Look no further than Later! They analyze how your posts with different hashtags perform, showing which ones get you the most likes, comments, and saves. 

Later, it helps you crack the code to reach more people on Instagram.

13. Brand24

Brand24 is next on our list of top hashtag tracking tools, offering a range of hashtag analytics. Dive deeper and learn more about who talks about your brand online, keep track of the buzz, and check its quality. 

Don’t think of stopping there; go beyond and Pinpoint your industry’s top content creators to make decisions about collaborations. Furthermore, you can stay on the graph, understand your targeted audience’s sentiments (positive, negative, neutral), and make better decisions in the future.

14. Engage AI

Are you having trouble finding the right hashtags for your LinkedIn posts? Engage AI offers free tools to help you dominate social selling. Their website widgets act like dynamic billboards, showcasing LinkedIn’s most popular, searched-for, and up-and-coming hashtags—all updated weekly. This gives you valuable insights into what’s trending and what could potentially reach a wider audience. 

But Engage AI doesn’t stop there. Their Chrome extension delves deeper, allowing you to analyze any specific hashtag you have in mind. With a few clicks, you can see the follower count and estimates for likes and comments your post might receive if you use that hashtag.

15. TrackMyHashtag

Next on our hashtag tracker tool list is TrackMyHashtag, which you can use to see how hashtags are performing on Twitter. This tool tracks any hashtag, keyword, or mention on Twitter, and you can see the results live on a dashboard. Their Tweet Counter/Hashtag Counter shows how many tweets used a hashtag within a set time frame, including average usage and a timeline.

You can also see hashtag performance in real-time, identify critical influencers using your hashtags, and Measure reach and brand awareness.

16. TweetDeck

As we reach the end of this section, here is the last hashtag analytics tool, which can help you effectively follow multiple hashtags or conversations. Its simple interface makes it easy to see everything at once and quickly join discussions. 

TweetDeck also allows you to schedule tweets, although this is limited to Twitter and cannot be used for other social media platforms. If you manage social media for clients or a team, you can connect your Twitter account to TweetDeck and add multiple accounts.

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Important Hashtag Metrics to Track

Like tracking website traffic, analyzing hashtag metrics helps you understand how your hashtags perform. Here are some measurements to keep an eye on:

  1. Reach: 

Find out the users who saw your content with your branded hashtag, liked it, and were worthy of engaging with it.  

  1. Impressions: 

This metric brings forth the total number of times your content with the hashtag was shown and played by the viewers. 

  1. Engagement Rate: 

Calculate the number of users who interacted with your content (likes, comments, shares) and understand the potential of your hashtag. 

  1. Audience Demographics: 

Learn the insights about the users who see and engage with your hashtags. You can see age, location, interests, and even follower demographics. 

Tracking these metrics can give you valuable insights into which hashtags are driving results and which ones might need replacing. Not only can you refine your hashtag strategy based on the results given by your hashtag tracking tool, but you can also better maximize your reach and engagement on social media with their help.

The Benefits Of Hashtag Analytics And Tracking

Let’s understand the need for a hashtag-tracking tool. Here’s how hashtag analytics and tracking can take your social media game to another level:

1. Boost Your Reach & Engagement:

With a hashtag tracking tool, you can gain insights into how to get your content seen by more people and start conversations that lead to conversions with your customers.

2. Find Your Target Audience:

Track which hashtags attract your ideal audience and encourage them to participate in campaigns through likes, comments, and shares. This will help you tailor your content to resonate with the right people.

3. Track your Competitors:

See what hashtags your competitors are using and how they perform. Don’t learn from their success, but avoid their mistakes and make your hashtag more result-driven.

4. Content Like a Boss:

Don’t unthinkingly and continuously share content on social media channels; stay active on socials and know which type of content your audience prefers.

5. Build Brand Awareness:

Tracking hashtags lets you see how often your brand is being mentioned, giving you an edge over the numbers and statistics. This helps you build robust brand recognition and establish yourself as a leading brand in your niche.

Concluding Thoughts

Hashtags are the best way to generate user-generated content and track how your hashtag is performing on social media platforms. These hashtag analytics tools will help you to monitor your hashtag and provide you with real-time results to build a strong community platform. After tracking the hashtag, you can start the conversations which will represent your brand.

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We’ve analyzed and covered our top 6 hashtag tracking tools for effective results. Have we listed you favourite hashtag analytics tool? What are other advantageous hashtag tools for marketing? Share with us.

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