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11 X (Twitter) Hashtag Analytics & Tracking Tools in 2024

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Twitter (Now X) is a popular social platform among users and brands and hashtag is a major component of it. Tweets with hashtags have twice the engagement of the tweets without them. This has made it very important for a brand to use hashtags to get more traffic on their posts.

Did you know tweets that include hashtags have a 55% higher chance of getting retweeted?

Hashtags started as a way to search for various content on Twitter and have outgrown their usage. Marketers run hashtag campaigns to motivate their audience to use primary hashtags, and hence increase their reach. They are mostly used to make more people aware of a brand and increase overall engagement.

It is next to impossible to keep track of hashtags used for a campaign, manually. This is where hashtag tracking tools come into play. These tools can help you monitor and evaluate the performance of your Twitter hashtag campaign.

Let’s dive deep into these tools and why they are important.

11 Best Twitter Hashtag Tracking And Analytics Tools [2024]

What is X (Twitter) Hashtag Analytics?

Twitter Hashtag Analysis is a strategic approach that utilizes hashtag tracking tools to monitor and manage the performance of hashtags. This practice is an integral part of successful brand campaign strategies. Hashtags are responsible for multiple purposes such as categorizing content, amplifying tweets, elevating brand visibility, etc.

Tools to embed Twitter feeds on websites offer insights into popular hashtags, empowering users to enhance engagement and interactions. It is then combined with free hashtag tracking to reveal trending topics and user activities.

This helps in understanding audience preferences which can be used in the future while creating marketing strategies. The gathered information provides decisions for the optimization of content reach, exposure, and overall awareness on Twitter.

Analyse and Track your Hashtag Success

How To Do Hashtag Analytics?

Hashtag analytics involve multiple approaches to monitor the performance of hashtags on social media platforms like Twitter. Here are some of the basic pointers one must consider while analyzing Twitter hashtags:

  1. Selection of Hashtags:  Brands must choose the hashtags they want to analyze based on the Twitter hashtag campaign.
  2. Use of Analytics Tools: Utilization of specialized hashtag analytics tools specifically designed for hashtag analysis can be an effective approach. Popular tools include TagBox, All Hashtag, Brand Mention, TrackMyHashtag, etc.
  3. Tracking Metrics: Monitoring key metrics such as reach, impressions, engagement, and user interactions helps a brand evaluate the growth of hashtags.
  4. Content Performance: Brands should assess how well the content with specific hashtags performs in terms of likes, shares, retweets, and comments.
  5. Trending Topics: Identifying trending topics related to the hashtags to stay informed about current conversations helps create content with more engagement probability.
  6. Competitor Analysis: Brands should analyze how competitors are using hashtags and understand their strategies. 
  7. Hashtag Reach: Determining the reach of hashtags by assessing how widely they are being used and shared is always beneficial.
  8. Sentiment Analysis: Sentiment analysis is an effective method to understand the overall sentiment associated with specific hashtags.
  9. Reporting and Optimization: Brands can generate reports based on the gathered data for future Twitter marketing strategies. They can also optimize hashtag usage based on the insights gained to improve content reach and engagement.

Why There is a Need For X (Twitter) Hashtag Analytics Tool?

Twitter hashtag analytics can showcase highlights of what topics are trending among the users. They analyze how these hashtags are responding to newsworthy activities, monitoring user activities, insights into what consumers are sharing, etc. 

You can identify the key hashtags that users are using along with the performance of your brand hashtags. With hashtag Analytics tools, a brand can drive user engagement, leading to a wider reach, awareness, exposure, and diverse valuable benefits.

Combined with social media aggregators, hashtag tracking tools can significantly contribute to brand growth in terms of marketing.

How Can You Identify The Best Hashtags Using Hashtag Analytics?

Hashtag analytics is crucial for any brand or business looking to harness the power of social media to reach a wider audience. With the help of advanced tracking tools, you can get a deep understanding of how your hashtags perform. This information can be used to optimize your strategy for maximum impact.

So how exactly do hashtag analytics help you identify the best hashtags for your brand or campaign? Well, it all starts with data.

  • By analyzing metrics like engagement rates, reach, and impressions, you can identify the hashtags that resonate with your audience.
  • With hashtag analytics, you can track the performance of each hashtag in real-time.
  • You can also analyze the demographics of the users engaging with your hashtags and use that information for refined targeting.
  • Another benefit of Twitter hashtag analytics is monitoring and tracking your competitors. By analyzing their hashtag usage, you can gain valuable insights into their strategy and identify improvement opportunities in your campaigns.
  • Hashtag analytics provide a wealth of data to help you make decisions about your social media strategy and drive results.
  • With the right tools, you can identify the best hashtags for your campaigns and stay ahead of the competition.

What Hashtags You Should Track?

When it comes to tracking hashtags on Twitter, there are a few different categories you’ll want to pay attention to. Each category serves a unique purpose in helping you stay on top of the conversation and engage with your audience.

Let’s take a close look at each one of these:

1. Branded Hashtags

Branded hashtags are a powerful way to build brand awareness and promote your products or services on social media. 

By creating a unique hashtag specific to your brand, you can encourage your followers to join the conversation and share their experiences. 

When tracking branded hashtags, look for patterns in usage and engagement, and use that information to refine your messaging.

2. Event Hashtags

Event hashtags are a must-have for any live event, conference, or trade show.

Creating a unique hashtag for your event can encourage attendees to share their experiences and connect on social media.

Checking usage and engagement while analyzing hashtag performance is always a beneficial approach. This information can be used to gauge your event’s success and identify improvement areas.

3. Campaign Hashtags

Campaign hashtags are designed to promote a specific marketing campaign or initiative. 

Whether launching a new product or raising awareness, a campaign hashtag can help amplify your message and encourage user participation. 

4. Content Hashtags

Content hashtags categorize your content and make it easier for users to discover. 

Whether you’re sharing blog posts, infographics, or other types of content, adding relevant hashtags can help you reach a wider audience and drive more engagement. 

When tracking content hashtags, look for patterns in usage and engagement, and use that information to refine your content strategy and attract more followers.

5. Trending Hashtags

Trending hashtags are the most popular hashtags on Twitter at any given moment. By keeping an eye on trending hashtags, you can stay up-to-date on the latest news and join the conversation. 

When tracking trending hashtags, look for opportunities to join the conversation in an authentic and relevant way to your brand.

Top 11 Free Hashtag Tracking Tools in 2024

1. Tagbox

Tagbox is a Twitter feed aggregator tool that fetches content from various social media platforms via hashtags.

Taggbox - Twitter Hashtag Tracking Tools

It helps you to generate enormous audience participation for your hashtag campaigns on Twitter by displaying live hashtag Twitter feeds. It motivates users to post more content on Twitter using your hashtag hence generating audience engagement.

You can display live Twitter feeds on your website, display user-generated content, and engage your audience. With Tagbox you don’t have to worry about managing content rights from Twitter users as it takes care of the same. Tagbox enables you to create a real-time Twitter Widget.


The Tagbox Widget lets you have access to complete insights regarding the performance of your Twitter hashtag campaign. You can track and monitor total impressions, total posts, post type, post network, most active users, sentiment statistics, and much more.

It also allows you to track the post locations and the most influential contributors of the posts.

Twitter Hashtag Tracker

Unique Value

Taggbox offers Twitter hashtag tracking and analytics features that are desirable by marketers for planning a marketing campaign.

It comes with flexible pricing plans and allows you to have various hashtag insights depending on the nature of your plan.

2. All Hashtag

Launched in 2015, All Hashtag is a simple and free website with the sole purpose of making your Twitter hashtag journey simple. It offers various features from creating a hashtag to measuring its performance online. It lets you generate, create, and analyze hashtags for your Twitter posts.

hashtag tracking tools


All Hashtag comes with 4 inbuilt tools to help you choose the best hashtags for Twitter and measure their performance. These tools are – Hashtag Generator, Creator, and Analytics.

Unique Value

All Hashtags are free, simple, and easy to use. You can start by entering a keyword and it’ll show the relevant hashtags that you can use in your content.

3. BrandMentions

BrandMentions is a web social listening tool. It was launched after understanding the incapacity to monitor brands and their competitors accurately. It was launched in 2015 when no tool in the market would send updates about brands. 

Hashtag Tracking Tool


With BrandMentions you can discover and engage with users and relevant influencers offering larger exposure to your brand.

You also get to understand your audience better and curate customer-centric products that not only meet but exceed their expectations. Being aware of how your brand is perceived by your audience gives you an edge over your competitors. 

Unique Value:

BrandMentions is a platform where you can monitor everything being said about your brand on the internet. You get real-time alerts straight to your inbox, every time your name is mentioned.

This platform also helps in analyzing your competitors and helps you learn, adapt, and finally flourish more than your competitors. 

4. Tweet Binder

Tweet Binder is an amazing tool and complete suite that analyzes hashtags and links conversations with them.

It helps you to enhance the social reach of your marketing efforts and expand your follower base on Twitter. It helps you bind hashtags into similar groups according to your set criteria.

tweet binder alternative


Tweet Binder lets you track Twitter hashtags in real time, analyze hashtags, and export Excel reports. It also allows you to tap into historical data to get complete stats for your hashtag campaign.

Unique Value

Tweet Binder gives you complete access to Twitter data. Tweet Binder also gives you the power to curate your content. It helps you give real value to your content. It provides information like top hashtags, which hashtag got the most reach, etc.

5. Tweet Reach

Tweet Reach was born in the spring of 2009 with the simple idea of tracking Twitter reach.

It allows its users to get a report of recent Twitter activity. Tweet Reach has expanded its horizons to in-depth social media analytics allowing users to have reports for other platforms as well.

Twitter hashtag analytics free


Tweet Reach comes with features like Twitter Archive Search and Twitter Analytics. It lets you measure all the social activities on Twitter hashtags, topics, profiles, and competitors.

The full-fidelity data access of Tweet Reach gives you full coverage of the hashtags on Twitter and other platforms.

It lets you track posts in real-time and download Twitter hashtag analytics reports as PDFs.

Unique Value

Tweet Reach lets you monitor posts across Twitter and other social media platforms at a really low price.

It displays results and reports on reach, performance, and engagement in an eye-catching chart form and digestible reports.

6. Social Searcher

Social Searcher is a free social media search engine that allows you to search for social media content dynamically. It also provides deep Twitter hashtag analytics data.

Twitter hashtag Analytics

Users can search for publicly posted content on Twitter and other social media platforms without even logging in. It allows its free users to save their searches and even set up email alerts.

It lets you explore top hashtags on Twitter that engage your potential audience.


Social Searcher comes with social media monitoring features that can be used specifically for Twitter hashtag monitoring.

Features like saving Twitter mentions history, exporting data, API integration, advanced Twitter hashtag analytics, immediate email notifications, and many more. With its powerful analytics feature, users can have insights into the customers’ behavioral triggers.

Unique Value

Social Searcher comes with the Sentiment Analysis feature that lets you understand the feelings of the customer about your brand. 

This gives you an opportunity to distill the negative feedback and react proactively to reduce the overall viral effect.

It also lets you explore Twitter mentions of your brand. With this feature, you can know about the people talking about your brand on Twitter.

7. Agora Pulse

AgoraPulse is a robust and complete social media management arsenal. It helps marketers to collaborate their social content dynamically across various social media platforms like Twitter.

hashtag aggregator and tracking tool


AgoraPulse empowers brands by improving their social listening ability allowing them to own and grow their brand presence on Twitter.

It lets you benchmark your competitors, reach Inbox Zero, and manage every post, message, and comment as they come. With this Twitter Aggregator, you can gain fans and databases using its Twitter management tools.

Unique Value

AgoraPulse is a great tool for monitoring Twitter hashtags and managing interactions with people on Twitter using specific hashtags.

It also highlights the posts which have used your hashtag in their posts and messages. It is a great tool for brands with heavy tweet volume.

8. TrackMyHashtag

This platform uses an artificial intelligence-based self-learning tool that helps in hashtag tracking. You can measure and analyze new as well as historical data.

This platform provides real-time hashtag tracking, finding key influencers who are relevant to your brand. This eventually helps with complete hashtag analysis by monitoring the competitor’s marketing strategies and primary hashtags. 

Twitter Hashtag Tracking Tool


TrackMyHashtag allows real-time hashtag tracking on Twitter. You can track every hashtag without missing a single one. You get an easy-to-use analytics dashboard and hashtag campaigns. 

Measure the impressions, engagement, and reach of the required hashtags, and analyze the weekly hashtag pattern, retweets, top URLs, etc. 

Unique Value:

The Twitter hashtag tracker gives insights that are derived from raw Twitter data to help users conduct research. This helps in building a marketing strategy and predicting future events.

You get a list of all Tweets relating to your mention, keywords, hashtags, top influencers, client source, and tweet timeline. You can visit their website to understand their unique value better. 

9. Ritetag

Ritetag is a powerful tool that helps you optimize your hashtag strategy for maximum visibility and engagement. 

With Ritetag, you can seamlessly find the best hashtags for your content based on real-time data about their popularity. 

You can also track the performance of your hashtags over time and get recommendations for new hashtags to try.

twitter hashtag analytics


With Ritetag your integration process becomes seamless on multiple platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. Other than these benefits, it is user-friendly, and it has a hashtag suggestion feature at amazing pricing. 

Discover the trending hashtags, check out their reach, and get access to their statistics. Instant feedback and tag sets are some other services this tool provides its users.

Unique value:

Ritetag offers you a free 7-day trial. Other than that its users can also monthly and yearly plans to use its amazing features such as seamless integration. These features help you make informed decisions in the future.

10. is a comprehensive tool for tracking and analyzing hashtag usage on Twitter. 

With, you can track the performance of specific hashtags over time, and get insights into their popularity. 

You can also set up alerts for specific hashtags and get real-time data on their usage and engagement.

twitter hashtag tracker


As a user of, you can get information about hashtags and find useful hashtags that are trending. Not only this, but you can also discover hashtags according to genre depending on the business, tech, and much more. 

The other functions gives its consumers are simple analytics based on sample data.

Unique Value:

The unique value that offers is that it also enables users access to the latest and trending news. You can also learn how to use hashtags and how you can make your hashtags successful.

11. Trendsmap

Trendsmap is a powerful tool for tracking and analyzing Twitter trends globally. With Trendsmap, you can see the most popular hashtags and keywords used in different locations worldwide. You can also get insights into what’s trending in your industry or niche.

You can also track the performance of specific hashtags over time and get insights into their reach and engagement.

free twitter hashtag analytics


Trendsmap offers real-time news, impact tracking, and geographic visualization features to its customers. Another benefit this tool enables is access to trending Twitter topics by using your geographical location by combining Twitter API.

With this tool, you can interact better with your community and gain visibility. You can also stay trendy and updated with its alerts feature.

Unique Values:

This is an interactive map with detailed gallery views. Trendsmap shares detailed account analytics to track activity over time and check progress. This tool can help you fulfill your social media marketing needs.

You can choose any of these products as per your requirements. It is better to choose tools that provide additional features apart from just providing hashtag analytics. These features might involve embedding live Twitter feeds on websites, content curation, personalization, etc.

Try Taggbox

Best Twitter Hashtag Tracking & Analytics Tool For Campaigns

Wrapping Up!

Twitter Hashtag tracking and analytics are an important part of any social media marketing strategy, especially when it is Twitter-oriented.

It lets you know how often people are talking about your brand on Twitter. This helps you to measure audience engagement with your brand. The Twitter hashtag tracking and analytics tools mentioned above help you to successfully track a successful Twitter hashtag campaign.