6 Twitter Hashtag Tracking & Analytics Tools for 2021

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Twitter is a popular social platform among users and brands. When you look at the use of hashtags, it can be said that Twitter is one of the top platforms for hashtag usage. As a result, Twitter hashtag tracking and analytics tools are in vogue.

Twitter hashtags play a crucial role for marketers as they provide behavioural insights into the users making it crucial for marketers to monitor and analyze their usage. 

Twitter hashtag analytics can showcase highlights into what topics are trending among the users, how they are responding to newsworthy activities, monitoring of user activities, insights into what consumers are sharing and exploring, and much more. 

You can identify the key hashtags that users are using along with the performance of your brand hashtags. Based on this you can drive user interactions and engagement that can lead to wider reach, awareness, exposure, and diverse valuable benefits. 

Given the significance hashtag carries in the marketing world, it’s high time we should know about the best twitter hashtag analytics tools which hold great importance for marketers in 2020.

Let’s get started.

Best Twitter Hashtag Tracking & Analytics Tools

1. Taggbox

Taggbox is a twitter feed aggregator and display tool that fetches content from various social media platforms via hashtags and allows hashtag tracking.

twitter hashtag tracking tool

You can embed live Twitter feeds on your website, display user-generated content, and engage your audience. Taggbox enables you to create a real-time Twitter Widget.

It helps you to generate enormous audience participation for your hashtag campaigns on Twitter by displaying live hashtag Twitter feeds. It motivates users to post more content on Twitter using your hashtag hence generating audience engagement.


Taggbox Widget lets you have access to complete insights regarding the performance of your Twitter hashtag campaign. You can track and monitor total impressions, total posts, post type, post network, most active users, sentiment statistics, and much more.

It also allows you to track the post locations and the most influential contributors of the posts.

Unique Value

Taggbox offers you Twitter hashtag tracking and analytics features that are desirable by marketers for planning a marketing campaign, especially the Twitter hashtag campaigns.

It comes with flexible pricing plans and allows you to have 2-25 hashtag insights depending on the nature of your plan.

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Best Tool For Twitter Campaigns With Hashtag Tracking

2. Tweet Binder

Tweet Binder is an amazing tool and complete suite that analyzes hashtags and linked conversations with it.

It helps you to enhance the social reach of your marketing efforts and expand your follower base on Twitter. It helps you bind hashtags into similar groups according to your set criteria.

tweet binder alternative


Tweet Binder lets you track Twitter hashtags in real-time, analyze hashtags and export excel reports. It also allows you to tap into historical data to get complete stats for your hashtag campaign.

Unique Value

Tweet Binder gives you complete access to Twitter data. Not just that, Tweet Binder also gives you the power to curate your content. It helps you give real value to your content. It provides information like top hashtags, which hashtag got the most reach,  etc.

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3. All Hashtag

Born in 2015, All Hashtag is a simple and free website with the sole purpose of making your Twitter hashtag journey simple, right from creating a hashtag to measuring its performance online. It lets you generate, create and analyze hashtags for your Twitter posts.

hashtag tracking tools


All Hashtag comes with 4 inbuilt tools to help you choose or create the best hashtag for your Twitter content and measure it’s performance. These tools are – Hashtag Generator, Creator, Analytics.

Unique Value

All Hashtags is free, simple and easy to use. You can start by simply entering a keyword and it shows you a list of relevant hashtags that you can simply copy and paste into your social media content.

4. Tweet Reach

Tweet Reach was born in the spring of 2009 with the simple idea of tracking Twitter reach.

It allows its users to get a report of recent Twitter activity. With time, Tweet Reach expanded its horizons to in-depth social media analytics which now allows users to have analytics reports for Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr too.

hashtag aggregator and tracking tool


Tweet Reach comes with features like Twitter Archive Search and Twitter Analytics. It lets you measure all the social activities on Twitter like hashtags, topics, profiles, and competitors.

It’s full-fidelity data access streams give you full coverage of the relevant topics and hashtags on Twitter and other social media platforms.

It lets you track posts in real-time and download Twitter hashtag analytics reports as PDF.

Unique Value

Tweet Reach lets you monitor posts across Twitter and other social media platforms at a really low price.

It displays results and reports on reach, performance, and engagement in an eye-catching chart form and digestible reports.

5. Social Searcher

Social Searcher is a free social media search engine that allows you to search for social media content in real-time and provides deep Twitter hashtag analytics data.

Users can search for publicly posted content on Twitter and other social media platforms without even logging in. It allows its free users to save their searches and even set up email alerts.

Twitter hashtag Analytics

It lets you explore top hashtags on Twitter that engage your potential audience.


Social Searcher comes with social media monitoring features which can be used specifically for Twitter hashtag monitoring.

Features like saving Twitter mentions history, exporting data, API integration, advanced Twitter hashtag analytics, immediate email notifications, and many more. With its powerful analytics feature, users can have insights about the customers’ behavioral triggers.

Unique Value

Social Searcher comes with a unique Sentiment Analysis feature that lets you have an insight into both positive and negative feelings of the customers related to your brand which has been posted on Twitter.

This gives you an opportunity to distill the negative feedback and react proactively to reduce the overall viral effect.

It also lets you explore Twitter mentions of your brand that lets you know about the people talking about your brand on Twitter.

6. Agora Pulse

Agora Pulse is a robust and complete social media management arsenal. It helps marketers to collaborate their social content in real time across various social media platforms like Twitter, and other social media platforms.

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Agora Pulse empowers marketers and brands by improving their social listening ability allowing them to fully own and grow their brand presence on Twitter.

It lets you benchmark your competitors, reach Inbox zero, manage every post, message, and comment as they come, and gain fans and database with the help of its Twitter management tools.

Unique Value

Agora Pulse might not be free, but it is a great tool in monitoring and tracking Twitter hashtags and managing interactions with people on Twitter using specific hashtags.

It also highlights the posts which have used your hashtag in their posts and messaging. It is a great tool for brands with heavy tweet volume.

Final Thoughts:

hashtag tracking tools

Twitter Hashtag tracking and analytics is an important part of any social media marketing strategy, especially when it is Twitter oriented.

It lets you know how often people are talking about your brand on Twitter and hence helps you to measure audience engagement with your brand. The Twitter hashtag tracking and analytics tools mentioned in the list above helps you to successfully track and run a successful hashtag campaign on Twitter.

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