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18 Best Event Activation Ideas For All Type Of Events In 2023

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You have organized an event and covered all the areas for a successful one. However, marketing your brand the right way is crucial as people need to know what your event is all about. Therefore, you need to pay extra attention to this area.

This task becomes a lot easier and result-proof through brilliant event activation ideas. That is precisely what we are here for!

So, let’s go through the best event activation ideas that would significantly boost your event. But first, let’s understand event activation!

What Is Event Activation?

Event activations are marketing initiatives that promote an event correctly, giving maximum results. Event activation is the newest and most powerful marketing and event promotion method to leave a lasting impression on event-goers.

What are the Benefits of Event Activation?

Event activation can help you create a wave of excitement among your attendees. Go through the mentioned advantages of incorporating event activation to your next event planning process. 

  • Higher brand awareness- Provide an unforgettable experience for your audience and that will help you effectively take your brand visibility higher. 
  • Boosts engagement- With the help of efficient event activation incorporation in your planning, you can increase engagement with creative activities. 
  • Higher revenue- By creating an exciting environment and providing engaging activities for your attendees by offering them exclusive VIP experiences, you can generate monetary profits for your brand.

18 Best Event Activation Ideas in 2023

Let’s shed some light on the best event activation ideas that would serve you with brilliant results.

  1. Utilize Social Media Platforms and Hashtags
  2. Display A Social Media Wall
  3. Accept Cryptocurrencies As Payment
  4. Organize A Stand-Out Event
  5. Metaverse: Explore The Future
  6. Bring QR Codes Into Action
  7. Keep Storytelling at The Center
  8. Offer exclusive access to VIPs
  9. Engage the Audience with Virtual Reality
  10. Utilize The Power Of Influencers
  11. Offer interactive workshops
  12. Livestream Your Event
  13. Flaunt Your Partners & Sponsors
  14. Offer Something Unique
  15. Put Behind-The-Scenes In Front
  16. Giveaways and Promotions
  17. Create A Buzz
  18. Implement Photobooths

1. Utilize Social Media Platforms and Hashtags

Utilize your social media channels to humanize the event and engage with customers. Your social media reputation is significant. Start a hashtag campaign where people can post their testimonies and reviews. This increases social proof without coming out as too commercial. 

Social Media Platforms

Develop a new hashtag. You can respond to visitors’ inquiries, provide directions to your booth, etc. Look for trending hashtags and topics, then get involved. When you demonstrate your event personality, everyone will be able to see how on-point you and your event are. Hashtags have previously been highlighted a couple of times on this list. Still, they can serve both practical and event promotion purposes in this situation. 

2. Display A Social Media Wall

The social media wall is a brilliant marketing tool that has come as a defining event activation idea in recent times. Adding a social media wall for event activation is something that you should not miss out on. Showing a social wall, a real-time display of user-generated content from various social media platforms like- Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube opens up multiple benefits.

Social media wall helps in social proof, audience engagement, boosted sales efficiency, enhanced revenues, word-of-mouth marketing, credibility, brand advocacy, and many more. 

During the event, an engaging social wall boosts audience engagement through its visual appeal. When people are looking at their social wall, they witness users’ posts coming on the social wall. This motivates them to create social media posts, enhancing the event’s social media activity.

Display A Social Media Wall In Your Next Event

3. Accept Cryptocurrencies As Payment

People still believe in several cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin & Ethereum. This trust of customers proves that the cryptocurrency business is here to stay.

Accept Cryptocurrencies As Payment

Since cryptocurrencies are the future, accepting them as a form of payment for services offered at events like prepaid & credit cards is not a bad idea. 

In addition, an event should embrace new payment options to get ahead of the curve.

4. Organize A Stand-Out Event

Organizing an event involves multiple jigsaw puzzle pieces; all must be combined to achieve the event objectives. You need to fine-tune your event strategy and cultivate ideas such as photo booths, handing over the responsibility to an emcee, introducing virtual reality, etc., to boost the audience engagement around your event. The list of ideas is a long one, though, and can comprise of 

  • Booking Live Keynote Speakers
  • Using Breakout Rooms
  • Incorporating Icebreakers
  • Using Live Polling
  • Using Live Q&A
  • Sending Out Swags
  • Organize Auctions
  • Run Contests

5. Metaverse: Explore The Future

Make your attendees play videos and display documents, data sheets, and photos in a 3D virtual booth. A professional 3D animation studio will help create such interactive materials for you. And for sponsors and exhibitors, create a virtual networking space for your event.

Metaverse is the future of events

The metaverse can be utilized to hold events of virtually any magnitude, including significant trade fairs and the like, due to its very immersive and expandable nature. For instance, a company can take part in a significant virtual event by setting up a virtual booth that visitors can approach in the virtual world similarly to how they would at a physical event.

The idea of gamification, which is currently used to engage attendance, substantially expands in the metaverse events. As a result, there is a significant rise in audience engagement. After all, the metaverse provides virtually endless possibilities.

6. Bring QR Codes Into Action 

Not every event can serve what an attendee demands; that is why feedback is held in such high regard. However, if the process of posting feedback is made lengthy, then customers will skip it. You can simplify the part of posting feedback through QR codes.

QR code with social wall

You can use a QR code generator to create different types of QR for your marketing campaigns and social media walls. It will help you to generate reviews more quickly. Attendees can scan the QR code, and post their feedback and review about your event, which will help you to improve your next event. To make this task easy you can use a customer review platform and create your own feedback QR codes.

Display QR Codes with Amazing Social Content

7. Keep Storytelling at The Center

You can communicate uniquely and compellingly with your audience by using storytelling in your marketing. The primary goal of any marketing is to present a relatable narrative to potential clients. The foundation of emotional marketing is that by appealing to people’s emotions, you can give your audience things they will remember. 

It would help if you weave your story around your target audience’s problems. Then explore significant design templates to demonstrate how your services can be of assistance. 

8. Offer exclusive access to VIPs

For your next event, craft VIP experience by offering lounge or exclusive access to particular areas and activities. This way you can make these individuals feel special by giving them this unique opportunity. 

This is an excellent way to promote your event and generate fun and excitement among your audience. 

Arrange meet and greet sessions for your VIP individuals or access to private viewing areas and drive increased engagement. You can also provide private tours or activities sessions with professionals by diving deeper into the interests of your guests.

9. Engage the Audience with Virtual Reality 

Virtual reality is quite popular with sponsors since it allows advertisers to interact with visitors memorably and uses cutting-edge technology. In addition, VR can immerse spectators even further into experiences, ranging from 360-degree views of athletic events or concerts.

virtual reality in events

A virtual 3D lobby with a sponsor area, a support desk, and a welcome video wall welcomes the guests in a terrific fashion. A 3D virtual auditorium where breakout sessions, live conferences, and Q&A can be held; up to five songs can run concurrently in polls.

Make your attendees play videos and display documents, data sheets, and photos in a 3D virtual booth. And for sponsors and exhibitors, create a virtual networking space for your event.

10. Utilize The Power Of Influencers

People adore celebrities and influencers; therefore, including some influencers in the event is always a brilliant idea for event activation. In addition, they have supporters who will increase a brand activation campaign’s regular audience. 

Utilize The Power Of Influencers

Some bloggers and social media influencers are well-known in their respective fields, making their suggestions and remarks more helpful in creating marketing campaigns and event activation. Depending on the product, they could invite reputable and well-known influencers to liven up the event.

11. Offer interactive workshops

Another fantastic way through which you can create a more engaging and exciting experience for your guests at your events is by offering them interactive workshops which require them to participate. 

Ask your audience to take part in these workshops and collaborate and create for the brand and hence help you take your event to the next level.

Organize learning experiences and engaging activities and get your guests involved in the events by a more creative approach. Provide a rememberable experience to your attendees and reap the fruitful advantages.

12. Livestream Your Event

According to surveys, event attendees consistently choose live streaming over reading blogs or social media updates. So, to generate more buzz, promote engagement with participants, and reach people who couldn’t attend, live stream portions of any event on social media. 

Live Stream Your Event

Additionally, you can engage in real-time conversation with your attendees or host a live Q&A session. This facilitates communication and humanizes your event, increasing audience identification with you.

13. Flaunt Your Partners & Sponsors 

Flaunting your partners and sponsors through a social wall is a fantastic event activation strategy. You can share your partners’ journey, and your collaboration journey with them by displaying captivating posts in real-time through the social wall. This is a kill two birds with one stone opportunity as you get to engage your attendees and make your sponsors happy.

Recognizing that you promote your partners and sponsors, more sponsors would like to collaborate with you in the future.

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14. Offer Something Unique

Many event organizers provide tools and equipment for various jobs to utilize their knowledge to host and accompany customers. At the same time, they go swimming, mountain climbing, and camping. In addition, event organizers can use this activity to strengthen relationships with the attendees.

This kind of organization is also fantastic for establishing a reputation in the market. For example, a bicycle supplier who organizes riding hours enjoys more respect than a seller who doesn’t participate in local team activities.

15. Put Behind-The-Scenes In Front

You open up many opportunities to share behind-the-scenes details with present and potential consumers. You have the opportunity first to keep them informed.

Behind The Scenes

The second is that you can praise your group. Third, people find you more relatable. Finally, you can diversify your subject matter and showcase your personality.

16. Giveaways and Promotions

Finding the target market for the event and offering them the product for free in exchange for social media posts with the giveaway’s hashtag is an innovative concept for event activation.

Many companies, from clothing and fashion labels to consumer electronics and food brands, employ gifts to raise brand recognition and give their clients an exceptional and memorable experience.

17. Create A Buzz 

Create a pre-event buzz through a social media campaign. To create interest in your event, you must have people talking about it. So make posts, explainer videos, countdown posts, pre-orders, or even countdown videos. Yes, make sure each post has its hashtag.

18. Implement Photobooths

With their fun, frolic, and creative qualities, photo booths have come back in events, corporate seminars, weddings, conferences, trade exhibitions, and conventions. This makes any event more interesting, engaging, and enjoyable for the guests.

Photobooth for events

These imaginative and engaging photo booths aid in giving the audience an exceptional experience. Additionally, thanks to recent technological and digital improvements, you may enhance event engagement and social sharing by using this photo booth experience to its full potential. 

These events are an example of experiential marketing because they give guests the chance to post pictures, animated gifs, and brief videos on social media about their attendance and experiences.

Up To You

Events draw many different kinds of people, so whether they are held locally, nationally, or internationally, they all ask for a certain level of professionalism that brings the complete invited group together in a relaxed and well-organized way.

User-generated content and social wall are integral parts of such events. Taggbox is here to boost both these areas. Taggbox is the leading user-generated content platform and social media aggregation tool that helps you gather user-generated content from over 20 social and review platforms. 

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