Event Photo Booths – Ideas, Tips, and Tricks to Make Them More Efficient

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Photos have a huge sentimental value attached to them that makes them special. Photos are something that we click on when we feel there is a trigger to our emotional quotient, like anything that excites us, makes us happy, or any special event, and event organizers from all around the world are using event photo booths for leveraging this excitement to engage more and more audience!

We take photos as a flashback to a precious moment, otherwise gone

Especially events, being a form of social gathering, are the breeding ground for photos. Event organizers are capturing the humans’ love of clicking photos to the next level with installations of photo booths instilled with props, cameras, gadgets, and much more, unlike the old-age photo booths.

event photo booth tips

Events ⇌ Photo Booths

Photo booths have found their way back into events, corporate seminars, weddings, conferences, trade shows, and conventions with their fun,  frolic, and creative attributes, making any event more exciting, engaging, and pleasant to the attendees.

These creative and interactive event engagement idea (photo booths) help provide the audience with a memorable experience. And with digital and technological advancements, you can take this photo booth experience to the next level with intensified event engagement and social sharing.

These forms of experiential marketing allow attendees to share their attendance and experience over social media through their photos, gifs, and short videos. 

Designing the Finest Photo Booth – Tips and Ideas

Although photo booths are a great success it is essential to have a design that goes well with the event and your agenda. It could be professional or DIY, but it needs to be attractive, interactive, and creative

You have to identify the needs for your photo booth based on your event theme and audience. We have discovered a few aspects for you to look at in the following illustration.

DIY or Professional?

Professional and DIY booth setups have some key differences that are necessary to be considered to design the best one.

Professional booths are a bit expensive and easy to set up and can be outsourced, whereas DIY setups require an investment of time and labor, and some technical expertise but are cost-effective comparatively. 


If your events occur occasionally, then a DIY setup would be a good option or else, with regular events throughout, you can go for a professional setup as it removes the constant hassle for every event. 

We have listed a few ideas that will help you design and set up the best photo booth for your event with maximum engagement and exposure potential. 

So, let’s get to it.

#1 Personalization

Personalization means providing the audience, the props, and accessories that are relevant to the theme of the event, trendy, and social media-friendly, like hashtag stickers, wigs, masks, costumes, sunglasses and many more. These props should be striking and shareable, not profane. 

event photo booth

Personalized props and accessories would help the event to gain more exposure as it would act as a tag or brand plug in the photos uploaded by the attendees from the photo booth. 

#2 Socialize The Moments

You are already gaining exposure offline through the event. Still, over online platforms, especially social media, it is laborious and challenging to gain the attention of the users, so encouraging the attendees to share their photos over social media could be an advantageous tactic for the event exposing it to a diverse group of audience.

event photo booth

You can also digitize the photo booth by integrating the internet and social media sharing in real-time from the photo booth itself, making the process more convenient and user-friendly. Besides that, this could also be used as a tactic to gather some basic contact information of the attendees and could be used in the future for retargeting and lead generation. 

Display A Real-Time Interactive Social Wall

#3 Display A Real-Time Interactive Social Wall 

photo booth for events- social wall

A social wall is a smart tool that displays content from social media via hashtags, mentions, and much more on a digital screen. A connection can be made by linking the photo booth and social media wall display, where the photos, gifs, and videos captured by attendees in the photo booth can be displayed on the social wall in real time using Tagbox Display. 

In fact, setting up a live photo album with the help of a Social Wall just beside your photo booth is a great idea. It helps you display social media posts displaying users engaging with your photo booth. 

This encourages users to share their photo booth images online. You could also promote a hashtag for your event, which users may use while uploading their photos on social media.

This will increase the engagement from the attendees even more as attendees will be curious and excited to see themselves featured on the social wall.

Further, you can even personalize the design of the live hashtag feed according to your liking, preferences and event theme making your social wall more creative and interactive.

Pro Tip: You can now create a social media photobooth for events with Tagbox Display.

#4 Strategic Placement

All your efforts in designing and setup might go to waste if you don’t place the photo booth in a busy crowded and unavoidable place. But that does not mean placing it in the middle of the entrance and roadblocking it. 

The placement of the photo booth needs to be decided strategically making it unavoidable and lucrative. This will attract more and more attendees to the booth resulting in higher engagement levels and exposure to the event. And few extra tweaks can be made to redirect and divert the unresponsive audience to the booth like volunteers, music, rewards, etc. 


The photo booths are fetching great positive results for your events, and the integration of social media and technology with real-time updates has acted as fuel to the fire. 

Photo booths are a source of entertainment, interpersonal interaction, recreation, sharing and memorable experiences for the audience.

With high audience attraction, engagement level and social sharing event photo booths are a massive hit providing promotion opportunities, extensive reach and exposure to the event in both the online and offline spectrum. 

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