How to Add and Delete Photos From Google Reviews?

Adding relevant photos to a Google Review not only increases your credibility as a reviewer but also helps a new user make better decisions. A single picture might tell much more about a restaurant’s ambiance as compared to a long detailed text review. More photos posted on a brand’s Google Business Profile have benefits related […]

9 minute read

Looking to Buy Google reviews? Do this instead (Why You Should Not Buy)

Buying Google reviews might seem very tempting when you are at the initial stage of your business. But you must understand that there are certain major risks associated with doing the same where the benefits it might offer are temporary.  Google has strict guidelines against paid reviews as it considers these reviews as fake because […]

8 minute read

Identify and Report Fake Google Reviews (Protecting Your Reputation)

Google Reviews are an important part of a brand’s online presence and it is important to manage them to get the maximum benefits. One of the major issues associated with review management is fake reviews.  Google has strict guidelines against fake reviews making it important for brands to identify and take strict actions against them.  […]

15 minute read

How To Automate Google Reviews Like A Pro?

Brands are trying to find innovative ways to get more and more reviews to enjoy the benefits that come with it.  Getting reviews on Google can be hard, but managing the reviews is a whole other thing. So many things are to be taken care of while managing Google Reviews. Therefore, automating these reviews can […]

9 minute read

10 Reasons Why Google Reviews is Not Showing Up & How to Fix

If you own a local business, having positive Google Reviews should be one of your top priorities. Frequent reviews on your business profile have a lot of benefits, including enhanced SEO, better visibility, and customer engagement. Hence, it can be more than frustrating when you cannot see your Google Reviews. It is certainly discouraging to […]

11 minute read

Building Trust: Ensuring Authenticity in Google Reviews

I. Introduction In today’s world, where online reviews heavily impact a customer’s decision, it’s important to ensure the authenticity of these reviews. Having reviews from actual customer experience has a lot of benefits, like finding room for improvement and enhancing the online reputation of a brand.  Google is continuously making attempts to make its reviews […]

16 minute read

Google vs Facebook Reviews: Which is Best for Your Business?

Where would you like your brand reviews to be published? Would it be Google, the world’s largest search engine, or Facebook, the world’s largest social media? Both Google and Facebook have directed their massive user base towards their respective review platforms. This gave both of these platforms a great kickstart, resulting in them being two […]

7 minute read

Content Aggregator Guide you need in 2024

Content aggregation is an effective technique for streamlining marketing efforts made by a brand to reach a new audience. Brands can create relevant content on a regular basis by properly using a content aggregator.  From increasing the content strategy of a brand to providing valuable insights, content aggregation has more than one way to help […]

18 minute read

Yelp vs Google Reviews: Which Are Better for Your Business?

What is your first choice when you want to see reviews about a place, product, service, or brand? Is it Google or Yelp? Both these platforms are widely used by brands to enhance their online presence. Local businesses around the world try improving their Local SEO by having more positive reviews on these platforms. But […]

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