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17 Top Instagram Trends To Follow in 2024

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Instagram stands out as a platform continually shaping digital trends and consumer behavior. As we step into 2024, marketers, influencers, and everyday users alike must stay abreast of the latest trends dominating the Instagram scene. From algorithm updates to emerging content formats, understanding these trends is paramount to maintaining relevance and maximizing engagement.

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the key Instagram trends that are set to redefine the social media landscape in 2024. From the rise of ephemeral content to the growing importance of social commerce, we explore how these trends are reshaping the way we connect, engage, and consume content on Instagram. Join us as we unravel the exciting developments and opportunities awaiting users in the dynamic world of Instagram.

17 Instagram Trends in 2024

Here are the top trends you must be aware of in 2024: 

1. User-Generated Content

User-generated content continues to dominate social media landscapes. From heartfelt testimonials to creative DIY projects, users are the driving force behind engaging content. Brands harness this authenticity by featuring user-generated posts, fostering a sense of community and trust. Whether it’s sharing personal stories or showcasing customer experiences, user-generated content remains a powerful tool for connection and brand advocacy.

Trends show that big brands embed Instagram feed on their websites to showcase their User-Generated Content(UGC), which in turn increases their brand authenticity and trust among customers.

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2. Nostalgia Filters

Nostalgia digital tools transport users back in time, imbuing photos and videos with a vintage aesthetic. Users can apply sepia tones, grainy textures, and retro effects to evoke feelings of sentimentality and longing. Rather than just enhancing visuals, these filters serve as a means of storytelling, allowing users to reminisce and share personal memories with their audience. 

By embracing nostalgia filters, users create a sense of connection and authenticity, fostering engagement and emotional resonance within their online communities.

3. Interactive Polls

Interactive polls empower users to participate actively in conversations and share their opinions in real time. With just a tap, followers can vote on a variety of topics, from preferences on products to opinions on current events. 

Brands leverage interactive polls to gather valuable insights, tailor content to their audience’s preferences, and foster meaningful interactions. Users, in turn, enjoy the opportunity to have their voices heard and feel like valued members of the community. Through interactive polls, Instagram becomes a platform for dialogue, connection, and shared decision-making.

4. Reel Challenges

reel trends

Reel challenges ignite a fire of inspiration, encouraging users to showcase their talents, humor, and unique perspectives. Be it any challenge, all of them spark a wave of participation and innovation across the platform. 

Users eagerly join the fray, creating and sharing their interpretations, adding their flair to the ever-evolving tapestry of content. Brands seize the opportunity to engage with their audience, leveraging Reel challenges to amplify brand awareness and foster authentic connections.

5. BTS Content

Behind-the-scenes material offers a glimpse into the making of their favorite content. It allows users to enjoy the authenticity of seeing the work that goes into crafting the final product, fostering a deeper connection with the creators they follow. 

Using this trend Instagram becomes a platform for transparency and authenticity, enriching the user experience and strengthening community bonds.

6. Memes

trending memes

Memes embody duality, blending humor and insight into bite-sized nuggets of amusement. They navigate the complexities of language and culture with ease, transcending barriers to connect people worldwide through shared laughter. 

Recognizing the power of memes, brands can join the conversation, using them to engage audiences in playful and memorable ways. 

7. Educational Content

From tutorials on diverse topics to informative infographics and thought-provoking discussions, educational content enriches users’ feeds with valuable insights and practical skills. Influencers leverage their expertise to educate and empower their audience. 

Whether it’s language learning, DIY projects, or personal development tips, educational content fosters a culture of continuous learning and growth. With its accessibility and engaging format, Instagram has become a hub for lifelong learners seeking to expand their horizons and acquire new knowledge effortlessly.

8. Localized Content

Localized content is where the creators tailor their posts to specific regions or cultures. Imagine memes using local references or featuring holidays relevant to that area. This resonates with audiences because it feels personal and authentic. 

Brands can leverage this by using local creators, incorporating regional slang or humor, and highlighting local events or landmarks. It’s a smart way to build a stronger connection with your audience and expand your reach.

9. Remix Reels

Instagram’s Remix Reels let users create new videos incorporating parts of existing ones, allowing for creative responses and reinterpretations. This offers brands a powerful tool to boost engagement by encouraging user responses to their content or sparking remixes. 

It also expands reach by exposing brands to new audiences following the original creator. Additionally, Remix Reels can showcase a brand’s creative side and adaptability to trends, fostering a more dynamic connection with their audience.

10. Collaboration Reels and Posts

collaboration trend

Gone are the days of solo content as Instagram has been all about teamwork in 2024! Collaboration Reels and Posts involve partnering with other creators to produce engaging content. This can be anything from a funny skit to a product demonstration with two perspectives. It doubles the audience’s reach and injects fresh energy into your content.

This strategic teamwork also injects fresh energy into your content making it more engaging and from a fresh perspective.

11. Music

To enhance discoverability and elevate the overall impact of your content, consider incorporating trending music specific to your chosen genre.  Strategic music selection sets the mood for your reel and fosters a deeper connection with viewers through emotional resonance. It can even propel your content to the forefront of emerging trends.  

For instance, a fashion Reel might benefit from a current, upbeat soundtrack, while a social cause video could leverage a more thought-provoking musical selection.

12. Reels with Long Captions

Long captions are emerging as a powerful trend, allowing creators to delve deeper. 

This format is a boon for viewers seeking informative content. Creators can use captions to educate, share personal narratives, and answer FAQs. By strategically using bullet points, hashtags, and emojis, creators keep viewers engaged while exploring nuances beyond the 15-second clip. 

This innovative approach is transforming Reels into immersive experiences that foster a deeper connection between creators and audiences. It also allows a user to spend more time on the reel, increasing its engagement. 

13. Health and Wellness

fitness trends

Health and wellness are flourishing on Instagram Reels! Short, engaging video snippets paired with informative captions are the secret sauce. Fitness instructors can showcase effective exercises, nutritionists can create mouthwatering healthy recipes, and all can use captions to provide details and answer questions.  

This format is perfect for viewers seeking on-the-go wellness inspiration.  It’s a win-win: creators can educate and build trust, while viewers get bite-sized health tips that fit their busy lives.

14. Day in Life

This trend involves creators, sharing authentic snapshots of their daily lives from morning rituals to nighttime unwindings, fostering relatability and connection. This helps a brand humanize its image, offering behind-the-scenes peeks into its operations and team dynamics. 

By embracing transparency and authenticity, businesses forge deeper connections with their audience, earning trust and loyalty in a digital landscape driven by authenticity.

15. Awareness

Over the years social media has become a platform for spreading awareness and driving positive change and Instagram is not an exception. 

Using platforms to educate and inspire action, the brand amplifies the voices of marginalized communities and supports meaningful causes. 

By taking a stand on important issues, businesses demonstrate their commitment to social responsibility, earning respect and admiration from their audience.

16. DIY (Do it Yourself) Reels

diy instagram trends

The DIY movement is thriving on Reels! Short, informative videos paired with clear instructions are the recipe for success. Creators are transforming viewers into makers with everything from step-by-step home improvement hacks to creative craft tutorials.  

Captions add another layer of detail, providing material lists and troubleshooting tips.  DIY Reels empower viewers to unleash their inner creativity and tackle projects themselves, making them a fun and inspiring trend to follow.

17. Tour Reels

Tour Reels are the hottest travel trend on Instagram. Short, captivating clips showcase stunning destinations, unique experiences, or even hidden gems. Imagine sweeping drone footage of a beach paradise or a glimpse inside a charming local cafe.  

Captions add context, highlighting locations, must-see attractions, or travel tips. Tour Reels offer a taste of adventure, inspiring viewers to explore the world (or their backyard) in a new light.

Apart from that, these tour reels might contain a tour of your home, hotel room, or your room. This allows creators to have a better connection with their followers. 

How to Keep Up With the Latest Instagram Trends?


Staying ahead of the curve on Instagram requires more than just scrolling through your feed. To truly capitalize on emerging trends and maintain relevance in the dynamic world of social media, here are some strategies to help you stay in the loop:

1. Follow Industry Leaders and Influencers

Follow industry experts, thought leaders, and influencers in your niche. Their posts often reflect the latest trends and innovations, providing valuable insights into what’s gaining traction on the platform.

2. Engage in Trend Analysis

Dedicate time to analyzing Instagram trends and monitoring changes in user behavior. Tools like Instagram Insights and third-party analytics platforms can provide valuable data on audience demographics, engagement metrics, and content performance, helping you identify emerging trends early on.

3. Experiment With New Features

Instagram is constantly introducing new features and tools to enhance user experience. Stay proactive by experimenting with these features as soon as they’re released. Whether it’s IGTV, Reels, or Instagram Live, embracing new formats can help you stay relevant and connect with your audience in innovative ways.

4. Use Explore Page

explore instagram trend

Explore the Explore page regularly to discover trending content, hashtags, and accounts tailored to your interests. The Explore page algorithm curates personalized recommendations based on your activity, allowing you to discover new trends and engage with popular content within your niche.

5. Join Communities and Forums

Engage with like-minded individuals and fellow Instagram enthusiasts in online communities and forums. Platforms like Reddit, Facebook Groups, and niche forums provide valuable opportunities to discuss trends, share insights, and learn from others’ experiences.

6. Attend Industry Events and Webinars

Keep an eye out for industry events, conferences, and webinars focused on Instagram marketing and trends. These events offer a platform to network with professionals, gain insider knowledge, and stay updated on the latest developments in the Instagram ecosystem.

7. Follow Instagram

Stay updated on Instagram’s official account to learn about new features, updates, and announcements directly from the source. Instagram often shares insights, tips, and best practices for users and businesses, helping you stay informed about the platform’s latest developments.

Wrapping Up!

As we navigate through 2024, understanding and embracing the best Instagram trends is essential for marketers, influencers, and users alike. From the prominence of user-generated content fostering authenticity to the nostalgia-driven allure of filters, Instagram continues to be a hub for creativity and connection. 

Interactive features like polls and challenges spark engagement, while behind-the-scenes content and educational posts deepen user relationships. By staying attuned to emerging trends, leveraging new features, and fostering community engagement, individuals and brands can thrive in the vibrant world of Instagram.