11 Best Social Commerce Trends For 2021 & Future

Get a comprehensive understanding of the key social commerce trends for 2021 and the future that will surely empower your brand sales, marketing, and growth. The line between eCommerce and social media is fading, giving rise to social commerce. Ever since it came into practice, brands have fetched better user trust, engagement, interaction, and conversions. […]

9 minute read

4 Awesome Digital Signage Content Ideas for Christmas

The winter season has brought the vibes of festivity, and not only the people across the globe, but also marketers are all set to deal with the customers with the Christmassy marketing techniques.  One of the main highlights of this festive & holiday season will be ‘Digital Signages’ that many brands will leverage to attract […]

7 minute read

Shoppable Images: Turn Visual Content Into Sales

Since those nostalgic times, when people used to do catalog shopping, marketing & shopping trends have changed tremendously to Shoppable Images now.  Modern technology has paved the way for online shopping. Glossy magazines have been taken over by e-commerce and this further has been rolled over by social media shopping trends. Social media channels are […]

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Digital Signage Content Ideas 2021

Digital Signage Displays are incredible tools that have been attracting immense focus in the marketing world to skyrocket user engagement and communication. Keeping that in mind we are sharing the best digital signage content ideas for every industry! Though they are highly effective in grabbing the audience’s attention at the first sight yet what keeps […]

11 minute read

Tips For Successful Marketing During Economic Slowdown

As the global economy is facing an unexpected crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic, marketing policymakers around the world are exploring solutions to keep businesses afloat. Whenever there is a decline in the economy, marketers usually conclude to cut back the marketing efforts to save revenue. Although it seems counterintuitive, cost-cutting is not a sustainable […]

8 minute read

UGC Marketing Simplified – A Comprehensive Guide for 2021

Here’s a complete guide about how (user-generated content) UGC marketing is redefining the marketing ecosystem for brands and businesses globally.  Content is what users crave and they will be attracted to places where they can find exciting and intriguing content and successful marketing is about having captivating and valuable content.  As social media and digital […]

9 minute read

Social Walls and Their Importance in 2021

From stories that sell to pictures that say it all; marketing has come a long way!  The concept of image-based marketing is not new. However, copywritten ads have run their course and cease to impact users’ minds anymore!  The age of smartphones and accessible internet has made the people brand-informed. Shoppers know what they want […]

11 minute read

Employee Advocacy: What, Why, & How To Leverage It

To get started, if you are new to the concept of what employee advocacy is? Why does your brand need it? How can you leverage it for your brand? Then we have a short yet explanatory guide to help you with it.  As marketing is becoming more humanized, realistic, and transparent with time, brands are […]

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20 Content Marketing Strategy Insights For 2021

Moving into 2021, the content marketing trends are changing significantly, and it requires a systematic & thoughtful content marketing strategy that will bring distinctive yet resourceful content performance.  Marketers globally have started viewing content as their brand’s pivotal asset and plan to expand their spending on content marketing. Still, the challenge they are facing is […]

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