10 Successful Tiktok Marketing Campaign Examples of All Time

There has been a paradigm shift in the social media landscape from a social-based model to a content-based model. Audiences these days crave content that relates to and touches them. They seek content that is around their interests. The rise of TikTok is the best example to demonstrate this.  Gen Z loves content that interests […]

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What is a UGC Creator & How To Become a Successful Creator in 2023?

No marketing strategy is complete without content. It holds the power to singlehandedly turn a prospect into a paying customer. Yet, for years, we have seen content trends change, making inbound a bumpy ride for marketers.  Back then, it was all flashy and made-up. Now it’s more driven towards relatability and authenticity. We have seen […]

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User-Generated Content: Marketing KPIs To Run ROI-Driven Campaigns

Many brands are leveraging user-generated content as a solitary marketing strategy, as 86% find UGC the most effective content to showcase their brand’s authenticity. However, every successful marketing strategy begins with a target-oriented approach.  As a marketer, you must have a set of goals in your mind. Once your UGC campaign is live, these goals […]

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UGC Marketing Guide On Instagram Reels To Curate, Share, Grow

On 5th August 2020, Instagram introduced the world to Reels – “A new way to create and discover short, entertaining videos on Instagram.” Since then, the hottest new content format has changed how social media users create and consume content.  The impact of Instagram Reels is such that everyone wants to put on their best […]

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Influencer Marketing Guide 2022: Insights, Ideas, And Platforms

Social media platforms and influencers go hand-hand in current times. We all know how brand promotions on social media platforms take a different turn as influencers glide in. Now, why is that?  Influencers are people with a good fan base or followers on social media platforms. These fans often make their lifestyle decisions as per […]

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Content Marketing Trends: 6 Types of Content To Drive Brand Success

As Andrew Davis said — “Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.” The quote perfectly explains why content is so crucial in today’s age where the consumers do not entertain promotional valueless content; instead, they are looking for value-driven purposeful content. In today’s blog post we will be focusing on such content marketing trends for […]

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8 Ways To Incorporate Reviews In Your Marketing Campaigns

When a friend recommends an eatery, you mentally add it to your wishlist. Or, when you are on a hunt for a new mobile phone, you might ask your close circles for recommendations.  Passing on tips and recommendations has been the age-old practice that still holds a lot of prominence. Customers look up to knowing […]

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Holiday Marketing With User-generated Content That Brings In Success

User-Generated Content (UGC) and the holiday season go hand in hand just like witches and their broomsticks.  This time of the year, people go crazy with their spending. They go on shopping sprees and purchase gifts for their loved ones. This is the time of the year when brands get their festive content in action. […]

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10 Successful Hashtag Campaign Examples

Social media has emerged to become a realm of hashtags. Ever since Chris Messina came up with the idea to include hashtags on Twitter for categorizing channels using the hash (#) sign, these signs have exploded in popularity and have become a common sight on all the leading social media networks.  In the current social […]

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